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The tea was refreshing and nicely scented, tasting slightly bitter, but with a lovely sweet aftertaste. A stream of tea gushed into Ji Hao’s stomach, after which he instantly sensed a warm power surging right into his head, that made his entire body feel warm and conformable.

Clearly, this tea was special. From a single cup of tea, Ji Hao gained even more than the result of half a year of severe cultivation. The lightly tasted tea contained a great power, which made Ji Hao sweat as if he had just finished an intense fight.

From his marrow to his skin, Ji Hao felt like that he was cleaned completely. His spiritual star power now surged extremely smoothly inside his body. Slightly tightening his muscles, he clearly sensed the improvement in his physical strength.

This was an amazing tea, a top-grade, amazing tea. Priest Guangcheng collected the seeds of all kinds of magical tea from every corner of the world, and cross-bred this tea himself in his leisure time, while watching on Liang Zhu City in this mountain area.

While tasting this nice tea, Ji Hao talked a lot with Priest Guangcheng. Led by the topic, Ji Hao asked Guangcheng about the reason why he came here to keep watch on Liang Zhu City.

This was the first time for Ji Hao and Guangcheng to see each other, but Ji Hao had clearly pointed out Guangcheng’s identity. Probably because Ji Hao had mentioned the history that Guangcheng was quite proud of, he told Ji Hao many things without reservation.

In Guangcheng’s words, this was a long story, and he had to start from the very beginning.

As a self-mockery, Guangcheng said that he had lived long enough, that allowed him to witness many things and meet many people. A lot of things he had been through were already all forgotten by the humankind intentionally or unintentionally,.

For example, Guangcheng witnessed the darkest era of the humankind. Back then, the humankind had just attained inherited bloodline powers from those legendary creatures. In the dangerous, primitive world, the humankind finally had the power to protect themselves, and the culture of the humankind gradually began developing from blandness.

Just then, the non-humankind invaded.

That day, Guangcheng was wandering in the world, guided by the inspiration in his heart. He tailed a rapidly moving, enormous underground dragon, aspiring to find the nest of this underground dragon. That must be an especially precious nice place, that had an amazing treasure hidden in it.

As Guangcheng had almost located the dragon’s nest, the bright sky was suddenly darkened.

Three strange suns and nine moons, which had never appeared in the sky of Pan Gu world, emerged from the sky simultaneously, along with a terrifying power vibration, that even made Guangcheng feel it hard to breathe, descending from the sky.

The sky of Pan Gu world was torn apart. A hundred-mile in radius, giant portal was smashed in the sky by an immense power. The afterwards of this power transformed into tens of miles wide fists, roaring down from the air and landing in a mountainous area.

That mountainous area extended for hundreds of millions of miles, with countless towering peaks. However, as that enormous fist smashed down, this whole mountain area was flattened, turning into a vast plain area.

"Liang Zhu plain, where Liang Zhu City is located, was created by that punch back then." said Guangcheng while twitching his mouth corners. He picked up his teacup and took a sip of the tea.

Ji Hao’s mouth corners twitched as well, and even his smile was frozen.

Liang Zhu plain, which was hundreds of millions of miles in radius, without any visible boundaries, was actually created by a punch?

With Ji Hao’s current high-grade Divine-Magus-level power, he could break a mountain or a river with a punch. But for creating such a giant plain, he would have to severely cultivate himself for over a hundred years at least.

"Very powerful." said Ji Hao.

"Terrifying…" Guangcheng’s face twisted as he continued blandly, "My uncle is proud, I guess he’s not willing to mention such things to his disciples. But I’ve been through it myself, and I know how terrifying those powers were."

‘That’s true.’ thought Ji Hao.

Yu Yu was rather proud, and would never admit defeat. One could never, ever hear him talking about things like how powerful an enemy of his was, or how hard an enemy was to deal with. To someone like Yu Yu, no matter how powerful the enemies were, the only thing to do was pulling out the sword, rushing up and hacking. What did he have to say about that? Therefore, it was absolutely impossible for Yu Yu to mention these old stories to Ji Hao. Po, Gui Ling and other Yu Yu’s disciples had gained Yu Yu’s temper more or less, and they wouldn’t say anything either that might be prejudicial to their pride, to their little brother, Ji Hao.

Guangcheng continued telling Ji Hao that he was right on a piece of wasteland, watching numerous enormous and beautiful metal palaces descending from the broken sky, one after another. Streams of fiery light dazzled in the air while those metal palaces fell onto the earth like a wave of shooting stars.

Those metal palaces landed on the ground and created enormous dents. Living creatures in the place might have been affected by the intensive vibration, because of which, the doors of all those metal palaces finally opened. Large groups of non-humankind warriors mounted on strange creatures, which were never discovered in Pan Gu world, and rushed out.

Guangcheng frankly told Ji Hao that, at first, he didn’t want to fight against those non-humankind beings. To Guangcheng, his cultivation had already reached a certain level back then. He liked to sit on a mountaintop to watch the sunrise, to count the stars, to feel the winds and clouds, to see flowers bloom and wither. Those non-humankind beings never offended him, so why would he start a fight against them?

"Cultivators like us loved free lives, and fighting was never one of our pursuits," Guangcheng said seriously to Ji Hao.

Therefore, the one who suffered the first was the humankind. The non-humankind army swept across the entire world and forcibly enslaved human beings. They treated human beings like livestock and did whatever they wanted to them. They killed as many human beings as they liked, even feeding human beings to their mounts as a food supply.

At that time, human clans had already made agreements with those legendary powerful creatures and attained inherited powers from them, building altars to worship those creatures. As for those powerful creatures, they had to protect the humankind.

Therefore, the first war burst between those powerful creatures and the non-humankind.

The formidable army of legendary powerful creatures of Pan Gu world launched a surprise attack to the non-humankind in the sixth month since they came to this world.

Guangcheng witnessed that great war. Countless legendary creatures attacked the non-humankind army by risking their own lives. Even proud legendary creatures such as dragons and phoenixes came out one after another and joined the brutal war against the non-humankind.

Nevertheless, the non-humankind already had an advanced civilization back then while the fighting styles of those legendary creatures were still simple and primitive. Those powerful creatures fought merely with their natural powers and sharp teeth and claws. Therefore, the army of legendary creatures of Pan Gu world was defeated utterly. Some of those creatures were killed, some fled, and the rest were captured by the non-humankind, becoming their mounts.

That was an extremely long and dark period. Armies of non-humankind swept across the primitive land. As the number of non-humankind beings wasn’t so huge back then, the whole world was not touched by them.

As protectors of the humankind, large numbers of those legendary creatures were killed. Therefore, the humankind gradually freed themselves from the effects of those creatures, and started to live independently in the primitive world.

It was then that the human clans began forming an alliance.

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