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Fast, indescribably fast... Even ten times, hundreds of times faster than Ji Hao when he transformed into a golden beam of sunlight and flashed in the sky.

Thousands, tens of thousands of miles were covered in a single moment. Within the span of a breath, and by the time Ji Hao hadn’t even realized what was happening, he was already brought over a million miles away from Liang Zhu City. Faintly in the front, they could see mist coiled in streams, a green river winding on the ground while a beautiful peak showed a half of its body in the mist.

The man with a long beard brought Ji Hao and rushed into the mist. Instantly, the mist was dispelled, transforming into white clouds, drifting around them. Ji Hao only felt a nice coolness surrounded his entire body. His primordial spirit suddenly relaxed, and he seemed to sense a cool gust of wind blowing in his chest, washing off all killing intents and violence in his heart.

Coiled by the white clouds, the scene in front of his eyes began changing to lights and shadows. At last, when the clouds dissipated, a steep and thrivingly green mountain appeared in front of Ji Hao. Surrounding him were towering pines cedars, and countless Ganoderma could be seen on the tree trunks, releasing a refreshing aroma.

Clouds and mist rose from the rugged rocks, which were covered in holes. A single-horned boa with white scales had been wriggling between the rocks. Seeing Ji Hao, the boa raised its head and politely nodded towards Ji Hao three times.

A winged, gigantic tiger, which had a pair of lightning-bright eyes, leaped over. Seeing Ji Hao, the tiger trod on a rock, gave a deep roar, then conveniently threw a slap on the head of the boa. But right after that, the tiger hurriedly fled away with its tail between its legs.

The boa was slapped by the tiger suddenly, and quite a while later, it finally, angrily let out its fork-shaped tongue. It then straightened its body and chased after that tiger while hissing all the way loudly.

The man with long a beard sighed, smilingly nodded to Ji Hao and said, "Sorry about that, my brother. This pair of auspicious beasts are the door keepers of mine. They’ve been quite naughty since they both were babies, and that naughtiness has never changed."

Ji Hao looked at the man with a long beard from head to toe in shock. Only now did he find out that the appearance of this man was no different from ordinary human beings, other than his long beard. This man didn’t have any swollen muscles, and no fierce power vibration released from him. That pair of eyes of this man hadn’t been sparkling with any magical light either; at first glance, this man looked just like an ordinary human being.

Nevertheless, when Ji Hao scanned this man’s body with the special Qi-detecting magic taught by Yu Yu, he saw a dense purple mist surrounding this man, with five faintly visible white mists rising from his head. They reached nearly a hundred meter high, then forming a mushroom-shaped cloud. Upon the cloud were three quickly spinning golden lotuses.

Even more magically, countless faint beams of golden light had been bursting within the protective purple mist surrounded the man’s body.The golden beams of light were released directly from the inside of his body. Each golden light beam was around three meters long and looked like a needle, making the man look indescribably sacred and majestic.

The power of natural reward, that had almost be condensed into a tangible matter, could not only defend its owner, but could also serve as a weapon. Exactly how much power of natural reward could condense into a golden light like this? Ji Hao opened his mouth in shock and thought. Back in Evil Dragon Bay, he slaughtered countless elite non-humankind beings and attained a great reward from nature. However, with the natural reward he earned and the help of Yu Yu, he attained no more than a primordial spirit, that could come out of his body and travel to ten-thousand miles away independently.

Back then, the natural reward earned by Ji Hao was already amazingly great. But compared with this man with long beard, that was just an ordinarily amount.

"Dear Brother, forgive me for not knowing your name, you are?" Ji Hao narrowed his eyes, looked at this man and asked.

The five streams of mist rising from the man’s head was purely white. Apparently, the cultivation style of this man was different from the cultivation style of Yu Yu. Besides, the three golden lotuses spinning upon the mushroom clouds above his head meant that this man was at a much higher power level than Ji Hao.

This man was not Yu Yu’s disciple, but he could be a disciple of one of Yu Yu’s two brothers.

"I am Guangcheng." said the man while grinningly holding Ji Hao’s hand, taking Ji Hao to that beautifully green cliff. A cave was located under the cliff, with a yard surrounded by pines and cedars. A stone table and a few stone chairs were placed in the yard, and a pair of boys had been making a nicely smelling tea.

"Guangcheng, Emperor Xuanyuan’s Shifu! I, Ji Hao, am so pleasured to meet you, brother Guangcheng." Ji Hao was surprised, and hurriedly saluted Guangcheng.

"Emperor Xuanyuan’s Shifu?" Guangcheng paused briefly, then grinned and responded, "That’s bygone, it had probably ‘disappeared’ from the recorded history of the non-humankind already. I didn’t think that you, my dear little brother, actually know about it. Did brother Po mentioned it to you?"

Ji Hao chuckled but didn’t answer the question.

Po never mentioned anything about Guangcheng to Ji Hao. However, Guangcheng was way too famous that Ji Hao subconsciously said aloud Guangcheng’s old title out.

Priest Guangcheng was well-known back in the era of Emperor Xuanyuan. Once, Emperor Xuanyuan and his ministers came to visit Guangcheng in his home, to learn about the magic of immortality. It was said that Priest Guangcheng then taught the secret magic to Emperor Xuanyuan, after which, Emperor Xuanyuan mounted on a dragon and flew up into the sky. Many human beings witnessed this magical scene.

However, Ji Hao had looked through all history books collected by the Magi Palace, but failed to find anything about Priest Guangcheng. As for the legend of Priest Xuanyuan visiting Guangcheng for the magic of immortality, it was only vaguely and shortly mentioned in an official record about Emperor Xuanyuan’s daily life.

To be honest, the humankind had already destroyed all records related to Priest Guangcheng. Simply speaking, the emperors after Emperor Xuanyuan didn’t want the civilians to know about the fact that Emperor Xuanyuan had learned the magic from Priest Guangcheng.

Emperor Xuanyuan possessed an especially high status in the history of the humankind, being known as ‘the Great Emperor’. In the entire history of the non-humankind, only two emperors could be mentioned in the same breath with Emperor Xuanyuan. Many great achievements had been attained by Emperor Xuanyuan, especially the part when he led the young alliance of the humankind and started a long-lasting war against Chi You Army, eventually destroying the latter, killing and sealing the first generation of Chi You. Everybody knew about this.

With the status and achievements of Emperor Xuanyuan, a part of his life was actually, secretly concealed by later human leaders. This was quite interesting.

Ji Hao followed Guangcheng to reach under an old pine. The two of them greeted each other, then sat around the stone table, facing each other. Guangcheng took over the teapot from the hands of a boy and poured a cup of refreshingly smelling tea for Ji Hao. Then, he laughed gently and said, "Under the demand of my Shifu, I have been cultivating myself in this place all year long, also keeping an eye on those evil things in Liang Zhu City. In recent years, nothing special happened in Liang Zhu City. But today, such a noisy fight was started."

Ji Hao raised his eyebrows, grinned and asked, "Brother Guangcheng, have you been staying here all the time to keep a watch on Liang Zhu City?"

In Ji Hao’s ears, Guangcheng’s words sounded like a tsunami. Did that mean, Yu Yu and his two brothers had been sneakily doing something to the non-humankind all this long?"

How many years had it been since Liang Zhu City was built? Ten-thousand years? A-hundred thousand years? Even longer?

How many years had Priest Guangcheng lived in here? Ten-thousand years? A-hundred thousand years? Even longer?

"My brother, with what happened today, I might have made you laugh!" said Ji Hao.

Guangcheng smilingly shook his head, picked up the teacup and said, "What is there to laugh about? I, as your brother, am quite surprised. Little brother, good job!"

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