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In response to that, Ji Hao leaped straight up, dashed to before that man’s face with a single step while lunging the nine suns spear fiercely towards his chest.

The Yu Clan man snorted and raised his left hand. Ji Hao saw dark, glaze-like round-shaped tiny shield in the man’s hand, with a lively red eye sparkling brightly in the middle of it. The shield flew out of the man’s palm and transformed into a foot-wide, sparkling shield, fending against the nine suns spear.

Clang! The nine suns spear struck heavily on the shield.

"This is the inherited treasure of my family…" said the man while smiling elegantly at Ji Hao. "Damn it!" But suddenly, the man’s look changed.

The careless and gentle voice of that Yu Clan man turned despairing and shrilly all of a sudden, as the round shield quaked intensively while releasing dazzling streams of light. The red eye on the shield sparkled dazzlingly, but the spearhead slowly yet fiercely penetrated the three-inch-thick shield, piercing through the red eye.

The Yu Clan man began vomiting blood. In a great panic, he looked at the round shield, which had been letting out a high-pitched buzzing noise that sounded like a scream in pain. "No, no, no! This is Jialou’s eye, the inherited supreme treasure of our Jialou Family…It can’t be broken...It’s invincible! It can’t be destroyed, can’t!" screamed that man hoarsely, as if he couldn’t believe his own eyes.

A mouthful of blood was squeezed out of his mouth, as this Yu Clan man grabbed the Jialou’s eye, transformed his body into a strand of smoke and puffed across the air.

Ji Hao lunged his nine-sun spear forward, but failed to touch even the skin of that man. That single-horned flying horse screamed while piercing its horn towards Ji Hao’s chest. That horn of its even left a shred of afterimages in the air.

"Get lost!" Ji Hao gripped the horse’s horn and threw it to over ten miles away. It was nothing but an ignorant animal, yet, Ji Hao still didn’t have the heart to just kill it like that. After all, it indeed looked so beautiful.

The Yu Clan man was still vomiting blood. The shield was held by him. By now, it had a small hole in it, and the hole had been squirming like body tissues. The man returned to a battle formation, stared at Ji Hao with a twisted face while pointing his finger at Ji Hao, ordering his warriors to kill.

"Kill him! Do not save your powers! Kill him! Whoever can chop off his head, I, personally, will award you with a piece of land in Black Whisper Forest, added with a billion jade coins!"

Countless non-humankind warriors shouted out in excitement. On the ground, those heavily armored cavalry men whipped their mounts and marched towards Ji Hao.

The ground was rumbling while shaking. Those cavalry men slightly bent their bodies, raised their nine meters and six feet long heavy spears simultaneously, forming a woods of spear as they launched a formidable wave of attack towards Ji Hao.

Their spears were secretly crafted by Xiu Clan blacksmiths, and had been quaking against the wind. Thousands of long spears created a slight, magical buzzing noise together. Cold light streams had been surging around the heavy spearheads as countless dense spell symbols circles flew up one after another, spinning around the spearheads. From each spearhead, a cold stream of light dazzled three meters away, forming a sharp triangle, slicing the air open.

Ji Hao gave a deep and long growl while carrying the nine suns spear on his shoulder, as he rushed up towards those heavily armed cavalrymen who came from the south.

Puffing out his chest and spread his arms, Ji Hao laughed out loud while letting those long spears pierce towards this chest, without even resisting.

Those cavalrymen shouted out in cheer. They locked Ji Hao’s body with their spearheads and injected their powers into them. Along with a terrifying buzzing noise, thousands of heavy long spears released a dazzling wave of cold light beams, flashing across the air and reached Ji Hao’s body.

Almost simultaneously, the sharp triangle-shaped light streams released from thousands of heavy spears pierced on Ji Hao’s body.

A dim stream of light flashed across Ji Hao’s body, then thousands of sharp triangle light streams, which were incredibly sharp and destructive, disappeared suddenly, without leaving a trace. In the next moment, cavalrymen came from both the left and right side of Ji Hao screamed out, while around two-thousand of them were pierced right on the chests by thousands of triangle-shaped cold light streams. Then, the light streams exploded, blowing a half of their bodies into thousands of bits.

With the very first move, over four-thousand non-humankind cavalrymen were severely wounded and fell to the ground. Fortunately, these warriors were all at the senior-level at least, which meant they all had strong life-force. They huddled on the ground, struggled and twitched while their wounds had been quickly healing.

"Kill! Kill! Kill!"

From each direction, tens of thousands of armored cavalrymen moved. What happened just now shocked them quite badly, but that also stimulated their will of fighting. Tens of thousands of cavalrymen drained their own bodies and injected even the last bit of their power into their spears.

Clangs could be heard without an end while the spearheads of tens of thousands of heavy spears began spinning simultaneously. Countless sharp and vicious-looking triangle-shaped light streams that looked like tens of thousands of thorns dazzled out from those spearheads. Following an endless puffing noise, these sharp light streams tore the air open and struck Ji Hao’s body from miles away.

This time, the light stream released by each spear was around ten times greater than before. The sharp and dazzling light streams flashed over this time. Not only did they have a strong penetrating power, but they also had been spinning swiftly. Every second, each light stream could spin a hundred thousand times. If an ordinary human being was struck by a fierce light stream like this, only the tearing force generated by the high spinning could shred his body to bits.

Another dim stream of light flashed across, making all tens of thousands of cold light streams disappear. Afterwards, blood splashed out from the troops of cavalrymen which had Ji Hao surrounded. Tens of thousands of cavalry warriors threw their weapons away, covered their throats with both of their hands while moaning simultaneously.

Every single one of them had his throat penetrated by a cold light stream. The speedily spinning light stream tore their skins and bones apart, cut their blood veins broken, then exploded, generating a loud popping noise. The heads of tens of thousands of, most elite armored cavalrymen flew high up into the sky while tens of thousands of blood streams spurted out like fountains.

A loud series of hissing noises could then be heard, as those non-humankind warriors floating in the air had been gasping in a great shock while looking at Ji Hao stunned and frightened.

What was this?

Those were tens of thousands of elite cavalrymen. Instead of an ordinary army, they were an absolutely important force, which was responsible for guarding the most important area of Liang Zhu City. They could even be counted as a part of the top-grade elite force of Yu Dynasty. However, so many of them were killed by their own attacks, even before they approached Ji Hao?

Something was wrong with Ji Hao, something was so damn wrong!

The Yu Clan man held Jialou’s eye, with a stream of blood hanging from his mouth corner, as he growled out ragingly. "Full attack! Kill him! I don’t believe that he can endlessly cast all attacks away! There is no such rule in the world!"

Before his voice faded, an immense, earth-shaking thunder came from behind him suddenly.

Twelve twisted, dragon-like thunderbolts descended from the sky, striking heavily on the twelve towering floating mountains. The twelve mountains, which were thickly covered in defensive magic formations and protective light screens, were punctured immediately, as if they were only toys made from papers.

The thunderbolts blasted out, making black smoke and fire puff up from the twelve thousands of meter tall floating mountains. Following that thunderous buzzing noise, these mountains were disabled from floating and heavily fell to the ground.

A man with long beard, wearing a long grey robe and holding a sword with both of his hands, trod on a cloud and drifted over. Flashing across the air, this man reached to the Yu Clan man. As a bright beam of sword light dazzled, the head of this Yu Clan man was cut off.

"Up!" This man with long beard laughed then waved his sleeve and released a strong suction force, pulling Ji Hao up into the sky. After that, he flicked his sleeve and brought Ji Hao across the air, moving swiftly to thousands of miles away.

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