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The non-humankind forces, which were nearly destroyed by Ji Hao and Mr. Crow just now, mostly stationed near Liang Zhu City, and were private forces belonging to the large non-humankind families. Under an emergent order given by the twelve emperors, these forces were called up and came to stop Ji Hao in a great rush. These family forces couldn’t cooperate well with each other, neither did they have a unified deployment. Added with the fact that some family forces were relatively weaker while some were relatively stronger, Ji Hao had beat them all up.

But at the moment, twelve floating mountains were in front of Ji Hao along with the twelve square battle formations before these mountains. Apparently, this was a regular army of the non-humankind, and that too an elite one.

Divine towers on those floating mountains were already activated when Ji Hao was still over ten miles away. The gravity within the area ten-thousand miles in radius was raised immediately and largely. Even with Mr. Crow’s power, he couldn’t fly again, and could only flap his wings quickly while zipping down straight towards the ground from a high altitude.

Cawing loudly, Mr. Crow quickly shrunk his body and climbed onto Ji Hao’s shoulder. Ji Hao fell to the ground like a shooting star, then landed heavily on the ground with his pair of feet. The ground vibrated intensively, as Ji Hao created a three-hundred-meter radius huge dent on the ground. The place he landed was a fertile flower field, filled with all kinds of rare herbs and flowers. A strong shocking wave spread out in all directions, shredding all flowers.

A high-pitched voice came from a distance away, following which, five to six miles away from the flower field, and from the roof of a small castle, a chubby Xiu Clan elderly man angrily waved both of his arms while screaming, "Bastard! I protest! No one has the right to invade my personal property! Get the hell out of my territory! If you have to fight, go fight in my neighbor’s territory!"

From a floating mountain, a strong and serious voice came, "Under the order given by the twelve emperors jointly, whatever it costs, we have to capture or kill this man…All costs will be covered by Yu Dynasty government."

Ji Hao raised his eyebrows in surprise, and curiously glanced at that chubby Xiu Clan old man, then looked at that floating mountain. ‘Hmm, so for the fight on this Xiu Clan old man’s territory, all damaged things will be paid by Yu Dynasty government?’ thought Ji Hao.

"Nice rule, I like it." Ji Hao chuckled, then opened his mouth and let out a golden stream of fire.

Following a loud swooshing noise, a strong gale rose directly from the wind, bringing up large flakes of golden flame, spreading out. Flower woods, grasslands, all kinds of thriving plants were set ablaze within the twinkling of an eye, as the fire spread speedily away with the help of the wind.

The Xiu Clan old man angrily waved his fist towards Ji Hao, then turned around and fled right away. Ji Hao clearly saw that the Xiu Clan old man and a group of Xiu Clan people were surrounded by tens of Jia Clan and dark-kind warriors, while they quickly escaped from the back door of the castle with mounts, towards Liang Zhu City, without even glancing back.

Afterward, a loud series of footsteps could be heard from everywhere. Except for the twelve battle formations high up in the air, large groups of heavily armored cavalrymen had all been approaching Ji Hao from every direction.

These heavily armored warriors unhurriedly moved towards Ji Hao. Wherever they walked past, farmlands with all kinds of corps, thriving grape trellises, and beautiful gardens were all stomped into bits.

Non-humankind landlords lined in tens of differently sized castles all retreated with their families, leaving the battlefield as fast as they could.

Over ten divine towers gradually rose from the horizon. These beautifully glowing divine towers created a powerful forcefield that silently dimmed Ji Hao’s fire, making him feel it hard to breathe.

Natural powers within the area ten-thousand miles around Ji Hao were speedily drained, making this entire area a vacuum of natural powers. The Moho Staff vibrated unsettlingly. Obviously, the sudden disappearing of natural powers enraged this powerful treasure.

In the sky, troops of Jia Clan warriors with metal wings flew around, leaving streams of glow in the air. Their metal wings were thickly covered with magical spell symbols, and had been releasing strong power vibrations. Ji Hao clearly sensed that it was nothing else but the power vibrations of these spell symbols that neutralized the effect of the natural powers vacuum, allowing these Jia Clan warriors to fly freely in the sky.

Currently, the situation was twisted. Jia Clan warriors could fly in the sky while Ji Hao was disabled from moving. A cracking noise was let out of the soft soil ground while the soil began squirming and let threads of dim black light rippling out of the ground. Soon, these black light threads wove into strange spell symbols, turning the puffy soil as hard and dense as iron.

Ji Hao raised his first and smashed on the ground. The ground quaked, as this punch of his left a ninety-meter in radius, hundreds of meter deep hole on the ground.

Hundreds of meters deep into the ground, the soil was entirely turned into metal by the powerful magic formation of the non-humankind. Ji Hao believed that within this vast area, that had a radius of over ten-thousand miles, all of the earth had already turned even harder than metal. Added with those disturbing black spell symbols, Ji Hao could never escape underground.

Natural powers were drained. Therefore, Ji Hao couldn’t cast any escaping magic; space was sealed as well, that meant all his teleporting magic talismans were now ineffective.

On the especially strong gravity field, even Mr. Crow, who had a strong pair of wings, couldn’t fly, not to mention Ji Hao himself.

The sky, ground and underground were all sealed, completely closing all Ji Hao’s paths off, that left him with no chance to run. He had to admit that this regular non-humankind army was much stronger than those family armies of non-humankind nobles, at least in terms of encirclement.

Looking at those cavalrymen approaching from all directions, Ji Hao couldn’t help but shake his head. Except for fighting directly, he couldn’t come up with a better idea to free himself from the current situation.

Those cavalrymen stopped tens of miles away from Ji Hao. Meanwhile, Jia Clan warriors hovering in the sky paused as well, slightly flapping their metal wings while quietly floating in the sky.

A single-horned and winged flying horse rose into the sky from the peak of a flying mountain, nimbly hovered then carried a Yu Clan man down to the ground. Mounted on the single-horned hoarse, the Yu Clan man took a few steps towards Ji Hao and stopped around a mile away from Ji Hao.

This man glanced at Ji Hao from such a long distance away with his erect eye, that had a misty luster, then said blandly, "Earl Yao Ji Hao? A newly promoted noble of the humankind. A lucky young man who had earned Emperor Shun’s recognition… You, why did you sneak into Liang Zhu City?"

Ji Hao put down the Moho Staff. The natural powers were drained. Therefore, this staff now couldn’t release its powers.

Gripping the nine suns spear with both of his hands, Ji Hao smiled lazily and responded, "I don’t believe that you haven’t figured out the whole thing by now…Do you really want to hear me tell you about my purpose? But I’ve promised someone else that I’ll never tell anyone about some certain things."

The Yu Clan man showed a quite embarrassed look.

By ’some certain things’, Ji Hao surely meant the trade between Chi Zhan and himself. To Yu Clan people, concealed things could be considered as never happened. Therefore, as long as both Ji Hao and Chi Zhan kept their mouths shut, the escape of Di Family people would be an accident forever, instead of Chi Zhan’s mistake.

Ji Hao was willing to keep his promise. Of course, he wouldn’t betray Chi Zhan for now. In other words, who knew if they would make more deals in the future?

"Just surrender!" The Yu Clan man laughed, then proudly raised his head.

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