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Mr. Crow screamed shrilly while vibrating the golden feathers on his wings to slice the air open, allowing himself to fly at a frightening speed in the sky.

Flying was an instinct for birds. Gold Crows could merge their bodies with the sunlight to fly at an especially high speed with the power of the sun.

Mr. Crow transformed into a golden beam of light, zipping in the air. Non-humankind warriors from all directions couldn’t even grasp a trace of Mr. Crow with their eyes, not to mention catching up with Mr. Crow and Ji Hao, who was carried on his back.

Many non-humankind warriors pulled their longbows open and released arrows, but not a single arrow could fly as fast as Mr. Crow. Some non-humankind warriors threw out spears, with all of their powers. Those spears screamed across the air, but were left far behind by Mr. Crow.

Some Yu Clan nobles activated their special powers furiously, casting all kinds of magics towards Ji Hao. Countless streams of powers poured down like a storm, but Mr. Crow nimbly moved between those power streams without letting even a feather of his be harmed.

Ji Hao stood on Mr. Crow’s back, seeming to form a unity with Mr. Crow. With Mr. Crow’s lightning speed, Ji Hao didn’t need to do anything but hold his nine suns spear slanted. Every time Mr. Crow flew past an enemy, the spear would slice across the enemy’s body.

No matter the Yu Clan nobles with exquisite soft armors, Jia Clan warriors with heavy full armors or dark-kind top-grade powerful beings, with Mr. Crow’s amazing speed combined with the destructive sharpness of the nine suns spear, Ji Hao had caused a terrifying effect.

Wherever a beam of golden light dazzled across, broken body parts would fall down from the sky.

Heads, arms, legs, internal organs and blood streams fell to the ground like a blood-red rain. But before the blood rain could land on the ground, the wild golden fire would burn it into smoke. Through merely a slight scratch left on the skin by the nine suns spear, essence sun fire could drill into the body, then set the entire body ablaze. The bodies of these non-humankind beings became fuel for the essence sun fire.

Large numbers of human-shaped torches appeared in the sky. The rampantly burning essence sun fire lit up the entire sky, as if thousands of human-shaped suns had been glowing simultaneously.

Shrill howls and screams resounded through the whole area. Many non-humankind beings were frightened, daring not to rush up. They stared at Ji Hao and Mr. Crow in a daze, who had been swiftly hovering all over the sky. This wasn’t a fight, this was a massacre! A massacre of the non-humankind!

Relatively weaker non-humankind warriors couldn’t touch Ji Hao, and couldn’t even see his movements clearly. Relatively stronger ones couldn’t achieve Mr. Crow’s stunningly high speed either. Instead, they could only watch Ji Hao kill them.

Non-humankind warriors who mastered speed magics had caught up with Mr. Crow with some efforts. They followed closely after Ji Hao to launch attacks. Nevertheless, their armors and shields couldn’t block the sharp head of the nine sun spear, and with a convent swing of Ji Hao’s hands, these non-humankind warriors were injured gravely and forced back, amidst massive bloodshed.

Some non-humankind warriors who could fly at an especially high speed and had powerful defensive magic treasures to fend themselves had surrounded Ji Hao. They growled in rage while continuously launching attacks. When the nine suns spear swept over, they could always block it three to five times with their powerful magic treasures.

The nine suns spear left deep gashes on their powerful defensive treasures before breaking them. These warriors vomited blood, but still successfully protected themselves from the nine suns spears, and managed to truly attack Ji Hao.

Nevertheless, their attacks were ineffective, completely ineffective!

As dim streams of light sparkled on Ji Hao’s skin, all attacks launched by these non-humankind warriors had strangely landed on their own bodies or their teammates.

A Jia Clan warrior with a huge hammer smashed the hammer heavily on Ji Hao’s head. But next, the hammer flew out from the air right before his face and bumped into his head and knocked him down. Mr. Crow gave a resonant roar while reaching out his claw swiftly, leaving beams of fiery light in the air. The head of this Jia Clan warrior was sliced of immediately.

Another Jia Clan warrior hacked his long sword on Ji Hao’s back with all of his power. The long sword glowed with an eye-piercing light while countless spell symbols condensed into a nearly tangible stream of light on the sword edge.

The glow stream disappeared, and in the very next moment, a strong dark-kind warrior behind the Jia Clan warrior, who had just pulled out a shining spear to sneakily attack Ji Hao was beheaded by the longsword with a glowing stream on it. The sword zipped out abruptly from behind this dark-kind warrior. This Divine-Magus-level dark-kind warrior died right on the spot in confusion. He couldn’t even figure out what had just happened before he died.

There was another Jia Clan warrior, who was with three pairs of metal wings on his back and a low bow. With the three pairs of metal wings, this Jia Clan warrior flew as fast as Mr. Crow. In the air around three-hundred meter high from Ji Hao’s head, he pulled the longbow open and within a second, three-hundred specially crafted shell-breaking arrows with spell symbols screamed towards every corner of Ji Hao’s body.

The dim light sparkled, and once the three-hundred arrows approached Ji Hao, they all disappeared.

What came next was a shrill howl, following which, the Jia Clan warrior with wings and bow was struck by the three-hundred arrows which zipped over from every direction. One by one, those arrows pierced into his body and turned him into a griddle. Before this Jia Clan warrior could retreat and heal himself, Mr. Crow had already risen.

The pair of magic fire snakes dashed out of Ji Hao’s sleeves while spraying a roaring flame. They drilled straight into the body of that wounded Jia Clan warrior, then opened their mouths and sucked.

The spirit blood of this Jia Clan warrior, that contained his strong life-force, was devoured by this pair of magic fire snakes greedily. As this warrior moved his muscles around the pair of snakes, attempting to crush the two snakes directly to death, Ji Hao had already taken out the Chaos sword box and released a gray stream of sword light, blowing up his head.

The pair of fire snakes happily gasped for air, then drained every single drop of spirit blood of this Jia Clan warrior.

Suddenly, this pair of earthworm-like snakes expanded their bodies into a hundred meters long. Excitedly spraying a wave of poisonous smoke and fire, then these two babies joyfully wriggled back into Ji Hao’s sleeves, quietly hiding themselves.

Powerful non-humankind beings fell from the sky one after another. The only tens of non-humankind warriors who were able to catch up with Mr. Crow were killed by Ji Hao and Mr. Crow joint-handedly within the span of ten breaths.

Ji Hao’s spiritual power was consumed up by the Pan Xi divine mirror. He took a long gasp, then took a handful of magic pulls and threw into his own mouth. Soon, his returned to the peak state.

Laughing out loud, Ji Hao stood straight on Mr. Crow’s back, raised the Moho Staff with his left hand and the nine suns spear with his right hand and growled resonantly towards the sky, "I, Earl Yao Ji Hao from the humankind, am here, who can kill me?"

Mr. Crow cawed loudly and strongly while flashing to over a hundred miles away, leaving a stream of light in the sky. He easily broke an encirclement, which was formed hurriedly and roughly by a group of non-humankind warriors.

From far away, a furious voice came, "Stop him! Capture him alive! Or kill him! If he gets away, you useless things, and your useless families…you will lose everything!"

Deep yet resonant battle drum sound came from a distance while a dense cloud of smoke rose in the front.

Twelve towering floating mountains formed a straight light in front of Ji Hao.

Before the line of floating mountains, twelve square-shaped battle formations each was formed by ten thousand warriors, floating in the sky and blocking Ji Hao’s way.

The air quaked intensely while the gravity in the air was raised suddenly. Mr. Crow howled and was dragged to the ground, without being able to resist.

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