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Hundreds of flying zombies circled Ji Hao up, scratching him with sharp claws. The golden fire was burning ragingly, burning those zombies into ashes even before they could approach him. Hundreds of zombies were burned to death even before their claws could touch Ji Hao’s body. The pair of crescent-shaped blades of the nine suns spear had zipped out, transforming into two dazzling streams of golden light. They screamed across the sky and pierced through the heads of all flying zombies simultaneously, then burned them into strands of ashes in a flash.

The looks of Nether Moon young men changed suddenly while they all stepped backward in fear. In terms of physical strength, these Nether Moon young men equaled human Senior Magi. Facing Ji Hao, they were like a bunch of mice challenging a giant dragon, that Ji Hao could wipe them all out merely with a sneeze.

Coincidentally, Ji Hao truly sneezed at that point.

All flying zombies were burned out, leaving puffs of powders drifting along the wind. Although these powders didn’t manage to approach Ji Hao’s nose, but seeing these powders, Ji Hao instinctively sensed an itch from his nose and gave a thunderous sneeze.

Large streams of flame swooshed out of Ji Hao’s nostrils, transforming into an ocean of flame that surrounded those desperately retreating Nether Moon young men. The tens of young men howled out in fear, all being burned into smoke by the golden fire. Those metal round plates under their feet couldn’t withstand the essence sun fire either, melting into glowing-red liquid and falling to the ground within a second.

Over a hundred Jia Clan warriors, who were the guards of those dead Yu Clan young man, growled out in despair while pouncing on Ji Hao crazily while risking their own lives.

Yu Clan had a strict system of hierarchy and strict laws. According to it, since the masters of these Jia Clan warriors were killed by Ji Hao, these Jia Clan warriors and their families would all be incriminated unless they brought back his head.

If they failed, being kept in Black Shark Castle for a whole life would be the best result for these Jia Clan warriors.

By now, these Jia Clan warriors who crazily rushed towards Ji Hao had all forgotten about fighting skills and teamwork. Instead, they just randomly launched their attacks, but couldn’t cause any threat to Ji Hao. Not to mention the fact that these Jia Clan warriors were at average level anyway. Among them, only one was at the level of Magus Kings while all the others were at the level of Senior Magi.

Facing these Jia Clan warriors, Ji Hao didn’t even make any move. Instead, Mr. Crow fiercely flicked his wings and let countless golden feathers dart out of his body. Each feather was wrapped in essence sun fire. Those feathers pierced through the bodies of those Jia Clan warriors like countless sharp arrows and killed them instantly.

The essence sun fire released by Mr. Crow was surely not as powerful as the one released by Ji Hao. Therefore, the bodies of these Jia Clan warriors didn’t burn into ashes immediately after being set ablaze. Instead, their bodies burned out quite slowly.

Over a hundred blazing Jia Clan warriors fell from the sky, but these warriors didn’t die immediately, and had been struggling and screaming in the fire. Their skins and muscles burned into ashes after the span of three to five breaths. Their bones were torched, the faint golden flame silently lingering on those bones for seven to eight minutes to finally burn a big half of them out.

Hundreds of beads were left on the ground. These beads were condensed from the essence of bones of those Jia Clan warriors.

If the fire that burned them to death were released by Ji Hao, these beads with beautiful lusters wouldn’t even exist. However, Mr. Crow’s essence sun power wasn’t powerful enough, that allowed these beads to be generated. Each one of these beads contained a strong life-force in it.

Despite the fact that some time was spent to describe all that happened just now, but in fact, all this happened within a moment.

Those thousands of non-humankind beings hadn’t yet rushed up to Ji Hao. But Ji Hao had killed them ones blocking his way already. Mr. Crow raised a dazzling stream of light while continued swishing forwards.

A fierce gale came from the front. Three heavily armored Jia Clan battle kings, who were holding especially large and heavy maces, showed up in his way. The three Jia Clan battle kings stood in a triangle, treading on the fierce gale while smashing their maces violently down towards Ji Hao.

Jia Clan battle kings were at the level of human Divine Magi.

The three large maces were purely dark, thickly covered in sharp thorns. The head of each mace was as thick as the waist of an ordinary human being. Countless blood-red spell symbols had been sparkling on the thorns of those maces; the gale blowing right towards Ji Hao’s face had a strong scent of blood.

Ji Hao straightened the nine suns spear and rushed straight up, lunging the sharp spearhead out for over a hundred times at lightning speed.

A loud puffing noise could be heard without an end while the three Divine-Magus-level maces were penetrated by the spear. Countless holes were left on the three maces. Those blood-red spell symbols disintegrated, and next, the three maces exploded simultaneously.

"Oh! No!" The three Jia Clan warriors shouted out in a heartache. Their hideous-looking faces were twisted, and their eyes had nearly popped out of their eye sockets.

Ji Hao wielded the Moho Staff with his left hand, then laughed out loud and growled ‘Thunder!’. Immediately, a rumbling dark cloud appeared in the sky. From the dark cloud, countless water-tank-sized thunderbolts descended like a heavy rain, striking on the bodies of the three Jia Clan warriors endlessly.

The coverage of this thunderbolt rain was over a hundred miles, affecting all non-humankind warriors who surrounded Ji Hao within the area of a hundred miles in radius.

Large groups of senior-level non-humankind warriors were instantly struck into pieces by the wave of thunderbolts. Magus-King-level non-humankind warriors were injured severely, and had their limbs broken while falling from the sky. But the thunderbolts that came next mercilessly struck them into thousands of bits.

Only Divine-Magus-level non-humankind warriors could barely support their own bodies under the thunderbolt rain by relying on their own powers and their high-grade armors, weapons, and other life-saving treasures.

Nearly a thousand powerful non-humankind warriors floated in the air while bolts of lightning struck on their bodies. Their bodies were penetrated by strong electric bolts, which made them glow like light bulbs. The bodies of many of them had weirdly become translucent, such that even their bones were clearly visible.

In large-scale battles like this, the Moho Staff could deliver a scary effect.

Ji Hao sent all of his spiritual power into the staff within a moment while releasing a seven-colored light stream from his erect eye, injecting into the staff to activate it as much as possible.

The thundercloud in the sky quaked scarily while sending out more and more thunderbolts, screaming towards the ground.

At first, around a hundred bolts of lightning would descend within one second. But now, as Ji Hao had consumed all his powers to forcibly boost up the power of the Moho Staff, over three-million lightning bolts were released from the thundercloud within the past second.

Nearly a thousand non-humankind warriors each had suffered the strike of thousands of lightning bolts within a second. Some relatively weaker ones, who had lower positions and were less rich, had their armors begin breaking and melting. Some of them even had their bodies tearing apart by the terrifying lightning bolts.

More non-humankind warriors had been gathering over from further places. From a long distance away, a raging voice could be heard, "Full Moon bastards! That’s the Moho Staff! That’s…the inherited supreme magic treasure of Moho Family. Why is it held in the hands of this sinner?!"

"Kill!" Ji Hao shouted out while fiercely wielding the nine suns spear. It released a miles long golden arc light stream, sweeping across the sky.

Among nearly a thousand non-humankind warriors, who had been trying their bests to fend against those lightning bolts, over six-hundred screamed and wailed together while they were cut into pieces from the waists without being able to resist at all.

Blood splashed all over the sky as countless non-humankind beings growled out furiously.

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