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Mr. Crow screamed while zipping out of Ji Hao’s sleeve, stretched his body and swished up into the sky. Immediately after that, he swiftly dove down, reached out his claws and grasped the pair of legs of Dishi Cha tightly.

Puff! Puff! The pair of legs of Dishi Cha exploded into a large cloud of black mist, dissipating in the air.

Ji Hao knitted his eyebrows. ‘Was that only a clone of Dishi Cha, just like the clone of that man in black?’ thought Ji Hao. The dark light beam released merely by a clone was so powerful already. This made Ji Hao more and more longing towards the powers possessed by the so-called sun and moon stage non-humankind beings, also equal to the human Supreme Magi.

"Mr. Crow, we can’t stay too long, let’s go!" Blowing a shrill whistle, Ji Hao then conveniently carried the Moho Staff on his shoulder and nimbly hopped on Mr. Crow’s back.

From the air, countless extremely thin beams of essence sun fire gathered towards Ji Hao’s body and transformed into water-like golden ripples while merging into the bodies of Ji Hao and Mr. Crow. Mr. Crow, who had already completely transformed into a pure-blood, three-legged Gold Crow, gave a resonant caw. He stretched the three claws of his and abruptly straightened his golden and shining feathers.

As a golden stream of light flashed across the air, Mr. Crow carried Ji Hao on his back, transformed into a streak of light and flew southwards.

On Black Shark Castle, Chi Zhan raised his head, looking at Ji Hao and Mr. Crow, who had been flying away at an amazing speed and let out a long sigh of relief. His fierce-looking face showed a sincere smile as he murmured, "Phew, good, just leave, leave, so that nothing one can be witnessed. Hehe, then, the money can stay safely in my pocket."

In his hands, Chi Zhan measured the few space rings and bangles given by Ji Hao, then continued murmuring to himself with a sincere tone, "Indeed a decent man, fairly trading without retreating. Hehe, I thought this kid might snatch this money back from me, and I had even prepared for it. But, I didn’t think he’s actually so fair and square, as he just left like that. Without repudiating a debt or turning hostile…What a high-quality customer!"

Turning back, Chi Zhan glanced at Hartment, who looked just as chubby as a ball, grinned and said, "Hartment, who they said that kid is just now? Earl Yao Ji Hao from the humankind? Hm, just put his name on the list of our VIPs."

Putting those bangles and rings in his sleeve, Chi Zhan then glanced at Black Shark Castle, which was seriously damaged, then began whistling quite relaxedly and leisurely.

"Black Shark Castle has become like this. I don’t think I can still be the manager of this place. Our ministers must give me a better position with richer benefits to gain, as this time, we’ve earned so much, and I’ve contributed a lot."

"No matter where will I be in the future, for good customers like Earl Yao Ji Hao who are willing to pay immediately and will never regret afterward, we have to try our best to hook them in. Don’t forget to send each of them a gift at every festival and New Year."

Ji Hao was squatting on Mr. Crow’s back while ceaselessly injecting the power of the sun into Mr. Crow’s body, helping him to fly faster and faster. He didn’t know that Chi Zhan and Hartment had been talking about him right now, and had already put him on the list of their VIP customers.

Ji Hao looked around at the further sky and found that thin and flowing streams of light had been sparkling a great distance away. This was Ling Zhu City, the base of the non-humankind in Pan Gu world. Ji Hao had created such a mess in Black Shark Castle, because of which, all kinds of forces of the non-humankind had now been activated. Liang Zhu City suffered a destructive disaster just a while ago. Therefore, those non-humankind beings had been rather nervous and vigilant recently. By now, at least ten-thousand flowing streams of light had been sparkling around Ji Hao while approaching speedily, seeming ready to hunt Ji Hao to the end of the world until he was captured alive.

A cold and harsh voice came from a long distance away. Even the earth and the sky were vibrating slightly by this voice as it said, "Under the order given by the twelve emperors in power jointly, everyone from Yu Dynasty, capture this man with all your powers. People with positive contributions will be awarded while cowards who dare not to fight the enemy will be executed!"

Mr. Crow flew swiftly, covering a huge distance within the span of a few breaths, but still rushed right into a troop of non-humankind warriors who were trying to intercept. These warriors were under the lead of around ten Yu Clan young men, who trod on metal round-shaped plates and had been patrolling in the sky. Seeing Ji Hao, these Yu Clan young men suddenly opened their erect eyes and released fierce beams of light, dazzling towards Ji Hao.

Nearly a hundred Jia Clan warriors with heavy armors were also treading upon metal plates while surrounding Ji Hao from both sides. Probably because the twelve emperors had given an order of capturing him alive, these Jia Clan warriors didn’t have blades and swords in their hands. Instead, each of them was holding a large metal net. From far away, they threw the metal net straight onto Ji Hao’s head.

The giant metal net made a shrill swishing noise once it was thrown out. It released beams of light, then suddenly transformed into streams of light, swiftly wrapping Ji Hao up. He didn’t manage to react timely and ended up being enveloped by over ten huge metal nets, having all of his body wrapped tightly.

"Break!" Ji Hao immediately pulled out the nine suns spear and swung it fiercely.

The incredibly sharp spear let out a golden flame then generated a noise that sounded like a piece of cloth breaking, which was quite unpleasant to hear. The over ten large nets were torn apart by a single move of his, and next, around ten sharp beams of light dazzled over and violently struck on his body. The light beams released from those Yu Clan young men’ erect eyes were dim and gray, containing strong powers of death and corroding. Clearly, this troop were from Nether Moon.

The gray death power streams coiled around Ji Hao’s body. Countless thumb-sized, poisonous-snake-like gray power streams roared while trying to drill into Ji Hao’s body.

The cloak worn by Ji Hao was burned to ashes by a layer of golden flame as the Gold Crow Cloak emerged from the raging fire. The essence sun fire was purely positive, which could naturally suppress all kinds of evilness. The gray death power streams were wiped out instantly while all Yu Clan young men vomited blood.

"So powerful! Attack together!" yelled a Yu Clan young man in shock while patting heavily on a dark leather bag. Instantly, sharp and shrill waves of growls could be heard. Following that, tens of flying zombies, which had bone-wings on their backs, dashed out from the dark leather bag, violently pouncing on Ji Hao.

Nether Moon possessed the power of death and mastered in the secrets of converting life and death. Their zombie warriors were extremely powerful, and in many great wars between the humankind and the non-humankind, they had caused great casualties to the humankind.

In the last Chi Ban Mountain War, back in Evil Dragon Bay, Ji Hao had witnessed the power of a Nether Moon zombie army. That stunningly great zombie army looked exactly like a nightmare.

Over ten Yu Clan young men cheered out together, then all patted on the leather bags tied around their waists. Instantly, hundreds of flying zombies rushed out.

Ji Hao couldn’t help but laugh out loudly, even squeezing his eyes into a pair of curved lines.

To ordinarily human beings, these zombies who had their bodies filled with negative energies were indeed dangerous weapons. But using them to fight against Ji Hao, who had every single pore suffused by spirit star power from the sun and every piece of muscle burning with the essence sun fire? Was this a joke?

The nine suns spear was fiercely wielded, releasing an arc-shaped golden light stream. Right next, a series of shrill growls could be heard as tens of flying zombies were cut from the waists. A golden flame immediately wrapped up these crazily screaming zombies and burned them into ashes within the blink of an eye.

"This…" the group of Nether Moon young men was dumbfounded. Without question, this golden type of flame was the invincible opponent of the power of Nether Moon!

"Group attack! Stop him! He can’t run!"

A shout came from another direction. Ji Hao turned around and found that thousands of non-humankind beings had already rushed up from all directions.

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