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"Darkness will conquer everything!"

When the moon-shaped machete flew up, Dishi Cha raised his head and shouted passionately and sacredly towards the sky. The Moho Staff vibrated intensely in Ji Hao’s hand. Meanwhile, Ji Hao clearly sensed a magical conflict and resonance between the power of the staff and the power of Dishi Cha’s machete.

Obviously, this machete was also a supreme-level inherited magic treasure that belonged to Yu Clan, just like the Moho Staff.

Ji Hao raised his head and looked at the machete, which had been spinning swiftly that made it look just like a black moon, flying high up into the sky. The dark moon shone in the sky and dimmed the entire world down. Not even a single trace of light was left existing.

The whole area fell into pure darkness, such that Ji Hao couldn’t even see his own fingers. The surrounding space was empty, and he couldn’t sense any natural powers.

As Dishi Cha said, the darkness had conquered everything. Ji Hao couldn’t identify directions, as the whole world around him was dark, cold and despairing. The time had ceased to exist while all tangible and intangible things had disappeared.

Ji Hao couldn’t even hear the sound of flowing of that great river down below. Shouts and yells let out by those escaping prisoners disappeared as well, along with the voice of Chi Zhan, who had been cursing so ragingly and loudly on the ground.

Only darkness, despairing darkness.

Within the darkness, the Pan Xi divine mirror quaked abruptly. Next, Ji Hao sensed an extremely thin yet sharp stream of cold power drill right into his head. The Pan Xi divine mirror shielded Ji Hao from the attack. But after that, he still sensed an extreme coldness, that made all of his internal organs twitch intensely.

What came right next were powerful attacks from all directions, silent but effective.

The Pan Xi divine mirror was slightly shaking while neutralizing and rebounding all these attacks. Ji Hao’s body stayed perfectly unharmed, and not even a scratch was left on his skin. However, his internal power and spiritual power were both being consumed speedily.

Nothing but the purest darkness was surrounding him, without even a slight trace of natural power. Therefore, Ji Hao couldn’t absorb natural powers to replenish himself. The darkness released by the machete was incredibly strong, and even though the Pan Xi divine mirror was at a much higher grade, Ji Hao was not yet powerful enough to allow the mirror to break this terrifying, despairing darkness.

The mirror could not break the darkness, neither could it split the space and absorb natural powers to replenish itself. Therefore, every time it rebounded an attack launched by that machete, it had to absorb power from Ji Hao’s body.

"Dishi Cha! How many times can you attack with that machete?" Ji Hao took out a few pills and threw them into his mouth. Instantly, warm streams of power surged inside his body, boosting his power up again to the peak state. "Don’t you need to consume any power to control the machete? I don’t think so!" shouted Ji Hao.

Soon, Ji Hao heard Dishi Cha’s ice-cold voice, "Indeed, controlling this divine dark weapon is rather power-consuming. However, I am a sun and moon stage man, even more powerful than your so-called Supreme Magi. To me, this slight consumption is nothing!"

"What about you, Earl Yao Ji Hao? As far as I know, you’re only at the level of Magus King. You’re a small, insignificant Magus King! You have powerful treasures to protect you, indeed. But with your weak power, how many times can you possibly survive under my attack?"

"I will certainly cut off your head, make it into a wine bowl, and cherish it forever!"

"My two sons, Di Sha and Di Luo, they were good for nothing. But after all, they were my sons! Even if they had to die, they shouldn’t have died in the hands of a lowly barbarian! To me, this small humiliation isn’t even worth mentioning, but as I have a chance to wash it off right now, how can I let go of it?"

"Besides, I hope that I can capture you alive! I truly want to know about the deal you made with that bunch of useless things, which made you come to save them with such a great cost." Dishi Cha continued his speech. "Why? Why on earth did you do that?

"We’re enemies, Earl Yao Ji Hao. Di Yantuo, Di Luolang and the other useless things, even I had given up on them. But, why did you save them? This makes no sense, absolutely no sense! What is your plan? What the hell do you want to do?"

Ji Hao remained silent while the Pan Xi divine mirror shielded him from countless attacks. Meanwhile, his powers had been getting consumed even more speedily. Fortunately, contained in that magic calabash given by Xuan Du were mountain-huge piles of magic pills. Ji Hao collected quite a lot rare and powerful magic herbs from Pan Xi world, and by now, the calabash had been concocting all those herbs into magic pills.

Another handful of magic pills was thrust into Ji Hao’s mouth by himself, replenishing his consumed powers. Ji Hao looked around and found nothing but darkness, boundless, deep darkness. Ji Hao didn’t know where Dishi Cha was, but his voice had been coming into his ear from all directions continuously.

"Or, you can choose to submit yourself to me. An influential human being coming to my side, this can largely improve my prestige."

"I have a plan, Earl Yao Ji Hao. I have a great plan, and I have already arranged everything, it’s all ready! If you come to my side and become my slave right now, I can share the future honor of mine with you."

"To you, a small, lowly and insignificant being, even a slight little bit of that great honor will be an amazing achievement, that you can never, ever attain!"

A great plan? Did Dishi Cha say that he had a big plan?

Ji Hao began pondering upon this sentence. From the life-and-death game, which had taken place in Pan Xi world, to what he had been doing now, did all these happen just because of that great plan of his?

"Who’s that man with a black robe? I am very curious." Pondering for quite a long while, Ji Hao swallowed another pill and calmly threw out this question.

"Ah, for this, I can’t tell you. He’s a crucial part of my plan. He’s my ally, him and me…Well, we don’t really have a conflict between us, so we will become perfect partners." Dishi Cha laughed proudly and responded, "But I can tell you that he’s a big deal, a truly important man!"

Ji Hao knitted his eyebrows. Important man?

A truly important one from the side of the humankind?

An important senior minister in Emperor Shun’s government? Or the leader of a top-grade clan?

The extremely cold power?

Ji Hao sneered, slowly took out the Chaos sword box while saying, "The cold power released by him was quite terrifying…Is he the Water God, Gong Gong?"

Dishi Cha, who had been talking so loudly and endlessly, abruptly shut his mouth. Next, Ji Hao was attacked by an even crazier wave of attack, which happened over a hundred times quicker than before. Even in this deep darkness, that seemed to swallow the whole world, Ji Hao heard the shrill scream let out by that machete.

"I get it…My second uncle, this treasure was crafted by you. Please, let it do the job!"

Ji Hao gave a resonant growl, then flicked his finger and opened the sword box along with a loud clang.

A stream of Chaos sword power suddenly appeared in the boundless darkness.

The darkness was broken along with a thunderous bang, as a, foot-long, thumb-thick, a dim stream of sword power tore the darkness apart, zipping straight to Dishi Cha’s chest. Dishi Cha looked at this stream of sword power, stunned.

Wherever the sword power swept across, every single thing was turned into chaos.

Dishi Cha screamed out and the machete swiftly flew back, releasing a black light stream tat wrapped his body up, bringing him into the higher sky as he fled.

The Chaos sword power flashed across the sky and caught Dishi Cha up, after which, a shrill howl could be heard. Next, large streams of blood descended along with a pair of white and slim legs.

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