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Moho Staff could only be activated by possessors of Moho Family bloodline. Ji Hao was a human being, yet he had merged with Moho Yuanjia’s spirit magic eye. Therefore, his power was successfully accepted by the staff.

The natural powers within the area ten-thousand miles in radius were all controlled by the staff, being compressed at a crazy rate under Ji Hao’s will. They eventually transformed into a miles thick flame column, that struck straight down from a great altitude.

Dishi Cha stood on the edge of the blood-red cloud, and had been staring at the messy Black Shark Castle with a sulky face.

He clearly understood that Di Family people had certainly escaped. Just now, he activated the four space-sealing divine towers. As the name stated, these expensive space-sealing divine towers were specially designed for sealing space. These divine towers could not only disorder the space, but could also efficiently detect teleporting magic formations within a certain range.

Under Black Shark Castle, a teleporting magic formation was destroyed. A teleporting magic formation was set under Black Shark Castle, which was the most heavily guarded prison for keeping important criminals in the whole Yu Dynasty. How could this even happen?

Dishi Cha truly wanted to strangle Chi Zhan to death right now, or slice him into thin pieces, then feed to wild wolves.

However, in the letter he received, the snitch clearly and frankly told him everything, including the identities of those powerful beings behind Chi Zhan, the six young men with strong family backgrounds. The resources held in the hands of those six young men could give Dishi Cha a serious headache.

"A group of stupid ones, do you have any idea what have you have been doing?" Dishi Cha angrily murmured. However, he could not just show the great rage in his heart.

The man in a black outfit had now been standing beside him. The face of that man was still covered in dense dark mist while he curiously looked at Black Shark Castle, which was now in a great mess.

Dishi Cha didn’t want to show discomposure in front of this man. Therefore, he forcibly restrained his anger and ordered his people to kill all escaping prisoners.

Once the order was given, the enormous flame column descended from the sky.

Ji Hao reached his right hand out, crooked his fingers and clenched towards Dishi Cha from a distance. That hand of his looked just like a claw of an eagle.

The fire was raging. The blood-red palace upon that blood-red cloud was surrounded by a bright fiery light. Along with an ear-piercing clashing noise, the defensive magic formations based on the palace was crushed by the dazzling fiery light directly. Next, the large and beautiful palace began burning and melting speedily. Large numbers of non-humankind servants and maids screamed while rushing out from the palace, but they could only make a few steps before they were burned into puffs of smoke.

The palace collapsed. The four space-sealing divine towers had a great power to seal the space, yet they lacked strong defensive powers. Within the roaring flame, the four divine towers quickly melted and collapsed. Yu Clan warriors surrounded the towers screamed and fled towards all directions, but still, they were all rolled back into the flame.

The natural powers within the area ten-thousand miles in radius had condensed into a flame column. This flame column was even more powerful than Ji Hao expected, as its power had reached the limit of the level of Divine Magi. The blood-red palace was destroyed with a single strike, and the blood-red cloud, that had been carrying the palace rumbled and rolled. But as the bright fiery light swept across it, the cloud suddenly turned into a strand of drifting ash.

"Who was it?" Dishi Cha growled hysterically.

A purely dark stream of light was released from Dishi Cha’s erect eye, creating a giant black swirl above his head. Faintly, countless twisted faces were visible in the swirl while the descending flame streams roaring towards him were entirely swallowed by it, without stirring up a single fire sparkle.

The man in black standing beside Dishi Cha seemed to be calmer than Dishi Cha as he simply let the flame strike onto his body. A faint, cold and blue layer of mist surged around his body and froze the fierce flame, turning it into ice crystals, drifting down from the sky, before the flame could even approach his body.

Except for Dishi Cha and this man in black, all guards and warriors brought by Dishi Cha were killed by that destructive flame column.

The sharp streams of flame swished across Dishi Cha and that man’ bodies, fiercely bumping into the great river on the side, near the castle. A few metal battleships that belonged to Moho Family were struck by the flame. In a moment, the enormous ships and all living beings on them evaporated.

The river was boiling; this heavy strike launched by Ji Hao was indeed powerful. The river surface was broken by the flame, and great amount of water was evaporated, leaving an, over ten miles huge, round-shaped breach. River water gushed ceaselessly into this breach, then being evaporated by the great heat.

The terrifyingly great heat speedily heated up the river water and boiled a hundred-mile long section of the river. Countless fishes were cooked within the span of a few breaths, floating up, showing their bellies while drifting downstream.

Sands and stones on the riverbed were melted immediately as well. The strike made by Ji Hao had created a three-mile radius, thousands of meter deep giant hole on the river bottom. The inner surface of the hole was as smooth as mirrors, just like the top-grade glass.

Ji Hao clenched his five fingers tight while the flame column disappeared abruptly. A giant amount of natural power blasted all of a sudden and transformed into a hurricane, screaming towards all directions.

Thousands of meter tall waves were raised from the river, rolling up those Moho Family battleships and throwing them out. Following muffled bangs, tens of enormous battleships were thrown to the ground, rolling without being able to stop.

Ji Hao floated in the air, looking coldly at Dishi Cha.

Dishi Cha had been looking at Ji Hao as well. The air around him was glowing with a faint red light, judging by which, the lingering power of that fire column hadn’t yet been dispelled.

Dish Cha’s erect eye sparkled with a black light as he glared at Ji Hao and growled, "When did Di Family people become so popular, that someone was actually willing to save them with such a great price. Give me a reason, this is completely unreasonable!"

Ji Hao smiled faintly. Such a thing might be unreasonable to Yu Clan people, but to Ji Hao, how much could he not gain by saving Di Family? Since he could gain so much, why wouldn’t he come? Besides, Dishi Cha was one of Ji Hao’s personal enemies. Bringing him trouble was such an interesting thing for him to do!

"I surely have a reason, but why would I tell you?" Ji Hao took out a few magic pills from his medicine calabash, threw them into his mouth and swallowed. Instantly, his spirit blood, which was nearly drained by the Moho Staff, was replenished. Boiling hot spirit blood surged inside Ji Hao’s body, allowing him to regain his power. He gripped the staff and directly launched another tsunami-like wave of attack without saying any other word to Dishi Cha.

His erect eye glowed with a splendid seven-colored light while the Moho Staff dazzled with an eye-piercing purple light. Natural powers within the whole area were agitated, rolling and roaring, creating countless water-tank-sized, purple lightning bolts that descended from the sky, silently striking towards Dishi Cha.

Dishi Cha growled in rage while the black swirl above his head expanded to over ten miles in radius, seeming to become a giant mouth that swallowed those lightning bolts.

The lightning bolts and the dark swirl violently clashed against each other, generating a terrifying explosion. Spheres of hundred-mile in radius lightning bolts dazzled and sizzled, creating fierce waves of airstreams. Dishi Cha’s body quivered intensively while he raised his head in shock. For the first time, he carefully looked at the staff held in Ji Hao’s hand.

"This…Damn it! Why is the Moho Staff in your hands?"

Dishi Cha barfed, but along with his voice, ninety-nine bolts of lightning burst, weaving into a spiral and descending like an enormous drill. They broke the black swirl above his head and stuck on his body.

Bang! Dishi Cha’s luxurious long robe blasted, as countless bolts of lightning drilled into his body, turning his entire body purple and translucent, just like a large piece of purple crystals.

"Die!" Dishi Cha shouted in pain while releasing a sharp black beam of light out of his erect eye, accurately towards Ji Hao’s body.

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