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Ji Hao dashed swiftly in the paths of Black Shark Castle under dim lights.

Faintly, he saw the white light released by the teleporting magic formation. Di Yantuo, Di Luolang and another few Di Family elders, who had been helping Ji Hao ‘purchase’ prisoners, were already standing in the formation while being surrounded by a group of family guards.

Seeing Ji Hao rushing over, Di Yantuo hurriedly yelled out, "Hurry up! Hurry up! We’re leaving! Damn it! I sensed the power of Dishi Cha, that lowly shameless betrayer!"

Dishi Cha? Was the one on the blood-red cloud Dishi Cha?

Ji Hao shook his body, brought up a golden beam of light and momentarily dashed into the teleporting magic formation. However, before the formation could send them out, a large wave of blood-red ripples was stirred up from the air. The space was twisted while thin cracks appeared on those, countless spell symbols of the teleporting magic formation.

"Oh, no!" screamed Di Yantuo, "No, just run! Run! Or we will be drawn into the space turbulences and all die!"

Before his voice faded, the base of the teleporting magic formation shattered suddenly. Next, countless black, hair-thin space cracks appeared around the broken formation. Strong suction force came from those cracks, dragging Di Yantuo, Di Luolang and the other elders over, as they couldn’t control their bodies.

Ji Hao saw the bodies of Di Yantuo and the other elders being elongated and twisted, just like a soft dough.

"Stop!" growled Ji Hao with a strong and deep voice. Meanwhile, his erect eye sparkled with a bright light and the surrounding space was suddenly frozen. A dim stream of light surged out of his erect eye and hovered around. Instantly, the Pan Xie divine mirror had wiped all those space cracks out.

In the next moment, hundreds of meters away, from numerous cells of Black Shark Castle, countless space cracks sizzled crazily out. Next, the defensive magic formation of the underground prison collapsed thunderously while numerous cells were destroyed one after another.

Ji Hao took out the Moho Staff that he snatched from Moho Yuanku, gripped it and poked heavily towards the ground. A terrifyingly great suction force was released from the staff, rampantly devouring Ji Hao’s spirit blood and power. Somehow, Ji Hao caught the same feeling that he had when he controlled Yu Yu’s sword formation. Through the power of this staff, Ji Hao sensed the slightest change happening to all natural powers within the area that had a radius of ten-thousand miles.

Within this area, all natural powers were now under Ji Hao’s control. Ji Hao could manipulate the natural powers as freely and smoothly as manipulating his own arms merely with his will. These natural powers could do literally everything for him.

"Moho Staff? This is one of the most powerful supreme inherited magic treasures belonging to Moho Family! Great Blood moon, you snatched a supreme inherited magic treasure of Moho Family?"

Looking at the glowing staff in Ji Hao’s hands, Di Yantuo and the other elders all shouted out in shock. They opened their erect eyes while staring at Ji Hao with their brightly sparkling eyes; all those eyes were filled with intense greed.

Only the most powerful family from each branch could possess supreme-level inherited magic treasures like this, such as Dishi Family from Blood Moon, Fan Family from Nether Moon, A Family from High Moon…Only the twelve most powerful families could have supreme treasures like the Moho Staff.

Every single supreme treasure like this had supremely great powers, which were strong enough to maintain the prosperity of a family for billions of years!

Moho Staff of Moho Family could control all natural powers within a certain area, suppress all magics cast by the enemies and raise the power of its owner almost limitlessly. With the Moho Staff, an ordinary cultivator could even be powerful enough to challenge a sun and moon stage powerful being!

"How can you possibly…attain it?" Di Yantuo quivered slightly and asked. If he hadn’t made the blood and soul swear already, and if his life was not under the control of Ji Hao, he wouldn’t even be able to stop himself from trying to seize this staff!

Way too tempting, just too tempting... Di Yantuo stared at the staff so eagerly, as if he was going to grow tiny hands out of his eyes to grip the staff and never let go.

"Hmm, I surely can attain it." said Ji Hao while snorting. But then, his body trembled slightly. This bloody staff was truly powerful, but was also consumptive when being used. Despite the fact that Ji Hao had an especially strong life-force, he was now nearly drained by the staff, that even his body was softened.

Nevertheless, what came along the great consumption was an immense power. Somehow, Ji Hao felt like he was the supreme god within the area that had a radius of around ten-thousand miles. He could control all the natural powers within this area, and could do almost anything!

"Break!" Ji Hao pointed his right hand forwards and released an invisible, tremendous stream of power. All walls in the surroundings collapsed instantly. Right after that, the groundwork of Black Shark Castle vibrated intensely. The rock face on one side of the island was broken, showing a giant split and letting strong waves of watery mist in, along with a fierce gale.

"You shall just run. I believe it won’t be too hard to run with your powers."

Ji Hao threw out a jade talisman and said. Written on the jade talisman was a location, where Ji Hao arranged his people to set up another half of the teleporting magic formation.

Di Yantuo took over the jade talisman, memorized the location then crumbled it. Afterward, he seriously nodded to Ji Hao. Next, this group of Di Family elders hurriedly rushed out through that huge split on the rock face without any hesitation, but in a great rush and panic, as if they were a group of fishes escaping from the net.

Ji Hao waved his hand, and along with his moves, the entire Black Shark Castle began quaking. Thick layers of rock underground were twisted and split up while large numbers of cell were destroyed, forcing countless prisoners out while screaming.

Thousands of different sized cracks reached straight to the ground, as many prisoners rushed out through those cracks.

The river water gushed into the prison through these cracks, throwing the prison into a great chaos. Some prison guards desperately fled towards the ground without making any effort to restrain those escaping prisoners.

Thunderous bangs could be heard without an end, following which, Black Shark Castle let out a deep buzz. Next, half an island collapsed all of a sudden, stirring up a sky-high flooding wave.

Moho Family battleships swayed intensely on the river surface. A Pelo and the group of people from Moho Family looked at the collapsing castle, without knowing what to do.

They didn’t do this, but no matter if they did it or not, they were here when the castle collapsed. Therefore, this was related to them for sure.

Countless prisoners dashed out from underground while shouting and screaming, looking like rampant, marching ants. Even Chi Zhan, who had been growling on the fence wall, gave a shout in shock. As the manager of this prison, he seriously didn’t know that so many prisoners were kept in the underground prison of Black Shark Castle. ‘These should be millions of prisoners, at least, right?’ thought Chi Zhan.

More prisoners jumped into the river through those cracks, being rolled downstream by the rapidly flowing water.

Taking advantage of this suddenly happening situation, Di Yantuo and the other Di Family elders sneakily took off their armors, mingled with the crowd of prisoners and left.

On the blood-red cloud, Dishi Cha was staring at this chaotic scene with a twisted face.

"Attack! Kill every last one of these reckless bastards!" screamed Dishi Cha.

The floor of Black Shark Castle blasted. Ji Hao flew out with from the underground, with his body wrapped in a large fiery cloud. He held the Moho Staff with his left hand while pointing his right hand forward. Instantly, a miles thick flame column descended from the sky, fiercely striking on the blood-red cloud.

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