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Three-hundred percent profit could make anyone take a big risk, not to mention that fact that Ji Hao offered Chi Zhan way more than three-hundred percent profit.

A group of prisoners, who were thrown into the dark cells to corrode, who were like a bunch of walking dead and had disappeared from the archives of the non-humankind long ago, who would waste a large amount of food and a great sum of money of Black Sharp Castle every single day… These wastes could be sold for a huge sum of money!

This deal was totally doable!

Chi Zhan immediately accepted Ji Hao’s request. As for whether it would harm the benefits of Yu Clan after Ji Hao purchased all those Jia Clan warriors and Xiu Clan craftsmen, Chi Zhan and people under his command would never consider. This was one of those great traditions of the Yu Clan — personal benefit could stay beyond everything else. When the benefit of the whole race was against the personal benefit, the benefit of the whole race could just go to hell!

In Ji Hao’s spiritual space, the mysterious man mumbled, "If Emperor Shun and Si Wen Ming knew that you could purchase a great group of Xiu Clan craftsmen merely with money, they might vomit blood in shock!"

Ji Hao shrugged and remained silent. Emperor Shun and Si Wen Ming, and other human ministers, they were way more powerful than Ji Hao. But, Ji Hao could sometimes do things that they couldn’t, because of nothing else but a different way of thinking and acting.

Emperor Shun, Si Wen Ming and most of those human leaders, including the past generations of human emperors, they were all strict and serious. They followed rules, kept the bottom-lines; they had a sense of morality. Because they were restrained by their ‘rules’, ‘bottom-lines’ and ‘sense of morality', they couldn’t even imagine exactly how shameless the Yu Clan kind was, and how mean this God-like race was. Yu Clan people never followed rules, never had any bottom-line, neither had a sense of morality. Every human emperor and his ministers saw the non-humankind as their strongest enemy. Therefore, they had somehow beautified the non-humankind in their hearts.

Only Ji Hao was seeing the non-humankind as an object for him to seek novelty. He never saw these non-humankind beings as God-like beings. Additionally, he never valued things like ‘rules’, ‘bottom-lines’ and ‘sense of morality’ too much.

Therefore, Ji Hao and people like Chi Zhan could easily achieve an agreement. Mingling with these shameless non-humankind beings, who had completely no bottom-lines, Ji Hao only felt as natural as a fish swimming in water. Therefore, Ji Hao could easily gain surprising benefits from these non-humankind beings.

This was nothing about powers and abilities. Instead, it was actually about the moral quality.

Di Yantuo, Di Luolang and some other elders hurriedly followed Hartment and rushed to the underground prison to look for valuable prisoners. As for Ji Hao himself, he squatted beside Chi Zhan, silently looking at this allied army of Full Moon and High Moon. Chi Zhan had already activated the power of the island to stop those poisonous thorns from crazily growing. By now, all thorns had been withering, gradually exposing the path leading to Black Shark Castle.

A Pelo walked in the front, followed by a large group of High Moon warriors. Those Yu Clan and Jia Clan warriors were wearing heavy armors, holding large shields while rushing to the frontal gate of Black Shark Castle with big steps. They spread a special kind of powder on the way. Once the powder touched those black poisonous thorns, those thorns instantly turned into ashes.

"These bloody people…Why do they have the secret drug that is designed specially to suppress the thorns on this island?" Seeing this, Chi Zhan gnashed his teeth and said, "Had they prepared to intrude Black Shark Castle since long ago?"

Chi Zhan and Ji Hao glanced at each other, then both of them suddenly realized something. It seemed that among the entire non-humankind, many had been drooling towards Black Shark Castle, which was indeed a good place. Judging by the acting style of these warriors followed behind A Pelo, these people were obviously well-prepared before they came. To Chi Zhan, those preparations they did were definitely not good.

Large areas of poisonous thorns turned into ashes and dissipated in the air. Next, a large number of Full Moon people escorted a group of elderly men, who were wearing long robes and holding staffs, slowly onto the island. They arrived at the front gate of the castle in a moment.

A wrinkled Yu Clan elderly man, whose face was thickly covered in silver freckles and had long white hair that made him look especially old, coughed and raised his head. He slightly knocked the ground with his staff and said, "Manager Chi Zhan? Just open the gate, we have no evil intent."

Chi Zhan stood on the fence wall, looking at the army outside with a darkened face and responded, "No evil intent? Why did you bring the army then? This is Black Shark Castle, prisoners kept in here are all important. If any of them escaped because of you, who would take the responsibility?"

The elderly man raised his head and said blandly, "If some prisoners truly escaped because of us, that would surely be our, Moho Family’s fault. But, we have already encircled the entire island, who can escape?"

"This is not your call. In case, just in case." Chi Zhan coldly glanced at that old man and said.

A Polo proudly raised his head, looking at Chi Zhan and shouted harshly, "Chi Zhan, I, A Polo, on behalf of A Family of High Moon, I order you to open the gate! Damn you, have you forgotten that Chi Family is only an appendage of our A Family?!"

Stomping his foot against the ground, A Pelo continued in that fierce tone, "Open the gate! Are you going to offend your superior?"

Chi Zhan’s face twitched intensively. He narrowed his eyes and also responded in a harsh tone, "A Pelo, I am indeed a member of Chi Family, but I am not under the command of any A Family member! In Black Shark Castle, only the twelve emperors in power and the few senior ministers who are in charge of penalty, can give me orders!"

Ji Hao smilingly stood aside without saying anything. Just fight, just stall, the longer the better. Down there, the teleporting magic formation had still been ceaselessly sending Di Family people away. In around four hours, all Di Family people would be left.

With great interest, Ji Hao looked at A Pelo’s face, which had turned blue in anger. Chi Family was the strongest Jia Clan family of High Moon. He didn’t know that some Chi Family people could follow the leads of Yu Clan people who were not from A Family. This was quite interesting.

The power dispute inside the non-humankind society was even more interesting than Ji Hao had thought.

The elderly man who had talked the first coughed loudly as the freckles on his face glowed with a dazzling silver light. He scanned across Chi Zhan, Ji Hao and the group of prison guards behind them with this sharp pair of eyes, then said coldly, "Manager Chi Zhan, we’re not here to attack Black Shark Castle. We came here because something we tracked is now in here."

The army in behind split into two, through which, a few non-humankind slaves, who were especially short and had been releasing a dense scent of blood, dragged a Xiu Clan elderly man quickly over. That Xiu Clan elderly man was entirely covered in blood.

Chi Zhan looked at that Xiu Clan elderly man who was covered in blood and seemed to be boneless, being dragged over by those non-humankind slaves, and couldn’t help but shout loudly out.

"Master Gulo?!" shouted Chi Zhan. "How dare you do this to Master Gulp from Mirage Moon?!"

A human-head-sized crystal ball flew up from Gulo’s hand, with a dim light sparkling in it.

Gulo, whose body was thickly covered in wounds, raised his head with difficulty and said with a dry voice, "The Sky Eye I made is within three-hundred meter radius now."

Ji Hao grinned. Just as he thought, these people tracked this Full Moon Sky Eye to here. The strange thing was, how did they do that?

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