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From the rapidly flowing river outside Black Shark Castle, nearly a hundred enormous metal battleships swished over against the water current. Each of these metal warships was over six-hundred-meter long, with decks filled by heavy armored Jia Clan warriors and dark-kind warriors. Near the top layers of forecastles, a large number of Yu Clan nobles floated in the air.

Strong waves clapped against the heads of these battleships, then being crushed by these thick and sturdy metal ships. Immediately, guards in Black Shark Castle discovered these metal battleships, which were coming in a formidable array along with a loud series of growls.

Those black thorns, which had the island thickly covered, began moving like crazy poisonous snakes. These thorns grew at a crazily high rate and soon reached the height of nearly three-hundred meters, shrouding the entire island without even allowing a single gust of wind blowing through.

On a watch tower, a Jia Clan warrior pulled his longbow open and released three huge arrows, swished out, accuracy bumping into the head of the first battleship. A water-ripple-like defensive screen lit up on the surface of the ship. Meanwhile, eye-piercing spell symbols for exploding sparkled quickly on the three arrows.

The three large arrows clashed against the protective magic screen and generated a thunderous noise while exploding into three spheres of flame, each with a radius of around thirty meters, right on the head of the ship. The tremendous ship slightly swayed, then continued moving fast towards Black Shark Castle.

"This is Black Shark Castle. Full Moon Lords, are you taking all these people to attack our Black Shark Castle? Do you want to break the prohibition set by the twelve emperors in power? Do you want to plot a rebellion?"

"Shameless thing, you don’t have the right to talk to us." said a Yu Clan elderly man who had long white hair. Just like a ghost, this elderly man suddenly showed up on the head of the first battleship, with his erect eye widely opened, releasing bolts of lightning along with rumbling thunder.

"Tell Chi Zhan to come out. We have something important to ask him." said the old man with an especially darkened face while looking at Black Shark Castle.

Deep roars came from both sides of the river, along with which, tens of thousands of meters in radius metal plates flying over along with a fierce gale in the air around a hundred meters high. Each metal plate had one to three non-humankind warriors standing on it. Some were Yu Clan warriors while the others were Jia Clan warriors. They were all wearing heavy armors, holding all kinds of heavy weapons. Among all non-humankind beings, Yu Clan people who could put on heavy armors for the battles were all warlike ones from High Moon.

A Pelo, the one who had been punched into two by Ji Hao, was now standing on a black metal plate, with both of his hands gripping an oddly-shaped long spear. His three eyes had been shining a bright light of anger while being fixed on Black Shark Castle.

Guards in Black Shark Castle fell into a disturbance. That formidable troop of battle ships had already given them a great pressure. But now, tens of thousands of powerful High Moon warriors abruptly rushed over. This strong force was more than enough to threaten the safety of the entire Black Shark Castle.

"You…Hang on! Manager Chi Zhan is on his way!" The Jia Clan warrior guarding on the watch tower had his face twitch intensively while he hurriedly shouted out.

Back in the underground prison, Chi Zhan, who was happily and quickly writing something on his huge accounting record, fiercely glared at the prison guards who came to deliver a message, and said, "Didn’t you tell them that this is a forbidden area? Except for the twelve emperors or senior ministers in charge of penalty, all the others are strictly forbidden to approach Black Shark Castle, not even by a single step!"

Ji Hao stood aside, sneering when he heard this.

Except for the twelve emperors or senior ministers in charge of penalty, all the others are strictly forbidden to approach Black Shark Castle? Hehe, how can Chi Zhan, who still had saliva flowing out his mouth corners, say something as serious as this? It was way too strange.

"Didn’t they say what they came for?" Ji Hao knitted his eyebrows while pressing his erect eye with his finger. These people couldn’t be tracking this Full Moon Sky Eye to here, could they? But Ji Hao had already run a thorough investigation, as a result of which, nothing abnormal was ever done to this Sky Eye.

"They didn’t" The prison guard knelt in front of Chi Zhan, raised his head and pitifully looked at Ji Hao.

Chi Zhan angrily wielded the accounting record, glanced at those Di Family people who had been stepping into the teleporting magic formation, gnashed his teeth and said with a deep voice, "Hmm, some annoying people came, but our business has to carry on. For safety, Leader Di Yantuo, and dear elders, please come with me, shall we?"

Chi Zhan’s eyebrows had been rising and falling as he gave Ji Hao a cunning smile and continued,"And this nameless lord, please come with us, will you? So that I don’t need to worry that you may all leave and nobody would pay me after all this."

"Alright!" Ji Hao shrugged, glanced at Chi Zhan and responded in a bland tone.

The faces of Di Yantuo and those elders turned incomparably dark. To be honest, by now, they didn’t want to go anywhere but stay as close to the teleporting magic formation as they could! If they stay beside the formation, once anything happened, they could step into the formation and leave immediately.

Going with Chi Zhan to deal with those non-humankind beings who came from unknown places? What if those people came just for Di Family? If so, they would be seeking death if they followed Chi Zhan out, wouldn’t they?

"This…" Di Yantuo hesitated.

"Let’s go together. Do they even dare to attack Black Shark Castle? I don’t think so." said Ji Hao calmly, "Relax, nothing will happen."

Hesitating for a while, Di Yantuo and a group of elders followed Chi Zhan and Ji Hao out of the underground prison with sulky faces. Through the narrow stairs, they returned to the ground.

Black Shark Castle was already surrounded by the troop of Full Moon and High Moon warriors while nearly a hundred battleships had been swiftly circling around Black Shark Castle, causing shrill swishing noises. More frighteningly, a few enormous battleships had already berthed in the small dock, and by now, large groups of heavily armored warriors had been ceaselessly stepping on to the island where Black Shark Castle was located.

Chi Zhan rushed onto the fence wall while looking outside. Angrily, he wielded his fist and yelled, "Damn it, what do you want? Black Shark Castle is a place for keeping important criminals, important criminals, important criminals! Don’t you dare to attack Black Shark Castle! If any prisoner escaped, that would be your responsibility!"

Once Chi Zhan began talking, Ji Hao laughed out loud and said, "Manager Chi Zhan, just withdraw those defensive poisonous thorns out there, let them in."

Chi Zhan stared at Ji Hao in shock, gnashed his teeth and responded, "I would take a big risk If I let them in."

Narrowing his eyes, Ji Hao laughed out again and continued, "This will be a great deal. Let them in. Then, I will be willing to purchase more prisoners from you. You have many other prisoners kept in the underground prison, don’t you? Rather than letting them corrode in here, why don’t you sell them to me?"

Ji Hao smilingly looked at Chi Zhan, lowered his voice and carried on, "Hmm, I don’t want Yu Clan nobles, but Jia Clan warriors and Xiu Clan craftsmen, I’ll take as many as you have! You see, those prisoners have gone missing, all because of these people forcibly broke in. What a perfect excuse?"

Chi Zhan’s face twitched suddenly while his four eyes popped widely out.

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