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The teleporting magic formation lightened up, sending a thousand Di Family people to a hundred miles away. In order to coordinate with Ji Hao’s teleporting magic formation and cover the space power vibration released from it, Chi Zhan nicely activated the defensive divine tower of Black Sharp Castle and sealed the space power vibration.

Groups of Di Family members walked into the teleporting magic formation, being teleported out in a row. Ji Hao stood aside, silently looking at them.

These Di Family people were so happy right now as they had just been freed from their miserable fates. Even though they clearly understood that their family would now depend on the humankind and they had to live under Ji Hao’s protection from now on, these Di Family people were still happy, grinning so brightly. To a certain degree, they betrayed their own kind, but Ji Hao hadn’t discovered any sadness or anger from their looks. Instead, they seemed to be joyful right now.

Ji Hao even heard a few pretty young girls loudly discussing the differences of natural scenes between Yao Mountain territory and Liang Zhu City. They even reached an agreement that they would choose a great weather day to go hiking and picnic in the mountain areas in Yao Mountain territory.

This was the best these Yu Clan nobles could do at a moral level.

The teleporting magic formation worked five times in a row and sent out five-thousand people. But after that, all magic crystals in the formation evaporated into smoke simultaneously. Ji Hao walked up, cleaned the slots, put in new magic crystals then turned his palm around. A fresh gust of wind rose, rotating around the formation. Because of the continuous operation, the base of the teleporting magic formation had generated a terrifyingly great heat. Blown with the gust of wind, the formation cooled down, and the glowing-red formation base dimmed down.

"Way too coarse." said a Di Family elder while helplessly raising his head, looking at the ceiling.

"Way too slow." said another elder. His body was even trembling because of the anger. ‘Time is life’, by now, this old saying was literally true.

"This is the best our humankind can do for small-scale teleporting magic formations." said Ji Hao blandly while manipulating the gust of wind to cool the magic formation down, "But for super-sized teleporting magic formations that are designed especially for the war time, we can do much better. Those enormous formations can even work for a few months continuously without taking any break."

Sighing slightly, Ji Hao looked at the teleporting magic formation in front of him and said a bit helplessly, "I think you all know, those teleporting magic foraminous are enormous and incredibly heavy. The bases of those formations are piled up by resources, that’s why they can always work with a high efficiency. But for these small and ingenious magic formations, we are certainly no better than you."

Di Yantuo helplessly spread his hands.

In terms of magic formations, magic spells, mechanical engineering and magic puppets, the humankind had been far less advanced than the non-humankind. This was a truth, and there was not much to say about.

Remaining silent for a while, Di Yantuo said in a slightly embarrassed tone, "But we have to admit that your humankind can learn truly fast. According to our historical record, when our ancestors firstly descended to this world, your ancestors were still wearing bloody hides, back them. Human beings hadn’t even learned to farm and raise livestock. Within such a short span of time, your achievements were already terrifyingly great."

Leaning his head, Di Yantuo knitted his eyebrows, seemed to look into his own memories, then he seriously nodded.

"According to the secret history record keeping by our Di Family, the learning ability of your humankind is the best among all local creatures of those, countless worlds which were conquered by our Yu Clan. You are amazingly talented, and the other intelligent creatures cannot compare with you."

Ji Hao pressed his fingers on the teleporting magic formation, sensing that the base of the formation had already turned ice-cold. Then, he stood up and took a few steps back, smiled and responded, "I like your compliments. But, let’s just continue teleporting. Fortunately, you number merely around a-hundred-thousand, as this small-scale teleporting magic formation is way too time-consuming."

The looks of Di Yantuo and those elders seemed to be quite sulky.

For sure, the total population of Di Family was way more than a-hundred-thousand. But, a great number of them were turned into ashes in the disaster that happened in Liang Zhu City. Furthermore, some relatively insignificant family members immediately chose to throw themselves into the laps of the other large families once their own family fell into this misfortune. The rest one-hundred-thousand members were the possessors of the core-bloodline of Di Family, the greatest descendants of the family. Normally, these people lived in the independent territory of Di Family.

Another white stream of light was released from the formation while another thousand Di Family people were sent out.

A heavy series of steps could then be heard. Chi Zhan walked over with a group of guards from a long distance away. He grinned and said, "Dear Lord, you have already sent so many people out. Now, we should discuss the payment."

With his enormous body, Chi Zhan stood in front of Ji Hao, lowered his head, looking down at Ji Hao and said seriously, "Business is business. You pay the money and I give you the people, fair and reasonable… Good for both of us, right?"

Ji Hao silently nodded, then took out a space bangle and handed it to Chi Zhan.

Chi Zhan grabbed the bangle over, carefully observed the decorative patterns on it, then grinned and said, "How interesting, a space bangle given by a Full Moon Lord is designed in the style of Nether Moon…But of course, money is money, no matter where it came from. Money is the best."

Inside the bangle were huge piles of jade coins and magic crystals, added with some especially valuable rare materials. Chi Zhan gripped this bangle and gave a huge grin, such that even his four eyes were narrowed into four curved lines.

The teleportation never stopped, and because of the appearance of Chi Zhan and the group of guards, Di Yantuo and the other Di Family members subconsciously hurried up.

The defensive divine tower of Black Sharp Castle released a hazy layer of light, enveloping the entire small island, blocking all space power vibration without leaking out even a slight trace.

Thousands of miles away from the north of Liang Zhu City, on top of a towering mountain, a fierce-eagle-like castle stood facing the wind. The castle had a large balcony, right above a bottomless chasm.

Dishi Cha stood on the edge of the balcony, looking down at the chasm. A long while later, he raised his head, laughed and said to a man with a black outfit who stood behind him, "Is everything going well? You should understand that cooperating with me will eventually benefit all of us."

The face of that man in black was covered in a layer of mist that disabled the others from seeing his face clearly. Hearing Dishi Cha, this man responded blandly, "I hope so…If any mistake occurs, you will die."

Dishi Cha’s look changed slightly as he sneered to the man and said, "Be polite, we are partners. To me, your powers and social status mean nothing."

The man seemed to say something else, but a Yu Clan man with a square face had already rushed quickly over.

Kneeling on one knee, this Yu Clan man hurriedly began talking.

"Master, just now, someone sent us a message with a ghost pigeon, that was a snitching letter. It said that Di Family people in Black Shark Castle are now escaping."

"Someone bought out all Di Family people with a great price."

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