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The gate of the underground prison of Black Sharp Castle was opened. The grating metal noise sounded like wails of ghosts, spreading to a long distance away through the path. Large groups of Yu Clan nobles struggled and screamed while being kicked and thrown in violently by those prison guards.

"I am a clerk of Leader Qinxin, I am Leader Qinxin’s subordinate…What have I done wrong? You have no right to arrest me." A middle-aged Yu Clan man, who was now in ragged clothes, growled with a hoarse voice.

None of those prison guards said anything. Smoothly, they dragged these confused and frightened Yu Clan nobles into the grindhouse, after which, shrill howls resounded across the entire floor.

Tongues were pulled out, so those Yu Clan nobles couldn’t talk.

Eyes were dug out, so they couldn’t see.

Fingers were chopped off, so they couldn’t write.

Powers were sealed, so they couldn’t resist.

Numerous Yu Clan nobles were tortured and disabled in the grindhouse, then weakly made to lie on the ground, huddled and twitching like worms.

The middle-aged man, who was shouting hysterically and hoarsely just now, now stared at the dark ceiling of the cell in despair and wailed, "Give me a reason, give me a reason to die! Although I am only a low-grade noble, after all, I do have a noble bloodline!"

"Lowly bloodline!" Di Luolang’s voice was cold and stern.

Following his voice, Di Luolang, who was now wearing a full armor that was decorated with completed floral patterns and shining with a golden light, held a waist-tall staff in his left hand and an exquisitely-crafted long sword in his right hand. Tens of beautiful decorative magic talismans were tied around his waist as, walked over in big steps. He was armed to the teeth, and was surrounded by a large group of Di Family people.

Di Wu, who was also wearing a full set of luxurious armor, but with a twisted face, followed behind Di Luolang, staring at that middle-aged man viciously.

"El-elder Di Luolang!" The middle-aged man looked at Di Luolang in panic and said, "You…Aren’t you…"

"Aren’t we locked in dark cells, listening to your lowly descendants torturing our families?" Di Luolang stared at this middle-aged man with an especially malicious look and said, "Grim, you have a good boy… Gru is truly a good boy…Because of him, you are dragged into Black Shark Castle. You will die for us, and we, are leaving."

Grim wasn’t stupid. On the contrary, he, who lived in the bottom level of the cruel society of Yu Clan, was even smarter than those first-class nobles from large families. Immediately, he figured out the whole thing, and understood Di Luolang’s words.

In a great panic, Grim looked at Chi Zhan, who was standing at the end of the path a long distance away, with a huge accounting record held in his hand. He had been writing some numbers onto it.

"No, no, you can’t do this…How can you tread on the Code of Law of our Yu Clan just like this? No, no, your Di Family people are condemned prisoners, and we are innocent. What Gru and his friends did has nothing to do with us!"

Di Luolang handed his staff to Di Wu. He walked to Grim, reached his hand out and forced Grim’s mouth open, cutting his tongue off himself with that long sword.

Blood gushed out from Grim’s mouth without an end. Di Luolang gnashed his teeth and said, "The Code of Law of Yu Clan? No, I am acting in exact accordance with it. Have you lowly nobles forgotten one thing? The great man, who created the Code of Law, once said something like this…"

Behind Di Luolang, Di Wu was laughing so happily as he started talking with a silvery, soft voice, "He said, the Code of Law of Yu Clan is only for restraining those lowly beings. When your power and strength can surpass the restraint of the Cold of Law, you will be able to tread it under your feet!"

Grim looked at DI Luolang with a deadly pale face while his gray eyes were filled with despair.

A prison guard walked over with a glowing-red searing iron, slowly and carefully burning Grim’s face with it. By now, even Grim’s own parents wouldn’t possibly be able to recognize him.

"Such a bad luck. Because of a great fire, the faces of many Di Family people were burned." Hartment stood by the door of the grindhouse and said grinningly, "Safety precautions were important. Therefore, we have to apply for a sum of funding to our great Emperors in power, as we need to repair the cells of Black Shark Castle Prison."

At the moment, Ji Hao was in the bottom floor of the prison on a broad square, and had been carefully setting a three-hundred-meter in radius teleporting magic formation with Di Yantuo and the other few elders.

Nearly a-hundred-thousand Di Family people could never walk out of Black Shark Castle right under the daylight. Teleporting magic formation, this was the only choice for Ji Hao and Di Family people. Before he came to Liang Zhu City, Ji Hao had already prepared everything, including the base of the teleporting magic formation and all required materials.

A few Di Family elders who mastered the construction of magic formations, stood aside, looking at the magic formation on the ground with knitted eyebrows.

"The space location spell symbol is not accurate enough. Consequently, around ten percent of magic crystals will be wasted."

"The structure of the energy loop has some problems, and I’ve already discovered seventy-three spots that can be improved."

"The ultimate space-changing spell symbols is awfully coarse and simple, that means this magic formation can send people to around a million miles away tops."

"Damn it, a million miles? Still within the scope of Liang Zhu City!"

A group of elders complained aside. Ji Hao raised his head, looked at them smilingly and said, "This is the best teleporting magic formation of our Magi Palace. Of course, we have the ones that can cover longer distances, but those formations would be way too huge, even with a radius of more than a hundred miles. We can never hide an enormous teleporting magic formation like that from everyone."

Shrugging, Ji Hao continued blandly, "We have you, don’t we? When you arrive at my territory, I hope you can present me all your wisdom and knowledge, without reservation."

Di Yantuo and those elders smiled bitterly and helplessly. "Ah, sure, the knowledge we have, what a precious treasure…But you can’t blame me for that, we’ve done nothing wrong." An elder murmured in a low voice.

The last piece of the magic formation base was set up. Next, Ji Hao quickly put a piece of magic crystal in each slot of the magic formation.

A gentle and bright layer of light emerged from the surface of the teleporting magic formation, followed by a buzzing noise. Afterwards, a jade talisman flew out of the formation.

Ji Hao caught the talisman, scanned across it with his spiritual power, then satisfyingly nodded and said, "People I arranged have already set the teleporting magic formation up on their end. Elderly ones, children and women can go first, young male adults shall go at the last."

An elder opened his mouth as he truly wanted to tell Ji Hao that, according to the tradition of Yu Clan nobles under such a situation, the family leaders and elders should go the first. Then would be the turn of core family members, then young adults, with elderly ones, children and women going the last…

However, seeing Ji Hao’s serious face, this elder helplessly shook his head and murmured, "Humankind’s moral senses are just…way too unenlightened"

Groups of Di Family people were gathered up. The first batch, a whole thousand women and children, walked into the magic formation. A few minutes later, a white stream of light was released from the formation while those people disappeared in it.

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