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On the eastern side of Liang Zhu City, in a beautiful piece of land, a stunning manor was surrounded by a dense forest. Gorgeous flower fields softly extended along the lake, around which were a large number of Jia Clan warriors. These Ji Clan warriors expressionlessly stood behind trees, beside floral bushes, trying their best to hide their own traces.

Compared to Jia Clan warriors who fought against the humankind on battlefields, Jia Clan warriors in this manor seemed to be less fierce and more elegant. They dressed quite luxuriously, and the weapons tied around their waists were more like decorations than weapons of slaughter. The hilts of their weapons were even decorated with countless peals and fine pieces of jade and other gems.

Beside the lake was a small dock, with a three-hundred long trestle bridge reaching straight into the lake. A group of Yu Clan young man had now been delightfully wielding their fishing rods while laughing loudly.

These Yu Clan young man seemed to know nothing about fishing skills, and their loud laugher had been scaring all fishes away, as their attentions were never truly on fishing anyway. If the conversation that was now happening between them leaked out, a great number of people would be scared badly, just like those fishes.

"A regular customer from Western Wasteland wants a million sets of specially crafted heavy armors, with a sweet price."

"Order received, but next year, they have to supply extra ten-thousand portions of essence white gold."

"Zhu Rong Family from Southern Wasteland, they want to order three-hundred and sixty thousand top-grade flame spears."

"Refuse them. Our current cooperative partner is Gong Gong Family. Gong Gong Family is relatively weaker, so we have to strengthen it."

"Xiang Liu sent a message that he has sneakily hunted nine young dragons, all with the royal bloodline of the dragon-kind. By now, he still has all dead bodies and spirit blood of these dragons in his hands, and he wants us to name a price."

"Young dragons with royal bloodline? Good materials…but this price is hard to name. Xiang Liu is too greedy, just give him…A jar of sky-devouring devil snake spirit blood."

Among the group of Yu Clan young men, apparently, six of them possessed the highest status, because all decisions were made by them and all orders were given by them. The other Yu Clan young men seemed to be quite careless while making their reports one after another, according to a certain sequence.

Till the end, a Yu Clan young man, who had countlessly faintly visible toothed-wheels swiftly spinning and occluding in this erect eyes, smiled and said, "Nothing special happened to my responsible projects, but something interesting happened in Black Shark Castle Prison."

"Chi Zhan sent a message just now. According to that, a Full Moon lord, who claimed to be a cultivator on the tramp, found Chi Zhan with the name of his family. This Full Moon cultivator wanted to take all Di Family people, who were kept in the prison, away."

Shrugging, this Yu Clan young man slowly and conveniently threw out a fishhook, then continued, "But I have checked through the information of all Full Moon cultivators on the tramp in the record. That lord, who abruptly showed up in Black Shark Castle Prison, doesn’t look like any of them."

Another Yu Clan young man, who stood aside and had been mixing the bait, raise his head and responded, "I have a message from Chi Ban Market. Not long ago, a Full Moon Sky Eye was auctioned off in Chi Ban Market. That eye belonged to Lord Moho Yuanjia."

One of the groups of Yu Clan young men, who was clearly from Full Moon, had his face darkened while cursing in a low voice, "Damn it."

A Yu Clan young man with black-golden hair, among the six leader-like ones, remained silent for a while. He then silently reached out his right hand, and wielded across the air like a blade, then said, "I suggest, we should just let it happen…Dishi Cha has no good intent. For anything that might cause him trouble, I’d love to see it done."

Faintly smiling, this young man continued with a strange tone, "Besides, we can earn our profits anyway. Taking all Di Family people away? This will be a great income, what do you think?"

"Agree!" responded another young man among the six.

"Agree!" said another one.

"Agree…Dishi Cha is such a bothersome guy. He has actually proposed to Miss Yemo Shanye for someone else. I just can’t wait to see him falling on evil days. Miss Yemo Shanye is so beautiful and so nice, even if she is truly going to marry someone now, she could only choose from the five of us." Another Yu Clan young man said while making a resentful sigh.

Among the six, five Yu Clan young man smiled simultaneously while looking at the last one. This Yu Clan young man suddenly opened his erect eye while a terrifying sense of devouring spread out from this purely dark erect eye. With a cold intent of killing, this Yu Clan young man began talking in a bland voice, "My sister Yemo Shanye…Ah, damn you, Dishi Cha."

Back in the underground prison in Black Shark Castle, all cells were unlocked while countless expressionless Di Family people surged out, screaming and shouting as they couldn’t believe what had just happened. Some had even lost their composure while thinking of their families who had gone missing in the prison. They grabbed people around them and began crying and wailing.

Di Yantuo and a group of elders walked to these Di Family people and told them about the decision made by the top-leadership of the family. People who were willing to follow the leads of Di Yantuo and those elders accepted the reality. They walked to Ji Hao one of another and silently bowed to him. Next, they each took out a stream of spirit blood from their spirit magic eyes, mixed with a trace of their souls and made the vow. All these vows were then sent into the Pan Xi divine mirror.

Led by Di Yantuo and the group of elders, many Di Family people swore to pledge loyalty to Ji Hao.

The Pan Xi divine mirror suppressed the spirit blood and souls of these Di Family people, keeping their vows effective. Unless they could find another pre-world divine treasure that was more powerful than the Pan Xi divine mirror to destroy it, their fates would be under Ji Hao’s control forever.

Di Lo was saved by his families, and after an emergent medical treatment, he staggeringly walked to Ji Hao, still with a few iron hooks pierced into his spine. "Dear Lord, you saved my life and my honor. Since my family has already decided to pledge loyalty to you, I shall also devote my heart and soul to you to pay you back." Di Lo kneeled and kowtowed to Ji Hao and said.

Ji Hao delightfully glanced at Di Lo and said with a deep voice, "I am expecting your loyal performances. But now, you have to get armed as soon as possible."

The Pan Xi divine mirror glowed with a dim light. Meanwhile, great amounts of natural powers were absorbed by it. Ji Hao took out a mountain-huge pile of smithing materials, ceaselessly throwing into the mirror.

From battlefields, Ji Hao had gained many top-quality armors and weapons produced by the non-humankind. From these, he carefully selected a set of armor and a weapon, both with the best quality.

The Pan Xi divine mirror released a dim stream of light and scanned through set of armor. Then, along with a buzzing noise, numerous armors and weapons flew out from the mirror, one after another. Each of these armors and weapons had been releasing a strong power vibration.

All weapons and armors were exactly the same, without any slight difference.

Di Yantuo and the group of elders stared at Ji Hao in shock, as he had actually been copying and pasting armors and weapons!

After a short daze, Di Yantuo immediately gave his order. All Di Family people, males, female, younger ones and older ones, each put on an armor and picked up a weapon. Soon, nearly a hundred thousand Di Family people were armed to the teeth, those shining armors and weapons making them look exactly like an elite army.

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