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The scale of the Black Shark Castle Prison was huge.

Fifteen meters wide paths crossed each other, and on both sides of each path were around ten meters squared cells. Those cells were sealed with large metal stockades, through which, one could clearly see those people in the cells.

The walls of those cells were built from black rock mixed with alloy, which was coarse and cold, without any decoration. The air underground was moist. Therefore, clear streams of water would flow down along the walls of those cells from time to time.

Every single cell was filled with people. Male, female, older ones, younger ones, at least a hundred people were thrown into each cell. These people huddled together, with zero space left between them. Even lying down was an extravagant wish for them now.

On the walls at the ends of every the path, stone oil lamps released dim light, lighting the expressionless faces of all prisoners. Nearly a hundred thousand Di Family people were kept on this floor, but except for the cries of children that happened occasionally, the entire floor seemed to be completely lifeless. All Di Family people had been sitting on the floor of their cells without any expression, as if they were animals waiting to be slaughtered, silently waiting for the end of the day.

They had witnessed or engaged in quite a lot internal strifes between Yu Clan nobles. Therefore, they deeply understood their fates.

Struggling or resisting could bring them nothing but humiliation and worse torture; nothing would be changed.

In a cell, that was located at the end of a path, a few Yu Clan young men with luxurious clothes, which were now covered in blood, had been gasping quickly for air. Most of Yu Clan nobles never had great physical strength, and any exercise could easily exhaust them if it got slightly intense.

A Di Family young man had his feet tied up with boa tendon rope, hanging in the ceiling upside down. The skin on of his legs was broken, exposing his faint red, translucent bones. Small pieces of skin and muscles scattered all over the floor. A few iron hooks, which were thickly covered in thorns, pierced deeply through the whole spine of the Di Family young man. Drops of blood flew out along the hooks, mixed with sticky marrow, pulling thin and long threads from the hooks.

The Di Family young man had been moaning slightly, with all three eyes of his popped widely out. However, those eyes were completely lusterless now.

"Di Lo, do you like the small gift from me?" Gasping for a while, a Yu Clan young man picked up a heavy iron stick, that was also thickly covered in thorns, gripped and slightly wielded it. The handsome face of his was filled with viciousness as he gnashed his teeth and continued, "My fiancee, you made her pregnant!"

Dong! The iron stick violently thudded on Di Lo’s lower abdomen, squeezing a large stream of blood out of Di Lo’s mouth, making his body twitch like a dying fish. A long while later, Di Lo finally strugglingly made a gasp for air, then said with a weak voice, "She seduced me first! Such things…they’re normal, aren’t they? You hadn’t married her yet, you have no right to interfere!"

"Sure, sure, I can understand." The Yu Clan young man wielded the iron stick, viciously grinned and continued, "These small romantic affairs are normal. To us, these are only small funs of our lives. You made her pregnant, that’s fine, because you have the bloodline of Di Family. For that bloodline, my family and I would happily accept that child and make him or her a true member of our family!"

To Yu Clan people, the inheritance of power mostly relied on bloodlines. Bloodlines from big and powerful families represented greater talents and potentials, and could deliver brighter futures. Therefore, what Di Lo had done, that Yu Clan young man and his family could happily accept it. They would tolerate the existence of that child and raise it. None of the Yu Clan young people were chaste and undefiled, and no one should be blamed for romantic affairs like this, that happened before the wedding day.

"my family and I would delightfully accept a bloodline from a large family to merge with our bloodline." The Yu Clan young man gnashed his teeth and continued growling madly, "But you shouldn’t have shown it off in those midnight parties after you made her pregnant!"

"If no one knew that you were the real father of that child, I would happily be the father!" The Yu Clan young man even began screaming hysterically, "But you said it out and everyone knows now…That is the biggest humiliation to me!"

One of the rules of Yu Clan’s society — One was innocent as long as they were not caught.

This rule had delicate extending meanings that only true Yu Clan nobles could understand.

Di Lo spent quite an effort to let out a mouthful of blood, teasingly looked at Yu Clan young man, sneered and said, "But you still married her, didn’t you?"

The Yu Clan young man’s face turned darker as he responded, "That’s because you gave me a hundred thousand jade coins! Damn it! A hundred thousand jade coins, you humiliated me with that money!"

The Yu Clan young man wielded the iron stick, pointed at Di Lo’s head and said, "Your great-grandfather is Elder Di Yanlou, and you’re known as the most talented young man among the youngest generation of Di Family. It’s a great honor of mine to beat you to death with my own hands!"

The other few Yu Clan young man all laughed out loud. Before, when Di Family was still standing high above the masses, they were even willing to kneel down and lick Di Lo’s boots. Back then, there was a huge difference between their social status. But now, Di Family had fallen into misfortune. Therefore, these people rushed over as fast as they could, paying a high price to get revenge on Di Lo.

This was one of the features of Yu Clan people. These godlike creatures, who usually stood high above the whole world, were actually contemptible in hearts.

As the iron stick held in the Yu Clan man’s hands was about to smash down, over ten Jia Clan warriors suddenly rushed through the path in big steps. One of them swiftly threw over a heavy spear from around three-hundred meters away. The sharp spear accurately swished in through the metal stockades and fiercely bumped into the iron stick holding in the Yu Clan man’s hands. The Yu Clan man suffered a great pain from his hands while the iron stick flew away, being nailed on the wall behind him.

"Damn it! Is this your attitude to your guests? Black Shark Castle Prison! I spent whole five-hundred thousand jade coins for nothing but killing Di Lo myself!"

Surrounded by Di Yantuo, Di Luolang and the other elders, and followed by Chi Zhan, Hartment and some guards, Ji Hao walked over in big steps. Hearing the growling of the Yu Clan young man, Ji Hao said loudly and harshly, "Idiot, this is the most talented one among the youngest generation of Di Family. I paid a whole fifty-million to buy his life! You want me to spend fifty-million for nothing? Chop his head off!"

Those Jia Clan warriors had already broken into the cell where Di Lo was being tortured. Hearing Ji Hao, one of them pulled out his long blades and instantly chopped the young man’s head off without any hesitation.

"Ten-million!" Chi Zhan immediately stepped up and said, "Ten more million, and I will deal with his family for you too. It’s a good chance for us as Liang Zhu City is now in a great mess, and we need more new prisoners to fill this empty prison!"

Ji Hao nodded and gave a cold smile.

Di Yantuo was already standing in the middle of the path, and had begun shouting loudly.

A large group of non-humankind slaves quickly rushed to each cell, took out large keys and opened those heavy stockades.

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