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"Alive?!" A blood-red sphere of fire swooshed out from Di Yantuo’s palm, beating quickly like a heart.

The teacup in his hand had already turned into a stream of smoke while all wooden stuff in the large office was set ablaze within a short span of time, quickly burned into ashes.

Ji Hao calmly looked at Di Yantuo. Playing with fire? Ji Hao was now the possessor of the great Dao of sun. Because of that, he could even be counted as the ancestor of all fire players. Even though he was not yet powerful enough, his essence sun fire was definitely the most powerful fire in the whole Pan Gu world.

The temperature of the blood fire released from Di Yantuo’s palm wasn’t high. Actually, it was much lower than the temperatures of many special types of fires. But, what was worth mentioning was that the blood fire was capable of devouring life-force and spirit blood, and this was the essence of Di Yantuo’s blood fire.

"Great, supreme Blood Moon, our Di Family has a noble blood and a long history. For our glory, our dignity, and all that we have, what you can promise us… is merely staying alive?" The blood flame released from Di Yantuo’s palm grew more and more scorching as he glared at Ji Hao and shouted, "What do you think we are? Lowly slaves?!"

"Chill, Leader Di Yantuo!" Ji Hao chuckled, flicked his finger and let a stream of essence sun fire flash across the air. Just like a poisonous snake pouncing on its prey, the essence sun fire stream momentarily dazzled forward, slightly scratched across the blood fire on Di Yantuo’s palm, then disappearing into the air.

The blood fire on Di Yantuo’s palm was suddenly set ‘ablaze’. This was indeed a weird description, because the blood fire was a fire itself. However, under the power of another type of fire, a more powerful and higher grade one, Di Yantuo’s blood fire was literally set ablaze, and began ‘burning’ intensively.

A golden fiery light rose for three-foot high. Meanwhile, Di Yantuo only felt that his spirit blood surged towards this palm, but he couldn’t help it. Next, all of his spirit blood was turned into fuel, being swallowed by that golden-red flame.

Di Yantuo gave a high-pitched growl in fright, then hurriedly cast a spell, dispelling his blood fire down on his palm. However, a thin layer of golden flame lingered around him, swiftly moving towards his palm.

"No!" Both Di Yantuo and Di Luolang shouted out in panic.

Ji Hao snorted coldly and flicked his finger. Instantly, the golden layer of flame flew up like an airy piece of silk, softly landing on Ji Hao’s finger. Afterwards, the golden flame dimmed down and transformed into a bean-sized flame spot, leaping between Ji Hao’s fingertips, just like a living elf of fire that had been happily playing with those fingers.

"Staying alive, this is the best promise that I can give you." Ji Hao calmly looked at Di Yantuo and said, "Do you still want to live a wealthy and free life that you used to? Would those people, who pushed you into such a miserable situation, allow you to do that?"

"You can only conceal your identities and disappear, without letting anyone grasp any track of yours… forever." said Ji Hao coldly, "If any of you leaked your whereabouts, coming to you next would be an endless chase and hunt."

"You!" Di Yantuo opened his mouth and wanted to say something. But for the dignity of a decent Yu Clan noble, he couldn’t let out those words, even if he truly wanted to.

"Sure, I can protect you." said Ji Hao while smiling relaxedly, "I can protect you, give you a piece of land to accommodate yourselves, and let you keep living… This is my greatest mercy to you."

Di Yantuo had his teeth gnashed tight while slowly turning around, looking at those elders.

Di Luolang and the other elders glanced at each other, then each showed a sallow face. An elder with snow-white hair, who was standing beside Di Luolang, sighed slightly, then took a step forward and began talking with a plaintive voice."Leader, do you remember the cries and howls of our children that we heard from the underground prison days ago?"

Di Yantuo’s face twitched intensively while his look turned incomparably sulky.

At one time, Di Family was the top-three great Family of Blood Moon. Except for Dishi Family, which was entrenched on the throne of the Blood Moon Emperor in power, Di Family and Qian Family made no distinction of rank. Dishi Family, Di Family and Qian Family, these three families once shared the greatest power of Blood Moon.

Di Family, as a large wealthy family, its members were surely arrogant and domineering. Therefore, many Di Family people had been quite bullying to the others. In Liang Zhu City, it was hard to say that how many friends these Di Family people had, but speak of the numbers of their enemies…hehe...

During the past months, when Di Family people were kept in Black Sharp Castle Prison, every couple of days, some vengeful people from other families would pay the guards for entering, then swagger into the prison and perform their acts of revenge on Di Family people, as much as they liked.

Among all Di Family people, the most arrogant and bullying ones ended up in the worst shapes. And it might be coincident that many of these family members, who had been the most bullying ones, were direct descendants of Di Yantuo, Di Luolang and the other elders. Without being supported by these powerful elders, how could those younger ones possibly afford to offend so many people?

Many ‘talented’ young people of Di Family were already beaten to death in the prison, or disabled. Some young, female family members, such as the few granddaughters and great-granddaughters of a few elders had disappeared in the prison long ago. Those girls weren’t as lucky as Di Wu, who had just bumped into Ji Hao, who was just like a great savior descending from the sky, saving her from Gru’s dirty hands.

As the acting family leader, Di Yantuo had his own, special intelligent sources, that allowed him to know everything that had happened to his family members, in his prison. He even knew the names and family backgrounds of those young men who had paid those guards to get in, sneakily taking vengeance on the young Di Family members. Of course, he also knew the names of these family members who had suffered the vengeance.

Because he knew everything, his heart had been aching day and night, and the anger in his heart disabled him from falling asleep. Every single day, he was being tortured cruelly inside.

"I know, of course, I know. I know that something had happened, and I know how did those things happen." Di Yantuo slowly stood up, gnashed his teeth and gave a mournful grin to Ji Hao He then said with a twisted voice, "If we can only stay alive, linger on in a steadily worsening condition and drag out our feeble existence, then I would rather die… I would rather take all my families to death."

Ji Hao looked at Di Yantuo, seeming to be pondering. All three eyes of Di Yantuo had turned blood-red, and that deep, vicious-looking blood-red color even scared Ji Hao a little bit.

Pondering for a while, Ji Hao said blandly, "Work for me, sign a soul contract… After that, you and your families have to work for my family and me, for hundred-thousands years. I think, a hundred-thousand-year is not an especially long span of time. During this period, if you make enough contribution, I can use a part of my power, and I will try as hard as I can to help you get A familial revenge."

Pointing his finger forward, a dim stream of light spurted out from Ji Hao’s head, within which, the Pan Xi divine mirror silently flew out from Ji Hao’s body.

The thick mirror was designed in an ancient style, and had been releasing a prehistorical sense of power. It seemed to be so deep and mysterious, just like a bottomless black hole, that ordinary people would be terrified merely by the sight of it.

Looking at the group of Di Family elders, Ji Hao said in that cold voice of his, "Just swear with your souls and spirit blood. I will allow you a chance for a family revenge, and that will only take you a hundred thousand years. After a hundred thousand years, you can decide your own fates. You can leave, or you can stay."

Di Yantuo and the other elders considered for a whole night.

As the first stream of sunshine rose from the east, Di Yantuo bit his own tongue tip broken, then penetrated his spirit magic eye. He extracted a trace of his soul and a most important stream of spirit blood and mixed them together, condensing into a blood spell symbol. Next, he solemnly sent the spell symbol into the Pan Xi divine mirror.

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