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An hour later, Ji Hao was already sitting in the tallest castle in Moon Lake Town.

The owner of Moon Lake Town, who was also one of the few most powerful senior ministers of Flow Moon, Polo, was holding a glass, which was carved from purple crystal, and had been passionately inviting Ji Hao to drink more.

"Dear Lord, I swear with the glory of my family, this is a rare and good bottle of wine… truly, truly good wine."

The amber-colored wine had been releasing a dense aroma of flowers and fruits. Ji Hao picked up his glass and gently swayed it. The legs of the wine made it look as sticky as honey. Meanwhile, the wine sparkled like gems under the bright lamplight.

"Physical enjoyments mean nothing to me." Ji Hao put down the glass and put both of his hands on the long table, which was carved entirely out from a whole piece of black jade, in front of him. He looked at Polo, who was sitting by the other side of the table, right in the eyes and said, "You’re fast, Polo."

Polo froze his grin, put down the glass, heavily rubbed his palms then began massaging his own face.

The passionate and energetic look of Polo instantly changed, turning extremely tired and sallow. He let out a long breath, then helplessly said in a moan-like voice, "Dear Lord, I came back at my highest speed after I got Kuchi’s message."

Putting down his hands, Polo knitted his eyebrows, looked at Ji Hao and continued in a hoarse and deep voice, "You know, the knowledge of our Flow Moon is necessary for reconstructing Liang Zhu City. All plans, drawings, and structures of magic formations of Liang Zhu City, all these are the responsibilities of our Flow Moon."

"Many of those are confidential." added Ji Hao blandly.

"Indeed, many are confidential." Polo’s tired voice sounded mixed with a slight bit of pride, "For example, the underground structure of Liang Zhu City, including the underground defensive system, connections of defensive magic formations, styles and standards of magic formations, all these are confidential."

"But that has nothing to do with me." Ji Hao’s words were like an iced iron hammer that struck right on Polo’s heart, even disabling him from breathing for a short while. "What I am concerned with is that Liang Zhu City was destroyed and many of my families were killed… I have the right to revenge." continued Ji Hao icily.

Ji Hao had his ten fingers on the table, with which he slightly flicked the table and let out muffled noises. It raised bone-piercing cold and fierce gusts of wind in the hall, intensely swaying the tens of heavy full armors which were placed in the hall against the wall as decorations, making those armors clang loudly against each other.

Abruptly, the door of the hall was bumped open, as tens of Polo Family guards rushed in.

Before these guards said anything, Polo had already stood up and harshly gave an order, "Out!"

However, once Polo let out the word, a strong and cold air stream rose from the ground. Immediately, these tens of strong Jia Clan warriors were wrapped in white ice crystals before they could even make the slightest sound. The fierce cold power drilled into their internal organs, sealing them up in ice.

Ji Hao raised his right hand and straightened his five fingers, preparing to wield his hand as a blade. Polo hurriedly spread his arms and began shouting.

"Ah! Ah, dear Lord, I know what you want to do… I think I can help you!"

Ji Hao slowly folded his fingers as his eyes sparkled with a bright light, showing his madness. The dazzling seven-colored light released from Ji Hao’s eyes were as sharp as needles, making Polo dare not to look directly at those eyes.

Flow Moon people were preservers and spreaders of the knowledge of the non-humankind. In Flow Moon, no matter Yu, Jia or Xiu Clan people, they were all more like scholars than warriors. Taking Flow Moon Jia Clan people as an example, they studied fighting skills even deeper than High Moon Jia Clan warriors. Many amazing fighting skills of the non-humankind were created by Flow Moon Jia Clan people. However, if there was a word to describe the actual battle effectiveness of Flow Moon Jia Clan warriors, that could only be ‘rubbish’. Among all Jia Clan warriors, Flow Moon Jia Clan warriors were definitely at the bottom level.

Unlike Flow Moon, Full Moon had the strongest magic casters. Among Full Moon people, each top-grade powerful one could destroy a city single-handedly. In non-humankind armies, Full Moon magic casters always served as the most important, high-end forces. Especially Full Moon cultivators who chose to tramp in wild lands to try to break the limit given by their natural talent; in the eyes of the other non-humankind beings, these Full Moon cultivators were way too powerful and crazy. No one was willing to offend them for nothing.

That was the reason why Polo had been yelling and shouting while pitifully looking at Ji Hao.

Polo clearly understood that he only had a poor military force under his command. Therefore, Ji Hao could easily slaughter every single person living in his territory. After all, Flow Moon people were so weak physically while Full Moon crazy cultivators were so powerful.

"Get lost!" Ji Hao cast a deep growl. Instantly, those iced guards were rolled up by a gust of wind, flying out along with a series of clangs.

"Liang Zhu City is destroyed, that I don’t care. But, many of my people were killed…Hm, for those useless ones, I don’t care either." said Ji Hao blandly while looking at Polo, who had cold sweat flowing down from his forehead in streams, "But a few of my descendants, the misfortune happened to them as well. I have the right to take revenge, I have to take revenge. Under the great Full Moon, for the glory of my family, for the honor of my bloodline, I have to take revenge."

"Family revenge, sure, sure, you indeed have the right to take revenge… You also have the responsibility to do so."

Polo agreed with Ji Hao. But, he worryingly looked at Ji Hao with a bitter look and continued, "However, dear Lord, the reconstruction of Liang Zhu City is carried on our shoulders. That is a heavy, serious responsibility… If you use any violent…"

Ji Hao looked at Polo in a complicated way and said, "Is this why you came to see me? You don’t want me to take the revenge in Liang Zhu City, do you?"

Polo deeply bowed to Ji Hao and said, "Wise as you are, my Lord. You surely understand our difficulties. The twelve emperors have given us a dead command that we have to finish the reconstruction of Liang Zhu City in two years. Your family revenge is a holy and just action, but if you do it in Liang Zhu City, that would certainly affect the reconstruction work."

Polo even leaked some confidential information that he shouldn’t mention to anyone, "You have to know that we have just finished thirty percent of the reconstruction of the underground structure of Liang Zhu City, which had taken us two months. If you…"

Ji Hao narrowed his eyes and asked, "Di Family people, are they being kept in Liang Zhu City?"

Polo spread his hands, smiled bitterly while looking at him and said, "Indeed, Lord…They will be executed as blood offerings in a while."

Ji Hao sighed slightly and said, "Executed, but not by me. To me, this would be a humiliation. I wouldn’t be happy about it. In which case, I wouldn’t be able to throw over the mountain in my heart and reach the higher power of Full Moon."

Looking at Polo, Ji Hao continued in an extra cold tone, "Since you’re here, and you don’t want me to do it in Liang Zhu City, then you shall give me a suggestion. Those Di Family fools, they have to die in my hands."

Before Polo responded, Ji Hao carried on rudely, "If you can’t do it, I will destroy your territories…all your territories."

Polo’s look was weird, as if someone had just forced him to eat five kilograms of cattle dung.

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