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"Dear Lord, please forgive us for offending you!"

Warriors in the four patrolling troops kneeled down in a great panic. The Jia Clan warrior, who was sent flying away by Ji Hao, staggeringly rushed back, hurriedly kowtowed to Ji Hao and even put his own face on the ground.

This Jia Clan warrior was seriously frightened. His face was twisted, and he dared not to even activate his spirit blood to heal his broken chest. From the floating mountain, another few Jia Clan warriors leaped down with large groups of warrior under their command, kneeled in front of Ji Hao and dared not to move.

A powerful Full Moon cultivator on the tramp, they had actually offended such a noble being. In the society of the non-humankind, that was based on a strict and cruel hierarchy, this could be a capital crime that could even affect their families.

Ji Hao put the straw rain hat back on his head, covered a half of his head, then slightly coughed.

"Piss off!" said Ji Hao with a hoarse, cold, completely emotionless voice.

The floating mountain drifted away at its highest speed, Ji Hao had even heard the shrill scream let out by the overloaded smelting furnace in the floating mountain, which had been serving as an engine. The four patrol troops fled away, almost desperately in all directions. Ji Hao saw that many human slave warriors even fell down from the backs of their mounts because of the panic. They suffered great pain, yet still tried their best to struggle up. Some of them simply grasped the tails of their mounts, and let drag them away in ugly shapes.

Ji Hao curved his lips down, speechlessly shaking his head.

A Full Moon cultivator on the tramp, this was the identity Ji Hao made up for himself, based on the information came from all kinds of sources and with careful consideration.

Full Moon people were especially talented, as they were all born with the magical ability to control natural powers. They barely needed to cultivate themselves severely. Instead, they only needed to be patient, because, their bloodlines and spirit magic eyes would naturally give them great powers.

This great talent was good, but also not so good.

Their amazing talents had somehow become the most terrifying chains for Full Moon people. Because of their great talents, Full Moon people could smoothly and quickly improve their powers without any difficulties. Therefore, once they reached the limit of the power given naturally by their bloodlines, they would be facing a horrible ‘barrier of talent."

Taking Jialou Yuanjia as an example, he had successfully reached a rather high level, that almost equaled to the level of Supreme Magi. However, if he wanted to truly step into the stage of sun and moon, which equaled to the level of Supreme Magi, the difficulty he was going to face would be at least a hundred times greater than what non-humankind beings from other branches had to encounter.

Therefore, the cultivation tradition of Full Moon was largely different from that of the other branches of Yu Clan. As Full Moon cultivators reached the limit of their natural power and could no longer improve themselves by relying on talents, they would choose to leave their families and go into the wildness to start a long and arduous cultivation. They would take off their luxurious clothes, abandon delicate foods, discard all kinds of luxurious enjoyments, and merge themselves with the wildness. All this would be done to strengthen their bodies and souls facing the cruelest form of nature, to sense the original power of the world and try their best to make a breakthrough and attain a greater power.

All non-humankind beings knew that Full Moon people who were qualified to start a severe cultivation like this were definitely peak-level ones. All Full Moon cultivators who chose to go into the wildness and cultivate themselves, more or less, had been suffering some mental issues. The physical torment and metal bitterness, the depression generated by the vainness of long-term cultivation, lures coming from the outside and desires coming from the insides, all these would turn those Full Moon cultivators into crazy, unreasonable beings.

In the history of the non-humankind, a powerful Full Moon cultivator, who was only half a step away from breaking through but had stagnated for thousands of years, had wiped out three cities of the non-humankind in a rage. He killed countless people and caused a grave loss merely because of a tiny trifle.

For the above reasons, all non-humankind leaders had been warning their people all the time to never offend any Full Moon person who was in his higher level cultivation. This was because those Full Moon cultivators just could do anything, literally anything. Some mean non-humankind beings teasingly talked of these Full Moon cultivators behind their backs, saying that they were just like a bunch of crazy wild dogs.

‘The fame of the crazy wild dogs is indeed frightening, but this could save me a lot of time.’ thought Ji Hao coldly while slowly moving forward. A day later, through a smooth sand road, he reached a town located in the southwest of Liang Zhu City.

The town was surrounded by beautiful mountains and rivers. On the west side was a lovely mountain, covered in rare decorative plants. By now, golden and purple flowers had been blooming, and as a breeze blew across the ocean of flowers, the dense aroma would instantly suffuse the entire town.

On the front side of the town was a crescent-shaped lake. The lake water was dark-blue, judging by which, this lake was rather deep. Large numbers of fishing boats with white sails had been moving across on the water surface. On the dock by the lakeside, a few non-humankind slaves had been waving leather scrolls, yelling and shouting while recording the fishing harvest of those fishing boats.

Standing on a hill outside the town, Ji Hao looked towards the northeast side.

This town was only around thirty miles away from Liang Zhu City. Therefore, even ordinary residents in here could normally see the tall city wall of Liang Zhu City. However, Liang Zhu City had fallen in ruins now, so Ji Hao could only see twelve divine towers standing on the horizon, reaching to the sky.

A gust of wind blew over from the northeast. From the swishing noise of the wind, a thunder-like shout could be heard. That was the countless slaves singing a working song while rebuilding Liang Zhu City.

Ji Hao snorted slightly and walked down the hill to the entrance of the town with stiff steps.

A few dark-kind warriors with soft armors crossed their long spears, blocking his way. Ji Hao took off his hat and slightly opened his erect eye. The few dark-kind warriors hurriedly lowered their weapons in fear while a Xiu Clan young man walked over with a money bag carried in his hand.

The five eyes on the Xiu Clan young man’s face blinked quickly while he smilingly said to Ji Hao, "Dear Lord, welcome to Moon Lake Town, the territory of our noble Lord, Polo. According to the rule set by Lord Polo, because of your noble bloodline, you need to pay a hundred jade coins to get in."

Ji Hao’s mouth corners twitched, as he looked at a few farmers with coarse clothes, who walked passed him into the town.

The Xiu Clan young man instantly gave a bigger grin and continued saying, "Wise as you are, you must understand that how can these lowly farmers ever afford the entrance tax? Our noble Lord Polo said that each Yu Clan lord should pay a hundred jade coins. Each Jia Clan lord only needs to pay ten jade coins while Xiu Clan lords…hehe… Xiu Clan lords are all rich. Therefore, each of them has to pay five-hundred jade coins for the entrance tax."

Ji Hao didn’t know what to say about this ridiculous rule. Was this charging standard set especially for extorting rich non-humankind nobles?

Impatiently throwing down a small jade board equivalent to a hundred jade coins, Ji Hao asked coldly, "I am just traveling around and came here to take some rest, while conveniently seeking some information."

Pausing for a second, Ji Hao continued, "I need to know the current situation of Liang Zhu City. Can this noble Lord Polo’s territory fulfill my small wish?

The Xiu Clan young man picked the jade board up and gave an even bigger grin that squeezed all five eyes of his into thin and curved lines.

"Green Swordfish Bar… Whatever you want to know, you can find your answer there."

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