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Holding a coarse staff made from aspen wood, wearing a dirty, broken straw raincoat and simple cattle hide boots, Ji Hao slowly walked in a wasteland that was filled with thorns.

A dim green light rotated in a thin red line between his eyebrows. Wherever Ji Hao walked across, those thick thorns would quickly move away, as if they were living creatures, to make a path for Ji Hao.

When Ji Hao walked to a stream, tender grass coiled around each other, weaving into a foot-wide bridge of grass, for Ji Hao to tread on and easily cross the stream.

When Ji Hao crossed a river, stones in the river floated up to the water surface, as stable as bridge piers. Ji Hao trod on those stones and quickly crossed the river without even getting his boots wet.

Poisonous snakes hiding in grass attempted to attack Ji Hao. But before the vicious snake moved, countless soft yet strong vines reached over from all directions, tying the snake firmly up.

Wild beasts wandering around and seeking for preys discovered him. But before these starving beasts pounced, a strong gale abruptly rose from the ground, sending these beasts far away and made them fall to the ground in panic. After this, all those beasts hurriedly turned around and fled.

Ji Hao closed his normal eyes and the erect eye, restrained his spiritual power, only relying on his sensitivity to natural powers of the Full Moon Sky Eye while walking quickly on the wasteland.

Countless complicated, mysterious and tridimensional spell symbols had been hovering quickly around Ji Hao’s primordial spirits. This group of spell symbols formed the core structure of a secret, powerful magic of Full Moon that Jialou Yuanjia could cast. Not a single outsider had ever learned this great magic.

Full Moon people were all talented, as they were born with an especially great sensitivity towards natural powers. As long as they learned to use these secret structural spell symbols, they would be able to cast powerful magics by manipulating natural powers.

To those Full Moon people who barely had any pursuits, just knowing how to use these structural spell symbols could allow them to live freely and happily for all their lives. Unlike them, Ji Hao was curious about the operating principles of these spell symbols. And by now, he had been trying to understand these structural spell symbols and put them together in his own way.

This was a product of the culture of a strong race that was from another world.

Ji Hao was curious about how much he would gain when he fully understood and mastered these structural spell symbols.

As fast as a gust of wind, Ji Hao walked past numerous villages of the non-humankind.

This area was part of the territory of Liang Zhu City. The soil was fertile, and orderly square-shaped farmlands could be seen everywhere. Those peaceful villages were hiding in the thriving forest, from which, faint noises made by domestic fowls and other livestock could be heard.

In the broad farmlands, people working quite hard were all human slaves. Ji Hao didn’t recognize over ninety percent of the crops grown in the farmlands. Obviously, these crops were brought from the original world of these non-humankind.

As Ji Hao saw, those noble non-humankind beings were doing nothing but enjoying their lives as the owners of these villages. They were dancing, singing, drinking and having fun with their friends, from the morning to the night. Alternatively, they were going into mountain areas and hunting for fun. All responsibilities of production had been given to human slaves.

A fort was standing in the area between every two villages and at every hundred miles. These forts were usually located in areas with difficult terrains, where it easy to hold off but hard to attack. These forts belonged to non-humankind landholders. A large number of warriors were stationed in each fort, guarding the surrounding area.

At every five-hundred miles was a mid-scale city, with the population of around a hundred thousand. Each city also had large numbers of warriors stationed in it, guarding the territory in coordination with those forts.

At every a thousand miles was a large-scale city, with the population of over a million. Outside each city were four battle forts, which were designed especially for stationing warriors. At least ten-thousand warriors were stationed in each fort like this.

Ji Hao was a bit heavy-hearted. The non-humankind built Yu Dynasty, and had been holding such a strong and rigorous control of their territories, just like an airtight giant net enveloping the entire territory.

In comparison, the alliance of human clans was just like a griddle which was covered in holes. The alliance of human clans had a structure, because of which, the alliance of human clans could never compare with Yu Clan in terns of the power structure and efficiency.

The humankind hadn’t held a great advantage of population. If the Yu Clan had been making slightly more attempts to improve for the war between the humankind and the non-humankind, although the humankind might not have been defeated for good, but at least the situation wouldn’t have been as easy as the current one.

Ji Hao had been extra careful all the way. He avoided all villages, cities and forts, but as he traveled more and more north and got closer and closer to Liang Zhu City, he saw more and more villages, forts, watch towers and patrolling troops flying across the sky. Besides, Ji Hao had also sensed strong waves of power vibrations sweeping ceaselessly across the air; These power vibrations were released from large-scale divine watchtowers that had been keeping a watch on the sky, ground and underground.

Therefore, even though Ji Hao had been especially careful and cautious, a small scale floating mountain abruptly stopped above his head when he was less than a thousand mile away from Liang Zhu City. Four patrol squads, each having around a hundred warriors, quickly encircled him from four directions, along with a rumbling series of footstep.

Ji Hao stopped and stood still quietly, silently looking at these patrol squads.

Each patrol squad had a Jia Clan commander, around twenty dark-kind warriors, and eighty to ninety human slave warriors.

Each Jia Clan warrior was wearing a full set of heavy armor. The dark-kind warriors were with exquisite soft armors, and those human warriors were wearing military uniforms without any armor. The weapons in the hands of those human warriors were simple steel blades, swords or spears.

Ji Hao couldn’t help but be shocked slightly. Last time, in the Chi Ban Mountain War, he didn’t notice that the non-humankind had such a great proportion of human warriors. He truly didn’t think that Liang Zhu City territory, human warriors had taken such a large percentage of the non-humankind’s military forces.

A Jia Clan warrior leaped down from his mount, walked to Ji Hao with large and loud steps, looking down as he said, "Oi, show your ID. Why are you wandering in this open field by yourself? What are you doing? You better not to be an escaped slave. Otherwise, I will pull your spine out myself."

Ji Hao pulled off his straw rain hat and showed his pale face.

The red line between his eyebrows slowly opened, exposing a brightly sparkling erect eye. Ji Hao snorted slightly and released a strong wave of spiritual power, spreading out towards all directions. Instantly, mounts of the four patrol squads howled out simultaneously. Those mounts were badly frightened by the great pressure caused by Ji Hao’s spiritual power vibration, not daring to even move.

"I am a cultivator on the tramp. I have been trying rather hard to seek for the true origin of Full Moon. I am a bit tired now, so I want to find a place to rest around Liang Zhu City. You lowly things, are you trying to ruin my cultivation?"

Ji Hao proudly looking at the Jia Clan warrior, who was stunned. Flicking his finger, Ji Hao let out an invisible yet tremendous stream of power, sending this Jia Clan warrior a mile away. The fierce air stream caused by Ji Hao shattered the Jia Clan warrior’s armor, squeezed his blood out of his mouth, and disabled him from standing back up immediately.

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