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Full Moon people came in a great hurry and left in a panic.

A Pelo was smashed into two by Ji Hao with a single punch, and was nearly killed right on the spot. The terrifying power Ji Hao showed had thrown the group of Full Moon people into a great panic. At last, those people gave a few threatening words then left in a rush.

Chi Ban Market elders didn’t say too much about this. Too many stolen goods could be found in this market. As a consequence, every once in a while, the original owners of these stolen goods wound angrily come with a bunch of people for their stolen treasures. Chi Ban Market elders had seen enough these things. Therefore, they wouldn’t take this too seriously.

Ji Hao packed the sky eye, then started a long talk with Si Wen Ming, Ao Li and Feng Qinxin. The conversation lasted for a whole night. After that, Ji Hao changed his look again and sneakily left Chi Ban Market, heading to the north. Meanwhile, Si Wen Ming headed back to Pu Ban City at his highest speed, while Ao Li and Feng Qinxin both sent messages to their families, asking for help. Because of the deal made by Ji Hao and Di Luolang, many people began preparing for something.

Mr. Crow transformed into an ordinary-looking, black crow, weakly hiding in Ji Hao’s sleeve without reaching his head out. The pair of fire snakes shrunk their bodies to the size of earthworms, each coiled on a foot of Mr. Crow while simply resting.

All the way, Ji Hao had been casting a special magic, that allowed him to move freely underwater. Through the few rapidly flowing rivers that originated from Chi Ban Mountain, he speedily moved towards the north.

The hidden power of the dragon-kind was tremendous, especially among aquatic creatures, the influence of the dragon-kind was even as great as the Gong Gong Family. In these few large rivers, the dragon-kind had sneakily built hundreds of secret underwater palaces.

With Ao Li’s tablet that represented the identity of its owner, Ji Hao had borrowed a few teleporting magic formations that belonged to the dragon-kind during his journey. These teleporting magic formation largely saved his time, that he reached the most southern side of Liang Zhu City within three days.

The forest was thriving. Dark-green aquatic plants fluttered quickly in rivers, just like the long hair of a mysterious aquatic creature. Ji Hao pushed a few large plants aside and silently went ashore. He looked around for a while, finding no one among the dense forest.

A deep rumbling noise came from the sky a long distance away. Ji Hao fixed his eyes in that direction and saw an entirely bronze-colored floating mountain gliding over slowly, even brushing against the tops of trees in the forest. The thousands of meters squared floating mountain was sharp on the top, and had tens of differently sized caves on the peak area. Many dark-kind slave warriors were mounted on double-headed and winged dragons, flying in and out.

This should be a patrolling troop under the direct command of Liang Zhu City government.

Ji Hao roughly measured those warriors from a distance away. Around ten Jia Clan warriors guarded this floating mountain, leading nearly a thousand dark-kind slave warriors and human slave warriors of an unknown number.

Ji Hao quickly left the river bank and trod on a gust of wind, swiftly moving across the forest as his toes rustled the grass.

Days ago, Di Luolang submitted to Ji Hao because of fear, and intentionally or unconsciously told Ji Hao many secrets of the non-humankind. Added with the information that came from the Magi Palace given by Si Wen Ming, Ji Hao had learned that the surrounding area of Liang Zhu City was heavily guarded, which meant Ji Hao could be easily found even if he was only slightly careless.

Liang Zhu City was destroyed, and the controlling force the non-humankind now had in the surrounding area had been decreased to an extreme level. But after all, this place was the capital of Yu Dynasty for countless years. Therefore, Ji Hao still dared not to be even slightly incautious.

Moving in the forest for around two hours, Ji Hao stopped abruptly. With his activated spiritual power, Ji Hao found a tiny, golden-black, thin stick under a small bush. Most of that thumb-thick, three feet long stick was buried, only leaving a small part, that was less than an inch long, exposed in the air. The purely black stick was thickly covered in complicated spell symbols of a magic formation, and some tiny ruby pieces were inlaid on top of the stick, forming an erect-eye-shaped symbol.

Ji Hao restrained all of his power, avoiding this stick while trying his best to slow down.

This kind of a stick was a special invention of the non-humankind. The non-humankind produced countless of these magic tools and threw them all over the world. Even they themselves didn’t know exactly how many simple monitoring magic tools like this had been thrown out.

If someone moved past a stick like this while casting a magic or simply making a slightly louder noise, the stick would be activated immediately and give a warning alarm to non-humankind beings in Liang Zhu City. The surrounding area of Liang Zhu City was heavily guarded with troops like the floating mountain with a troop stationed on it, that Ji Hao had just seen. Once a warning alarm was sent out from a single spot, all surrounding military forces of the non-humankind would instantly rush over and encircle the intruder.

During the past many years, quite a great number of human advance forces were entrapped by tiny sticks like this, and were sieged even before approaching Liang Zhu City.

Carefully moving forwards, Ji Hao finally walked out from this forest. A towering mountain was now in his way. Ji Hao took a circle around the mountain, avoided a few non-humankind patrolling squads, then found a cave near a quiet valley. Walking into the cave, Ji Hao began setting up magic formations.

A few defensive magic formations were set up, after which, Ji Hao covered the entire valley with the mist released from the cloud bag. Finishing all this, Ji Hao relaxedly took out that Sky Eye in the cave.

Back in Chi Ban Market, Ji Hao dared not to do this, because he was afraid this might cause a great noise. He did not have a chance to do this during his journey either. Only now, when he had almost reached his destination, Ji Hao finally had the time to start merging this Full Moon Sky Eye with his body.

The Sky Eye was two inches long, smooth and with a lovely luster, as hard as diamonds. Ji Hao held the Sky Eye in his hands and faintly sensed a terrifying power along with a strong life-force. Although this eye had now been made into a magic treasure, it was still like a living being, instead of a lifeless object.

"Old man, this is not a trap, is it?" Ji Hao held this Sky Eye in his hand, stared at it for a long while then asked.

"I don’t think so. All of his consciousness has been wiped out, but the trace of his life, which is also his memory, is well preserved." The mysterious man showed his figure, carefully looked at the Sky Eye and said, "What are you afraid of? Even if his consciousness is still in there, that would be his misfortune for daring to do any evil thing in front of me."

Ji Hao put down his worry and smilingly nodded with his teeth gnashed. According to the guide given by Chi Ban Market people, he tore the spot between his eyebrows up with this fingernails, created a two-inch-long, bleeding slash, then put the Full Moon Sky Eye on the wound.

When the Full Moon Sky Eye firstly made a physical contact with his blood, countless thoughts flashes across Ji Hao’s mind. Somehow, he felt like he was going to have a weird look.

Countless crystal clear and transparent threads reached out from the Sky Eye after it touched Ji Hao’s blood, swiftly drilling into his skin. In the area between Ji Hao’s eyebrows, his skull creaked slightly while it was cut open by those threads. An eye-socket-shaped hole was quickly cut out from Ji Hao’s skull.

Along with an unbearable pain, the Full Moon Sky Eye slowly merged with Ji Hao’s body.

An indescribable feeling instantly rose from his heart, that made Ji Hao especially sensitive, as if every grain of dust could stir up a strong reaction by falling onto his skin.

In Ji Hao’s eyes, the colors of the whole world had changed.

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