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"I love this pain!"

Ao Li growled resonantly while his hollowed chest bulged quickly up, and his broken chest bones recovered speedily.

Participating in bidding at this auction with Feng Qinxin, Ao Li only wore a half armor, that was more of a decoration than a true armor. By now, the armor had already been shattered by the punch landed on his chest earlier.

Ao Li chuckled with a glowing-red pair of eyes as the heavy dragon-scale armor that he usually wore in battlefields emerged from his body, quickly and automatically covering him up. He slightly wielded the pair of blades while grinning towards that sturdy man, who now had his chest and abdomen soaked in blood, and said, "Good heavy punch… You’re indeed a man of strength. Come, let I, your Ninth Prince, teach you a lesson… You will learn that you shall never offend our dragon-kind men ever again!"

The strong man with a black cloak gasped with a deep voice. At the moment, the two bleeding slashes caused by Ao Li’s blades had already recovered. However, the pair of blades of Ao Li should be one of those pieces he found in Pan Xi world. They seemed to have some kind of a magical effect that turned the blood that flowed out from the sturdy man’s wounds into blood-red crystal grains, hanging on his clothes and making him look quite scary.

The man with a black cloak gave a deep roar, then ripped his own cloak apart and even dragged off his own mask. Three blood-red eyes glowed brightly on his face while a blood-red armor emerged from his body, covering his body along with a series of clangs. A six meters long heavy sword appeared in the hands of this sturdy man. Slowly swinging the sword, this man looked at Ao Li, sneered and said, "Good sharp blades. I am A PeLo from High Moon."

Ji Hao raised his eyebrows. From Di Luolang, he learned that the current emperor in power of High Moon was from A Family. The specialty of High Moon warriors was fighting. They had explored the potentials of their bodies almost to an extreme degree, which allowed High Moon Yu Clan nobles to become the only ones among all branches of the entire Yu Clan who could and dared to do close combat against their enemies.

Not to mention anything else, only the body shape of A Pelo equaled to those top-grade Jia Clan battle kings. He was tall, muscular and strong, and looked just like a bear. Compared to the other Yu Clan nobles, who were mostly slim, he was another extreme.

"A Pelo, your High Moon has a good relationship with Full Moon. High Moon warriors are good at close combats, while Full Moon warriors are experts in distant attacks. You are the best partners on battlefields. This time, you come to help Full Moon, don’t you?" Ji Hao walked from behind Si Wen Ming, towards A Pelo with big steps.

He turned around his left palm and let the Full Moon Sky Eye float in his hand and said, "The Full Moon Sky Eye you’re looking for is with me. I asked Prince Ao Li and Young Master Feng to buy it for me. Because of this, I owe them a great one."

Ao Li grinned and said, "Hehe, you owe us, and you have to pay it back. You have to pay hundreds, thousands of times more. Otherwise, you just give that eye to us!"

Feng Qinxin coldly and slightly snorted while raising his chin and throwing Ji Hao a sideways, threatening glance. With this attitude, she told Ji Hao that if he couldn’t pay back with hundreds, thousands of times more than the amount that they had just paid for this eye, she would never forgive him easily.

Ji Hao chuckled and packed that Full Moon Sky Eye, calmly standing on the spot around a hundred meters away from A Pelo.

"Prince Ao Li was right. We have bought this with genuine money, so this is our treasure now. No matter what reason or excuse you have, you can not take this treasure back."

"This is Chi Ban Market, do not break the rules of this place. Therefore, you shall just go back to where you came from!"

Just now, Ao Li abruptly pulled out the blades and injured A Pelo, which could actually be counted as a sneak attack. Ji Hao was clearly aware of the fact that if Ao Li and A Pelo truly started a deathly fight, Ao Li win in terms of physical strength, but could never rival A Pelo in terms of fighting skills. The result of the fight between Ao Li and A Pelo could be A Pelo getting severely injured while Ao Li got killed.

Ji Hao didn’t want a big trouble. Therefore, he simply stood out and pointed out the rules of Chi Ban Market.

The group of Chi Ban Market elders began talking as well, loudly accusing A Pelo and the other masked men in black cloaks.

This was Chi Ban Market, a safe market founded in Chi Ban Mountain by numerous forces together. Each day, a giant amount of goods and money would flow in this place, generating great profits for all forces behind this market.

Surely, these forces wouldn’t allow anyone to break the rules of this market.

"You take back your money. The Full Moon Sky Eye has to be handed out to me." said that cold and hoarse voice.

A dragon-kind elder stood out and said loudly and harshly, "No such rules exist. The Full Moon Sky Eye is sold already, and no one can force the guests of our Chi Ban Market to hand back the treasure that they purchased through the standard procedure. Unless you want to go against the entire Chi Ban Marke...t!"

Numerous Chi Ban Market elders, who were the leaders of the forces behind Chi Ban Market, stepped out one after another. Many of them were wearing masks, but they still unrestrainedly released the senses of their powers.

Ji Hao narrowed his eyes, silently sensing the powers of these people.

Good, among these people, òne could find non-humankind beings from all twelve branches of Yu Clan, Jia Clan people and Xiu Clan people. Many of these non-humankind beings were especially powerful. Their senses of powers released were as heavy as mountains, as mysterious as oceans, and even Ji Hao couldn’t tell exactly how powerful they were.

A Pelo’s face turned a bit sulky. But the owner of that cold and hoarse voice did not say anything.

After a long while, that cold and hoarse voice said slowly, "This is a blasphemy to our Full Moon. The spirit magic eye of our ancestor was made into a magic treasure and sold by the others. This is a challenge to our Full Moon."

Ji Hao looked blandly at this masked man and responded, "It has nothing to do with us. We have only bought a treasure from an auction in Chi Ban Market according to the rules of this market. You should go after whoever blasphemed you, such as the one who crafted this treasure."

The masked man remained silent for a while, then suddenly screamed out with a high-pitched voice.

"A Pelo, kill him! I will take all responsibilities!"

A Pelo instantly leaped up. Meanwhile, his body went through an extremely weird transformation, from a fleshy body to a crystalline one. He seemed to be condensed from some kind of a pure energy, entirely silver with a faint blood-red luster. A Pelo roared shrilly while swiftly lunging the heavy sword with both of his hands. The sword tip brought up a thin and black stream of light while silently piercing towards the spot between Ji Hao’s eyebrows.

High Moon warriors were known as the most powerful warriors among the entire non-humankind, as their understanding of fighting skills had nearly reached the level of Dao. With a simple sudden lunge, A Pelo made Ji Hao feel that the entire world was now his enemy, and the whole sky had even transformed into a tremendous sword, hacking down right toward his head. In Ji Hao’s eyes, the whole world had disappeared, and only this long sword remained existing. The only thing he could see by now was the thin stream of black light brought up by the sword tip.

"Die!" A cold, merciless roar was squeezed out of the seams between A Pelo’s teeth.

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