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In Chi Ban Market, a hotel opened by the dragon-kind were ablaze with lights. In the great hall, pavilions, corridors and flower woods of the hotel, countless powerful creatures had been laughing and enjoying a great time. The scent of wine and delicious meat coiling above the hotel was so dense that it was almost tangible.

Large groups of heavily armored dragon warriors had been patrolling with fierce dragon beasts, which partially possessed dragon bloodlines, silently moving around in the darkness. This hotel named ‘Four Sea Palace’ was heavily guarded, and could be counted as the safest place in Chi Ban Market.

In the backyard of Four Sea Palace, under a towering coral tree, an exquisite pavilion was wrapped in a black protective magic screen, with a few jade talismans floating on the screen. Countless spell symbols flashed across those jade talismans like streams of water, and the strong power vibration occasionally released along with a sudden buzzing noise could make anyone quiver.

Inside the pavilion, Ji Hao and Si Wen Ming sat facing each other.

Ji Hao directly came to meet Si Wen Ming after he came out of the store of the most professional information seller in Chi Ban Market.

Si Wen Ming had been staying in Chi Ban Market in these days, as what happened in Liang Zhu City had caught the attention of human leaders in Pu Ban City. The scarily high sales volume of Chi Ban Market had even shocked Emperor Shun. Therefore, under an order, Si Wen Ming took a batch of warriors and sneakily came to Chi Ban Market to keep an eye on Chi Ban Market and the surrounding few large black markets. They also sought opportunities to do something to Liang Zhu City.

"Do you want to save Di Luolang and his families?" Si Wen Ming put his pair of hand on the square table, knitted his eyebrows and asked Ji Hao. "It’s too risky. According to the information you paid for, the prison they are being kept in is tightly secured… This is just too risky."

Pondering carefully for a while, Si Wen Ming said in a deep voice, "Just give up. Do not throw yourself into a hell of a trouble for a few non-humankind beings. Ji Hao, you have a bright future... A kid like you can do something big in the future. Don’t take the risk."

Ji Hao determinedly looked at Si Wen Ming and said, "For saving Di Luolang, I have my own reason. The non-humankind lost the life-and-death game, so for comforting the twelve emperors, Dishi Cha promised them twelve coordinates of worlds as compensation."

Si Wen Ming’s eye corners suddenly twitched, then asked in shock, "Coordinates? Coordinates of worlds?"

Ji Hao nodded and responded with a deep voice, "Indeed, coordinates of worlds, just like Pan Xi world. According to Di Luolang, the twelve words are near our Pan Gu world. If the non-humankind makes a gain from those worlds, it would be too bad for us."

Si Wen Ming narrowed his eyes, gently flicked his ten fingers on the table while saying, "Bad for us…What do you have in mind?"

Pondering briefly, JI Hao said word by word, "All the time, we have only been fighting the non-humankind. Wars, endless wars... However, how much do we truly know about them? Where are they from? What do they want to do? How powerful they really are? Do they have any weaknesses? Can we use their weaknesses to defeat them, even wipe them out?"

Spreading his hands, Ji Hao continued honestly, "No, I never heard about any human minister doing things like this."

Si Wen Ming blinked his eyes, looked at Ji Hao and said, "Do you think that Di Luolang can come to our side?"

"Why not?" Responded Ji Hao with a bright smile, "He’s now in a hopeless situation. Although I don’t know much of the details, obviously, Dishi Cha pushed them out as scapegoats, sacrifices… It’s all apparent."

"Since they’re already hopeless, why wouldn’t they grasp a chance of survival?" Ji Hao seriously looked at Si Wen Ming and asked, "As long as we can offer then a chance of survival."

Si Wen Ming was convinced. He stood up, took a circle, then said with a deep voice, "You’re right… To our humankind, this might be a perfect opportunity."

Standing by the door and pondering for a while, Si Wen Ming shook his head while giving a bitter smile, "But in order to save them, we have to sneak into Liang Zhu City. How will you get in? Those non-humankind beings look quite different from us; you can’t even pass into that city."

Ji Hao took out a black jade board and slightly pointed his finger at it. A dim light rose into the sky while a great number of spell symbols and numerous beautiful images emerged from the dim light.

Si Wen Ming gave a close look to those images. That was the information of the few most precious goods which would show up in a black market auction in two days in Chi Ban Market. Among these goods, some were incomparably valuable natural materials; some were naturally crafted divine weapons, some were beautiful girls. One of these girls had the most special identity — A member of Fan Family of Nether Moon!

Fan Family could be counted as the royal family of Nether Moon, as Fan Hai was the current emperor in power of Nether Moon. But a girl from Fan Family would actually show up in a black market auction in Chi Ban Market. Who could explain those dirty deals under this?

Nevertheless, that was not what Ji Hao wanted to show SI Wen Ming. He quickly pointed at the jade board, and finally, a two-inch long, entirely transparent eye, that had countless colorful spell symbols circling in it, appeared in the dim light.

Si Wen Ming popped out his eyes in shock. Besides the image of this eye, there was a detailed text description - This was an erect eye that belonged to a powerful Yu Clan man from Full Moon. This man died in an accident, and this erect eye was the source of his great power. This Full Moon man was way more powerful than peak-level Divine Magi, and had almost reached the level of Supreme Magi before died. Divine Magi mentioned in here were not ordinary Divine Magi who had only one spirit star. Instead, those were Divine Magi like Si Wen Ming, who could have the powers of nine spirit stars and contained nine actual spirit stars in his body.

This erect eye was cultivated by a powerful Xiu Clan master for a thousand and eight-hundred years with a secret method, and turned into a treasure named Sky Eye, from an erect eye. Whoever merged this Sky Eye into the forehead could attain ninety percent of the power belonging to that fallen powerful man from Full Moon.

Ninety percent of the power that belonged to a greatly powerful Yu Clan man who had almost reached the level of Supreme Magi…

"What a magical treasure!" Si Wen Ming couldn’t help but praise, But in the next second, his look changed as he growled deeply, "These non-humankind beings are ridiculous. Since this was an erect eye belonged to a fallen powerful Full Moon man, how can they make it into a magic treasure?"

Ji Hao showed the whites of his eyes, then looked at Si Wen Ming’s twisted face and responded, "Maybe, in the eyes of those non-humankind beings, we’re the ridiculous ones…Those dragon bones, scales, skins, blood, are our humankind not making all those into magic treasures?"

Si Wen Ming paused, grinned embarrassedly and said, "This…I don’t think you can put it in this way… But, it indeed makes some sense. However, are they actually selling things like this?"

"They can only sell it in places like Chi Ban Market. If they dare to sell a magic treasure made from a Yu Clan noble’s erect eye in Liang Zhu City, they would be seeking death." said Ji Hao with a deep voice while packing that black jade board. "But with this Sky Eye, I can pretend to be a Yu Clan noble and sneak into Liang Zhu City.

Si Wen Ming raised his eyebrows, then slightly nodded.

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