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Yemo Luoye’s castle was named after the Dark Sun.

Because of the nature of the power of Dark Sun, the main body of Dark Sun Castle was built with obsidian that had been strengthened by spell symbols and decorated with a great number of dark jade and dark crystal pieces. The ground was paved with dark gold. This black castle was magnificent, well-designed, indescribably imperatorial, which made everyone walking in it subconsciously want to hold their breath.

Dishi Cha had faintly sensed the effect given by the castle itself while walking in this broad, quiet castle. It seemed like Yemo Shayi and Dishi Cha were the only living beings in the castle. This made Dishi Cha heavy-hearted for no reason, and also made his face turn cold and bland.

A not so obvious mental pressure existed in this great castle.

This mental pressure penetrated every tile and pillar in the castle. The pressure came from all directions, which made Dishi Cha knit his eyebrows.

"Dark Sun Castle does not welcome you." Yemo Shayi, who was leading the way in the front, said in a bland tone, "If not because of your identity, I would have chopped your head off myself back outside."

"That was an accident." said Dishi Cha while looking at Yemo Shayi’s back. He scanned across the vital areas on Yemo Shayi’s back with his eyes many times, such as the heart and the neck, as he continued, "To the deaths of your grandsons, I…"

"Shut it. Your apology is worthless." Yemo Shayi coldly interrupted, "I do not care about their death. But you have to remember, if you are ever against the benefits of our Yemo Family, I will kill you personally."

Even though Dishi Cha had been suppressed by the entire Dark Sun Castle, on hearing Yemo Shayi, he still gave a cold and scornful smile.

None of them talked again. Instead, they walked along the main path, through numerous large and beautiful halls, then reached to a garden behind the castle that had an area of a million meters squared.

Except for a chain of undulating hills, nothing else could be seen in the garden but blooming black roses all over the ground. Black scapes, black leaves, black petals, black stamens and pistils... When a strong wind blew across, black pollen would be sent up into the sky, transforming into a dense black mist and hovering in the air.

"The rose of destruction, what a lovely aroma!" Yemo Shayi intoxicatedly took a deep breath, inhaling at least hundreds of thousands of pollen grains. A stream of black mist swept across Yemo Shayi’s face. Next, the power vibration released from him grew stronger and even more immeasurable.

Dishi Cha’s face turned extremely dark. That handsome face of his twisted badly, as he nearly turned around and fled.

The rose of destruction was a special ornamental plant of Dark Sun. These roses were fed on blood and flesh, Every petal was filled with the power of destruction and violence, and greedy desires of developing. These beautiful flowers were just like monsters. Hidden under their beauty was the eternal evil.

To Dark Sun Yu Clan people, the rose of destruction was the most beautiful kind of flower in the whole universe. Top-quality roses of destruction always served as an essential treasure for Dark Sun Yu Clan nobles for passionate proposals of love.

Nevertheless, to the other non-humankind beings in Dark Sun, the rose of destruction was a terrifying, killing poison. For an ordinary non-humankind being, merely a small slash on the skin caused by a thorn of a rose of destruction, inhaling a slight little bit of pollen, or swallowing a petal, would eventually turn him or her into ashes, both in the body and the soul.

Once, a poet from Dark Sun described the rose of destruction like this ‘The flower of destruction, the most beautiful creature in the universe, bloomed upon the piles of corpses; please take my soul, destroy my body; I am willing to trade for a moment of your splendidness with everything I have!’

A faint layer of blood mist came out slowly from Dishi Cha’s body. Next, a dense cloud of black pollen swooshed toward Dishi Cha along the strong wind. The blood mist and the black pollen devoured each other, letting out a sizzling noise. Meanwhile, streams of black and red mist were generated, then disappeared in a moment.

Yemo Shayi stood aside, absolutely unmoved, only looking at Dishi Cha with a weird smile.

Dishi Cha remained still as well. He wrapped his own body with a layer of blood-red mist, fending against those highly poisonous black pollen while showing no change on his face.

This situation lasted for a whole quarter of an hour, after which, Yemo Shayi sighed slightly and said, "Not bad. You are indeed an elite who had passed the trial of sun and moon. As an outsider, who is not a member of our Dark Sun, it’s quite impressive for you to be able to last for such a long while in here."

Chuckling, Yemo Shayi moved forward through a narrow winding path in a flowering shrub. Dishi Cha sneered while unhurriedly following behind him.

Moving forward along the narrow path for a long while, a shrub of gigantic roses of destruction abruptly appeared in the front. The culm of these roses, which were as thick as ten-thousand years old trees, coiled around each other, forming a beautiful pavilion in the boundless ocean of flowers.

Yemo Luoye sat quietly in the pavilion, with a dark jade teapot and four small plates, that contained snacks, placed in front of her. At the moment, she was holding an exquisite tea cup, taking sips of the blood-red tea.

Yemo Shayi stopped walking outside the pavilion and lowered his eyelids without saying a word.

Dishi Cha slowly walked into the pavilion, pleasantly looking at Yemo Luoye and said, "I think we can be friends."

Yemo Luoye’s long hair fluttered in the air without being blown by any wind, airily wriggling around her body like nimble snakes. She narrowed her eyes, teasingly looked at Dishi Cha and said, "You are too dangerous… No one is willing to be friends with you. Dear Emissary of Inspection, we’ve lost the life-and-death game, Liang Zhu City is destroyed, the portal connected with our original world has collapsed. You push your own family members out as scapegoats… By now, they are all criminals awaiting execution."

Putting down the teacup, Yemo Luoye gently clapped her hands while a cold stream of light swept across her beautiful eyes. "Ever since you came back to this world, everything went wrong and we have all suffered a great loss. If we were not afraid of the man who had been supporting you because of his power and status, you head would have been chopped off by us already, and you would never travel around the world so freely like this."

Sighing slightly, Yemo Luoye continued with a bland tone, "Therefore, it’s better for us not to become friends."

Dishi Cha sat down in front of Yemo Loye without being invited, picked up a snack a nd leisurely threw into his own mouth. While chewing the snack, he grinned and said, "In this case, let’s become allies. I heard that when Miss Yemo Shanye was born, the glow of Dark Sun had appeared on her, is it true? As a girl blessed by the Dark Sun, I think she’s now old enough to marry, isn’t she?"

Yemo Luoye’s face turned extremely dark as she asked, "Who are you representing?"

Dishi Cha whispered a name, after which, the looks of both Yemo Luoye and Dishi Cha changed.

Remaining silent for a long while, Yemo Luoye pointed at the direction of Liang Zhu City and said, "But, all those troubles you caused?"

Dishi Cha gave a cold smile and responded, "I have already locked all members of Di Family in jail myself, and they will take all the blame. Therefore, according to the tradition of our Yu Clan, they are the ones who made all those troubles. What does that have anything to do with me?"

Spreading his hands, Dishi Cha gave a big grin and continued, "I am innocent."

Yemo Luoye narrowed her eyes and said gently, "In this case, just say it out… What can my family and I gain after we become your ally?"

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