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Dark Sun Country was the independent territory of Dark Sun. To be specific, Yu Dynasty contained thirteen territories. Each of the twelve forces represented by the twelve emperors in power had built an independent country each, while Liang Zhu City and the large territory around it was a public territory of Yu Dynasty.

Because of the divine magic formation of annihilation, Liang Zhu City had already become a wasteland. The strong, agitated natural powers around Liang Zhu City made the entire area especially dangerous, and this was completely unbearable to those noble Yu Clan people, who had always been living a delicate life. Therefore, the twelve emperors left Liang Zhu City one after another and returned to their own countries. Back in their own countries, these emperors lived freely and happily while controlling everything in Liang Zhu through messaging magic formations.

Dishi Cha stood on the chariot, looking down at the natural sceneries of Dark Sun.

The fertile farmlands were everywhere, with straight paths crossing the fields, along with meadows and fruit woods. Fluffy animals walked leisurely across the meadows like clouds, and countless juicy fruits hung on the trees. Innumerable Dark Sun Yu Clan people, Jia Clan warriors and Xiu Clan people satisfyingly lived in this fairyland-like territory.

In the north of the Dark Sun Country, an enormous castle was on the edge of that steep, wall-like and black mountain range. Hundreds of purely black divine towers surrounded the castle. Beyond these divine towers, black erect eyes opened and closed from time to time, coldly watching the entire Dark Sun Country without missing any slight move.

Over ninety percent of the military force and wealth of Dark Sun had been stored in Dark Sun Country instead of Liang Zhu City, which was a public territory. Therefore, this area was heavily guarded by a strong army that was filled with powerful warriors and commanders, prepared to tear any intruders into pieces anytime.

After over ten instances of interrogation and inspection, Dishi Cha’s chariot troop reached to before the castle.

An elderly Yu Clan man, who was wearing a long black robe and a dragon-scale armor on his upper body, with a heavy, large sword tied around his waist, had already been waiting outside the front gate of the castle. Seeing Dishi Cha, this elderly man politely nodded and said in a bland tone, "Dear Emissary, our Emperor has been expecting you in the castle…As for your warriors, we have arranged rooms for them to rest."

Dishi Cha remained silent. Chi You took a loud step forwards and said, "I have to be with Master Dishi Cha at all times."

"Our Emperor has only invited the Emissary to come in alone. If you insist on following the Emissary…We are sorry, Dear Emissary, please go back to where you came from." said the elderly man with a determined tone and a faint smile.

The erect eye on the forehead of the elderly man opened and released a black stream of mist. The black mist rose into the sky and formed a silhouette of an enormous, three-headed serpent. The mouth corners of the elderly man curved slightly upwards while he let out a strange hissing noise from his throat and said, "If you want to use some violence, be my guest. Dear Emissary, I haven’t thanked you for taking out a few unruly grandsons of mine with the great plan of yours.

Dishi Cha still remained silent. Chi You smiled coldly, abruptly stepped up and swiftly threw a punch towards the elderly man’s chest.

"Violence? I like it!" Chi You growled confidently. His body was still surrounded by coiling blood-red mist, as Pan Xi’s spirit blood hadn’t been fully absorbed by his body.

"Violence? I like it!" The elderly man chuckled while all three eyes of his turned purely black. Meanwhile, his scrawny right arm weirdly and suddenly expanded, becoming as thick as Chi You’s thigh. Blood veins in his arm bulged one after another and blood began flowing speedily, causing a strange hissing noise.

The elderly man growled lightly and launched a punch as well, bumping right into Chi You’s fist.

A thunderous bang was generated. On Chi You’s fist, the skin blasted, muscles exploded, and blood streams spurted out. The blood squeezed out of his fist flew immediately towards the elderly man’s fist, as if it was attracted by some invisible kind of force.

The elderly man’s fist was like a bottomless pool, greedily swallowing the blood spurted out from Chi You’s fist.

Chi You roared in both shock and anger while swinging his hand backward with all of his power. With a great effort, he freed his own fist from the elderly man’s hand, but the muscles and skins on his fist had been devoured completely, showing his finger bones, which were transparent like a crystal and colored black and red.

Even a thin layer of his finger bones was corroded, devoured by the elderly man’s fist.

The elderly man let out a sound of gulp from his throat in satisfaction. At the same time, his body weirdly squirmed like a lazy boa. After that, with a cruel and greedy smile, he chuckled towards Chi You and said, "You have a delicious potential in you, but it seems you haven’t completely absorbed it. What a lovely little thing, why don’t you merge with me?"

Chi You stared at the elderly man as if he was staring at a ghost. The muscles and skin on his fist regrew quickly, recovering within the span of a few breaths. Nevertheless, the thin layer of finger bones devoured by the elderly man had disappeared for good, and he even sensed a slight loss of his original power.

Dark sun, the power of destruction and devouring!

Chi You finally understood the true meaning of destruction and devouring. Even with his especially tough body, his fist was still broken by the terrifying power released from that elderly man, and his blood and muscles were directly absorbed by his body. This was indeed scary.

"Dear Lord." Dishi Cha’s look turned extremely serious as he slowly took a step forward, parted Chi You and that elderly man and said, "I apologize sincerely for the death of the few grandsons of yours, and I hope I can make it up to you."

"But!" Dishi Cha took a deep breath, then slowly took out a tablet that seemed to contain all colors in the world. He gripped it in his hand, solemnly put it in front of the elderly man and said, "Please give me an explanation! A sun and moon stage powerful being, whose name is not in the recorded list of Holy Realm, please explain. Please give me your first name, last name, your experience, and all your background information."

"Slave!" The elderly man chuckled, looked at Dishi Cha in a teasing way while responding, "My name is Yemo Shayi, and I am a slave. My name means that I am the first rank assassin of the noble Yemo Family. As a slave, I am a private property of Yemo Family. Therefore, I don’t have to put my name on the record of Holy Realm, do you understand?"

"Slave!" Dishi Cha stared at the elderly man in a great anger. He had nearly lost his temper.

"Slave!" Yemo Shayi rolled up his sleeves, exposing his white left shoulder, on which was a black tattoo of an erect eye coiled around by thorns, "The mark of Dark Sun slaves, and the family name of our Yemo Family. I am a slave!

Yemo Shayi chuckled loudly as he continued, "I am a slave… Therefore, dear Emissary of inspection who came from Holy Realm, you…have wasted enough time out here! Our emperor must be impatient already!"

Dishi Cha let out a breath with a sulky face, whispered to Chi You then walked towards the front gate of the castle with big steps.

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