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Ji Hao and Ji Xia quickly returned to Yao Mountain City with a large troop of people, directly heading to the prison area in the northwest corner of the city.

The prison area of Yao Mountain City was a complete system. Looking from the outside, it was a castle two miles squared. The fenced wall wasn’t too high, yet it was especially thick. Through a dark paved path, one could see a few lines of prison cells, but no prisoner was kept in them. Behind the prison area were five monuments standing in a straight line. According to the colors of the five basic natural elements, the five monuments were in five different colors> Faintly, all kinds of ancient style spell symbols had been sparkling on those monuments, creating an extremely strong restraining force field that had a radius of three-hundred meters.

The five monuments were corresponding to the five basic natural elements. Under the monuments were small entrances, each leading to the water, fire, metal, earth, and green dungeon respectively.

Ji Hao and the others reached under the monument of the water dungeon. A few prison guards took out their jade tablets and slightly waved towards the monument. Instantly, the thick door of the small entrance that was covered in spell symbols opened along with a loud creaking noise. A cold and moist gust of wind puffed out, and even Ji Hao quivered due to the cold despite his sturdiness.

"What a horrible smell." Man Man frowned while taking a few steps backward.

The water dungeon was suffused with water power, which was a purely negative type of power and could naturally suppress Man Man’s fire power. Therefore, Man Man felt quite bad merely by inhaling a small amount of air that came from the dungeon. Ji Hao waved his hand and told Shaosi to look after Man Man, letting them stay outside.

Ji Hao and the others walked down through the narrow and steep winding stairs for a quarter of an hour, reaching hundreds of meters deep underground. Along with a muffled water dripping noise, a water dungeon appeared in front of Ji Hao.

It was called water dungeon, but in fact, it was a ten-miles in radius pool, fully containing dark, bone-piercing cold water. Hundreds of black columns stood in the pool, and a hundred Jia Clan warriors were weakly soaked in it. Countless thumb-sized black chains had all their vital body parts penetrated, tying them firmly to those columns.

The Heaven and Earth magic formation in Yao Mountain City was a great defensive magic formation that belonged to the ancient heaven. This prison of five natural elements in Yao Mountain City was also modeled on the divine prison in ancient heaven.

This water dungeon had countless hidden functions. That seemingly ordinary black water in the pool was actually condensed from the most negative water power. It could melt metals, devour souls and spirits. Even the body and soul of a divine God would perish if he were soaked in this pool for long. The dungeon was indeed one of the evilest and cruelest prisons in the world.

The dungeon seemed to be empty without any other facilities, but as a matter of fact, it was filled with all kinds of ancient restraining magics. If any prisoner tried to escape, inexhaustible negative water thunderbolts would strike down, added with piercing gale and frost. This dungeon could just deliver countless types of cruel punishing methods.

At the moment, these functions of torture of this dungeon hadn’t been put to use. Only this black, extremely cold water had made those Jia Clan battle kings deathly pale, quivering like birds in a storm. Based on cultivation levels, these Jia Clan battle kings were all Divine-Magus-level powerful beings, and both their physical strengths and life-forces were many times stronger than human Divine Magi. Nevertheless, regardless of their strong life-force, they were still frozen in the black water and couldn’t stop quivering. It was not hard to tell exactly how powerful this water dungeon was.

The cold power drilled into the internal organs of those Jia Clan battle kinds, froze their entire bodies and made them want to die. But that was not the worst; additionally, their skins were broken by that strong-acid-like black water. While Ji Hao was looking at them, their skins were even melting slowly. Streams of blood spread out in the black water; as black ice crystals had been growing around these Jia Clan battle kings’ wounds.

"This water dungeon is indeed not bad." praised Ji Hao. Before, he had no idea that his Yao Mountain City actually had such an evil prison.

"The prison of five natural elements is just the most ordinary prison." said Ji Xia while grinning, "Under the prison of five natural elements are the wind dungeon, thunder dungeon, poison dungeon…The power of these dungeons was generated by mutual promotions and restraints between the five natural elements, and each of these dungeons is as horrible as a nightmare…Hao, which cruel bastard built these scary prisons for you?"

Ji Hao showed his teeth in shock. He truly didn’t know how to answer this question.

Yao Mountain City was modeled on the ancient heaven. Since prisons in Yao Mountain City were so cruel, were divine prisons in heaven even scarier and merciless? But if one said these words out loud, would it be counted as a disrespect to ancient divine Gods?

"Are these people the ones who attacked our city?" murmured Ji Hao. "How dare you attack our city with merely a hundred warriors? Do you really think that we’re that easy to defeat?"

"If…you are a…real man, just, just fight me, with, with…your own power…Ma-magic formation, are, are…nothing!" said a Jia Clan battle king, whose face was as pale as paper, teeth striking against each other.

Another Jia Clan battle king raised a finger with difficulty, provokingly crooked towards Ji Hao and said, "Ki-kid, I can fight you, wi-with a finger…without, without a weapon… I…I can just, stra-strangle you to death!"

Ji Hao smilingly looked at these Jia Clan battle kings, who were still not willing to admit defeat. He sneered, "You have already ended up like this. Why are you still talking like that? We have a powerful defensive magic formation for our Yao Mountain City, why should I let my warriors fight you by risking their lives?"

Sighing, Ji Hao squatted beside the pool, reached his hand out and touched the water. Once his finger touched the water, a terrifying strand of cold power surged straight up. Ji Hao didn’t react timely, and as a consequence, his entire left arm was immediately frozen by dark ice. It numbed his arm, disabling him from sense anything.

Ji Hao was startled. He hurriedly stood up and activated his spirit star power. The sun power transformed into a golden flame that roared across his entire body. The black ice on his right arm melted quickly and became a black stream of smoke that rose into the air, then silently drifted back into the black pool.

Ji Has flushed the meridians in his left arm with sun power streams for a couple of times. Finally, the numbed arm regained its feeling. Ji Hao popped out his eyes, looked at this water dungeon and abruptly began talking.

"What an evil thing…But I just like it…Hehe, it’s quite impressive that you haven’t been frozen to death, isn’t it?"

"We will…sooner or later…" Those Jia Clan battle kings quivered while staring at Ji Hao viciously and responded.

Ji Hao interrupted those threatening speeches and said, "Alright, cut the crap. Why don’t you think about it with your brains? Only a hundred of you, what can you possibly do? Our Yao Mountain City has such a powerful defensive magic formation, what does this mean? Whoever sent you to attack our city was certainly with evil intent."

Sneering again, Ji Hao looked at these Jia Clan battle kings, whose looks had all frozen in shock, and continued, "Poor things, you were pushed out to die, but you don’t even understand, do you? How did you enter our Yao Mountain Territory? No one discovered any trace of you all the way, was that even true?"

Those Jia Clan battle kings remained silent while turning their heads around with difficulty. They glanced at each other and exchanged their thoughts with their eyes.

Ji Hao silently looked at them without saying anything.

Abruptly, Shaosi’s voice came from above, "Ji Hao, someone wants to see you. It’s Di Luolang, whom you extorted back in Chi Ban Mountain."

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