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A whole hundred black short spears glowed with a black light while fiercely attacking the Heaven and Earth great formation. The black light blasted out and released countless tiny spell symbols, ceaselessly corroding the formation. It raised a faint layer of black mist within the splendid protective magic screen.

In every single moment, those black short spears could pierce into the magic screen up to the depth of a sheet of paper. However, the magic screen created by the formation was over ten miles thick. With the current moving speed of those black spears, it would take forever for them to actually break the magic screen.

Nevertheless, these Jia Clan battle kings were indeed breaking the Heaven and Earth great formation, only at an extremely low rate. But, they had already caused a real threat to the great formation. Besides, the black spear wasn’t the only weapon for them to attack the with. After lunging those black spears, these Jia Clan warriors had also taken out large pieces of black jade boards, continuously putting them together.

Each of these black jade boards was over thirty-meter square and a foot thick, thickly embossed with weird, twisted spell symbols. As these jade boards were put together, those spell symbols quickly began glowing with a dim light. Waves of strange power vibrations spread out from these jade boards while those Jia Clan battle kings threw them towards the Heaven and Earth great formation. After that, those short spears began piercing into the magic screen at a hundred-times higher speed.

Inside Yao Mountain City, large groups of elite Yao Mountain warriors rushed up onto the city wall while groups of Maguspriests walked into the divine thunder towers over the city wall. They controlled the great formation to extract the natural power from underground earth meridians.

On the surfaces of those high divine thunder towers that reached directly into the sky, water ripple-like waves of thunderbolts spread out. They released countless bolts of miles long lightning, bursting and sizzling on the tower tops and looking like agitated serpents wriggling crazily. Deep thunders could be heard ceaselessly while the thousands of divine thunderbolts with great aggressiveness all fully charged up with energy inside Yao Mountain City.

Ji Xia stood on the city wall. Seeing that Yao Mountain warriors were already well-prepared for the war, he instantly sighed in relief. Looking at the shaking images in the golden mirror, Ji Xia pointed his finger at those Jia Clan battle kinds, snorted and said, "Since they dared to come to our Yao Mountain City to seek death, strike them with the greatest thunder. Show them the power of our Yao Mountain territory."

In a moment, a dazzling wave of thunderbolts flashed across the sky along with a muffled yet earth-shaking series of thunder, that made all Yao Mountain warriors cover their ears with their hands. A weird odor spread in the air as tens of thousands of fist-thick thunderbolts descended from the sky, dazzled across thousands of miles and fiercely struck on the bodies of those Jia Clan battle kings. Along with a loud sizzling noise, these Jia Clan battle king’s bodies immediately lightened up while their heavy armors almost turned transparent under the strong thunderbolts.

The Heaven and Earth great formation were the most powerful defensive magic formation created by the ancient heaven. It was a strong weapon for the ancient heaven to awe the entire world. It could reach to the stars in the void, and was also connected with earth meridians. It contained immeasurably great power, could deliver unpredictable possibilities. Due to the differences in materials and the powers of the constructors of the great formation, this Heaven and Earth great formation in Yao Mountain City wasn’t exactly as powerful as the one belonging to the ancient heaven. However, it was at least fifty to sixty percent as powerful as the original one.

Over a thousand thunderbolts struck down simultaneously and immediately burned out the large jade boards taken out by those Jia Clan battle kings. The armors of those Jia Clan battle kings burst with an eye-piercing light as layers of transparent spell symbols covered the surfaces of those armors, barely fending against those strong thunderbolts.

Thunderous booms could then be heard. The layers of spell symbols released from the armors shattered one after another, and soon, the thunderbolts struck on the armors. These armors were made by Xiu Clan master craftsmen with over a thousand types of rare materials, through countless processes. But now, they were letting out deep cracking noises while speedily melting and collapsing under the terrifying thunderbolts. The natures of powers of some armors were naturally suppressed by the thunder power, and by now, these armors had even begun burning.

Within merely a second, the hundred Jia Clan battle kings, who came in such an aggressive manner, howled out together while being sent flying backward, with electric bolts sizzling out and black smoke puffing out from their bodies.

The thunderbolts flashed swiftly across the air, following closely after those Jia Clan battle kings and ceaselessly hurting them. The armors worn by those Jia Clan battle kings were crushed, the other defensive treasures were penetrated by the scary waves of thunderbolts. Even their weapons were turned into streams of metal liquid, splashing all over the sky.

The divine thunder, that contained all kinds of extreme powers that came from the ancient heaven, struck on the bodies of these Jia Clan battle kings. It tore their skin apart and burned their muscles and punctured their bones, damaging their internal organs and their life-force. The hundred elite Jia Clan battle kings were all divine-magus-level powerful beings, and were equally powerful as some leaders of the humankind. But at the moment, they were being crazily attacked by the divine thunder lingering around them. No matter how loudly they growled, they could never break out from these lingering thunderbolts.

The thunderbolts chased these Jia Clan battle kings, struck them down to the ground from the sky while water-stream-like thunderbolts continuously descended from the air, striking fiercely on their bodies over and over again. The ground under their bodies burst into a bright light as the ground was solidified by the Heaven and Earth great formation. Large numbers of dragon or phoenix shaped ancient divine spell symbols emerged from the ground, making the ground within the area with a radius of a hundred miles as solid as the hardest steel.

The ground was like a metal hammering block while the divine thunderbolts were like an iron hammer. The hundred Jia Clan battle kings were iron blocks that had countless impurities mixed with them, and were being madly hammered by an invisible giant. Every time a wave of divine thunderbolts descended, these Jia Clan battle kings would howl hysterically, and large streams of blood would be squeezed out from their bodies, along with pieces of body tissue that would be sent flying out. The ground was shaking slightly while a scary rumbling noise was coming out from underground, and every single one of these Jia Clan battle kings was nearly struck to death.

Seeing all this through the mirror, Ji Xia laughed out wildly and proudly said, "Be careful, don’t kill them. Let them keep the last gasp but disable them from recovering, then capture them alive!"

Proudly holding his head high, Ji Xia continued, "This time, Ji Hao will certainly come back with a massive contribution. How can I, as his father, humiliate him? Capturing a hundred non-humankind Divine Magi, how does this sounds? Eh?"

Gold Crow Clan warriors guarding in the surrounding area all laughed out, praising Ji Xia for his strength together.

Thousands of miles away from Yao Mountain City, a strangely scrawny elderly man with white hair, who seemed to be so old and weak that he could be blown away even by a small gust of wind, was holding a crutch with each of his hands. He had been silently looking at Yao Mountain City, which was enveloped in dazzling thunderbolts.

"Were those the ban-breaking spears of the non-humankind? Back then, the magic formation of my hometown was broken by this kind of spears, then my clansmen were slaughtered mercilessly."

"Can this great formation of Yao Mountain fend against the ban-breaking spears? Are these divine towers actually so powerful?"

"Did Kua E and his boys, that bunch of unruly kids, build this city for Earl Yao?"

"I didn’t think that they even dared to sell the greatest magic formation of the ancient heaven."

"Since they can sell it to Earl Yao, why can’t they sell it to our Tu Shan Family as well?" The elderly man smiled faintly while coughing slightly, then reached his snow-white, even silvery right hand out, and gently waved.

"Go negotiate with Kua E and his people. Our Tu Shan Family wants a city like this too. We can offer whatever Earl Yao had offered them."

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