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Above the sky, in the dark void, leaders of the humankind and the non-humankind were facing each other across a long distance.

The man wearing a tall hat and with a hazy face had been sitting on top of a towering mountain with his legs crossed. He had a stone held in his left hand and a blade in his right hand, as he was carefully carving the stone. A vivid bird was almost carved out of it.

Gong Gong stood in the distance, coldly looking at this slowly working man.

"You, who are you? Are you a clone of one of those old men? Or…is this just your real body?" Gong Gong murmured unpleasantly, "Damn, damn it… How many people, how many things had been hiding in Pu Ban City? Unless one attains the throne of the human emperor, who would know?"

Gong Gong threw a complicated glance at that man with his teeth gnashed, then turned around, looked at that enormous white cloud and said, "Dishi Cha, come out and let’s talk. For this life-and-death game, what trick have you played?"

The man, who had been carving the stone, raised his head and looked at the cloud.

A puff of blood-red light spots condensed in the sky. After that, a blood-red flame spurted out from the light, within which, Dishi Cha showed up in front of everyone, sitting straight on a large armchair. He was holding a long sword with both of his hands while looking at Gong Gong with a weird smile on his face.

"Can’t you wait to lose already? Three months, I can clearly tell you that those elites you carefully selected from all large clans and families, and those elite warriors they brought in to the small world, they can hold out for three months at the maximum."

Dishi Cha slightly raised his chin, proudly glanced at those powerful human leaders standing on the towering floating mountain, then continued, "This time span is calculated by many…"

While he was going to boast the power of Yu Dynasty, Dishi Cha’s look changed suddenly. All three eyes of his were popped out widely. He growled with a low voice, then patted on the arm of his chair with his left hand. Instantly, countless beams of light rose from around him.

A million thumb-sized jade talismans zipped out from those light beams, floating thickly above Dishi Cha’s head. These jade talismans were roundly shaped like an oval, as thin as cicada’s wing and exquisitely crafted. Every single one of these jade talismans had a human-shaped silhouette sparkling in it.

These were spirit soul talismans that belonged especially to Yu Clan. Once the owner of a spirit soul talisman put a trace of his or her soul into it, it would be able to show the current body condition of its owner, regardless of the distance. No matter slightly injured, severely injured, fainted or even fallen, all kinds of physical conditions could be clearly shown on the spirit soul talisman.

A series of popping noises could be heard endlessly. Dishi Cha’s face twisted as he witnessed nearly a million jade talismans exploding simultaneously. Countless thin jade fragments drifted down while glowing, looked like a heavy rain falling from right above his head.

Streams of dazzling light flashed across the air. Next, the twelve Emperors in Power of Yu Dynasty showed up around Dishi Cha together. They popped their eyes out as well, staring at those exploding spirit soul talisman as if they couldn’t believe their own eyes.

"How can this be? They can never lose!" Dishi Yanluo hoarsely screamed, "We had done such a perfect preparation! How could they possibly lose? And nearly a million of them fell together?! Even a million Jurassic beasts…"

Dishi Yanluo seized himself by the throat in shock, unable to breathe for a long while. He was so astonished that he couldn’t even talk by now.

"Ah, it has not much to do with me." Fan Hai, whose body was wrapped in a thin stream of death power, said slowly, "Lord Dishi Cha, I have to say this even in front of you. The fact that so many of our elites have fallen in there has nothing to do with me. I didn’t approve the suggestion of holding this life-and-death game. You can all testify for me… I never approved."

Spreading his hands, Fan Hai began passing the buck to the others while sounding quite smooth.

Yemo Luoye, the only female among the twelve Emperors, who was as beautiful as an elf that would only come out in nights, glanced at the others in a slight panic. For this life-and-death game, she was a determined supporter of Dishi Cha, and that was the reason why Yemo Sha could become the highest commander for this game. That had everything to do with her support.

But a million elites fell together…Who would take the blame of this?

Yemo Luoye’s face twisted badly. She couldn’t help but let her tall and slim body began shaking as well.

The other few emperors all remained silent while glancing at each other. When they looked at Dishi Cha again, their faces all showed a trace of viciousness. Before, none of them dared not to show any disrespect to Dishi Cha. But now…nearly a million elites had fallen, and this blame was way too heavy. It was nearly impossible for Dishi Cha to get over with this.

As a ‘tradition’ of Yu Clan people, they always liked to hit a person when he was down. Therefore, these few emperors had already started thinking about how they should take a huge bite of Dishi Cha.

Dishi Cha took a deep gasp. He raised his head and looked at those spirit souls talisman. By now, only thousands of those talismans remained floating above his head. "Things are not beyond retrieval. Maybe it was just an accident, but…"

Another series of popping noise started, and along with that, hundreds of spirit soul talismans exploded.

Dishi Cha stopped talking immediately. Looking at those remaining thousands of spirit soul talismans, Dishi Cha’s face twisted slightly, and his look turned extremely weird.

The twelve emperors silently encircled Dishi Cha. "Lord Dishi Cha, please cooperate. Nearly a million elites have fallen. You have to explain this to us, and also to those Great Emperors behind us. Therefore, please, do not resist." said Fan Hai sourly.

Dishi Cha coughed slightly and responded in a bland tone, "A coordinate for each of you…A whole new, clean coordinate."

Dishi Yanluo and the other emperors paused simultaneously. They gnashed their teeth as they hesitated.

Dishi Cha smiled, raised his head as a sun and moon blood pill flew swiftly towards Gong Gong along with a blood-red stream of light. "It seems that we won’t be able to kill your people out within three months. Therefore, I can be considered to have lost this bet between you and me. Gong Gong, this sun and moon blood pill is yours now."

Gong Gong took over the blood pill, carefully looked at it for a while, then couldn’t help but laugh out loudly.

After laughing for a long while, Gong Gong put the blood pill into his sleeve while a dim beam of black light flashed across his eyes.

Back in Midland, deep in a great river which was located in the northeast of Yao Mountain, Wuzhi Qi sat on a water lotus with his legs crossed, when he suddenly opened his eyes.

Two bright streams of white light dazzled out of his eyes like a pair of flood dragons, rolling rampantly in the water and raising clouds of sand and mud. A fierce water power spread in all directions, disturbing the surrounding power of destiny. After all that, Wuzhi Qi said blandly, "You can make your move now. Remember, I can only send you over. But as for whether you can come back alive, that will be depending on your own powers."

Snorting coldly, the petals of the water lotus folded back as Wuzhi Qi disappeared without leaving a trace.

A whole hundred heavily armored Jia Clan battle kings walked out from inside the river, silently rushing towards Yao Mountain City with big steps. A killing intent had been releasing from the bodies of those Jia Clan battle kings.

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