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The turbid mist outside Fallen Land vibrated while Pan Xi rushed out with smoke puffing out from her whole body and with Yemo Tuo carried in her hand. Yemo Tuo’s face was deathly pale. Among the over ten-thousand Yu Clan people who had joined this life-and-death-game, Yemo Tuo was the only one who survived by now. If he hadn’t snatched the magic talisman that could serve as a remote-control of Pan Xi from Yemo Sha’s hands when he was killed and called Pan Xi back to save his life with a secret spell, Yemo Tuo would have either been killed by Man Man’s flame bombs or turned into ashes by the explosion of the fort-crushing cannon already, just like the other Yu Clan people.

"Dead…dead!" Seeing the clear sky of Pan Xi world, Yemo Tuo screamed out like a crazy man. "Dead, all dead… Yemo Sha died… It’s good though, but so many people have all died…"

"Only I am alive, damn it, only I am alive. What now? Will I take the blame for all this?" Yemo Tuo’s face twisted. Over ten-thousand Yu Clan people, all from powerful and influential families... If more than one of them had managed to survive, things would still be controllable. But now, only Yemo Tuo fled out. What would the leaders of those large Yu Clan families think? Yu Clan people were cunning and disbelieving. If everyone thought that those Yu Clan people were entrapped and killed by Yemo Tuo, he would fall into a huge series of troubles in the future.

Along with loud coughs, over ten Jia Clan battle kinds rushed out with cracked armors. They gasped deeply for air while vomiting blood. Oddly-colored poisonous smoke puffed out from their mouths. Yu Mu’s poison had corroded their bodies, and even the blood vomited by them was different colored, seeming to be quite scary

Following behind were more Divine-Magus-level Jia Clan battle kings, rushing out of Fallen Land. In a daze, Yemo Tuo counted these Jia Clan warriors, ten, hundred…In total, only six-hundred and seventy-seven Jia Clan battle kings fled out from Fallen Land; they were the only survivors among the million elite Jia Clan warriors.

"Yemo Sha should take this responsibility!" Yemo Tuo looked at these Jia Clan elite warriors, who now looked like a group of drowning mice. He wanted to cry but failed to shed any tears. Therefore, his body began shaking without him being able to help it. A whole million elite Jia Clan warriors, armed to the teeth, but only hundreds of them survived.

Thinking about the anger of the families of those dead Jia Clan warriors, Yemo Tuo now truly wanted to order Pan Xi to directly slap him to death. Losing a whole million elite Jia Clan warriors, he couldn’t afford to take the blame for this, neither could his family.

A deep footstep came, following which, Chi You, whose body was burning with a black flame, walked out with big steps. Behind him were thousands of Chi You Army warriors. The senses of powers of these Chi You Army warriors had now become weak and thin; obviously, these warriors were badly injured, but the number of them had reached five to six thousands. In comparison with Jia Clan warriors, the loss suffered by Chi You Army was nothing.

"Chi You! Your men…How come so many of you are still alive?" Yemo Tuo popped out his eyes in shock, staring at Chi You as if he couldn't’ believe his own eyes.

Chi You coldly glanced at Yemo Tuo, then began explaining with a deep voice. When the fort-crushing cannon launched the first shot, Chi You Army warriors were on the fence wall built by Ji Hao, fighting against human warriors. Therefore, Chi You Army warriors were quite far away from Yemo Tuo and the other Yu Clan people, and they were more than a hundred miles away from the cannon back then. When the cannon destroyed itself, Chi You risked his own life, burned his spirit blood and forced River Earl back, then shielded Chi You Army warriors with the void shield. By doing this, he saved a big half of his warriors from the destructive waves of black light.

Yemo Tuo looked at Chi You, truly wanting to cry.

A swishing noise came from a distance away. The tens of Xiu Clan people who fled the first, now carefully came back. In a soul-deep shock, they looked at Yemo Tuo and people around him. "Lord Yemo Tuo, only…only these few people came out?" screamed a Xiu Clan elderly man.

Yemo Tuo tremblingly looked at him and responded with a weak and weeping tone, "Just, just these few people. This, this, Yemo Sha was the highest commander of this life-and-death game, not me… I, I have nothing to do with all this…I, I never approved of entering Fallen Land."

Chi You stomped his foot against the ground loudly then shouted in a harsh tone, "Lord Yemo Tuo, let’s not think about passing the buck for now. Just think about how should we finish this life-and-death game. If we return just like this, if we lost this game, think about the consequences."

Chi You’s eyes had been sparkling with a bright light as he continued with a deep voice, "We have lost million elite warriors, dear Lord Yemo Tuo, a million elite warriors! Hehe, even back in the last Chi Ban Mountain War when the few large families were entrapped by the humankind in Evil Dragon Bay, we didn’t suffer such a great loss."

Yemo Tuo stared at Chi You in a daze. Abruptly, he pulled out his sword and sliced towards his own neck. Chi You grasped Yemo Tuo’s hand when the sword edge was still an inch away from his neck. Yemo Tuo wasn’t so determined to die. Therefore, he didn’t put forth much of his strength. Chi You stopped him from cutting his own throat, and instantly, Yemo Tuo threw his sword away and began crying loudly.

"Lord Yemo Tuo, you can’t solve anything by crying. Let’s make a plan, see how we should finish this life-and-death game." Chi You narrowed his eyes while a dim blood-red light flashed across his eyes. Next, he glanced at Pan Xi in a complicated way and said, "In fact, we still have a chance."

Yemo Tuo stopped crying. Instead, he looked at Chi You curiously and said, "Chance? What chance? Even if we won, I…"

"If we won the game, all blame will go to Lord Yemo Sha, or any other Lord who fell in the battlefield. They can take all the responsibilities. As long as we can win this game, all credits will be yours, my Lord."

Yemo Tuo’s look changed so quickly that he even showed a flattering grin while looking at Chi You.

Back in Fallen Land, Si Wen Ming and the others fell to the ground in exhaustion, lying on the ground, soaked in sweat and unable to move. Five tortoise chariots floated in front of them. Those enormous, sturdy tortoise chariots had already been frazzled, with countless cracks and breaches appearing on the turtle shells.

Ao Li and Feng Qinxin weakly fell on the ground while vomiting blood. Both the dragon sea-destroying magic formation and the phoenix sky-flaming magic formations were obliterated by the explosion of the cannon, and as the controller of the two great magic formations, they had suffered a strong counterforce. Therefore, they had now been lying on the ground as well, unable to move even a little bit.

The three magnificent fence walls had now disappeared, evaporated entirely without leaving any trace to prove their existence.

Hundreds of millions of local people were crushed by the great pressure caused by the waves of black light. Elite human beings remained alive. However, they had all joined hands with Si Wen Ming just now to resist the terrifyingly great explosive waves caused by the self-destruction of the cannon, and were all exhausted. Countless people fell to the ground, but only a few of them were injured or killed.

Ji Hao transformed into a golden beam of light and flew back to the fort. Seeing Si Wen Ming and the others lying on the ground, he growled loudly out.

"Get up, strike back! Kill all non-humankind beings!"

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