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Those flame bombs were made by Zhu Rong himself with the ancient essence poisonous flame collected from the deepest area of the largest ancient Southern Wasteland volcano, added with all kinds of strong toxins produced in Southern Wasteland jungle. The flame was nourished in the earth core countless times, and it was made into flame bombs by Zhu Rong with his secret magic.

The instantaneous effect of every single one of those flame bombs thrown out by Man Man would be equal to fifty-percent of a full strike launched by Zhu Rong.

Over a thousand flame bombs struck the metal city and exploded one after another. After each flame bomb exploded, a raging, black fire would rise into the sky. The power of the flame burst from the bombs was highly concentrated, only covering the area with a radius of around three-hundred meters.

In Southern Wasteland, fifty percent of the power of a full strike launched by Zhu Rong could at least melt the ground within an area hundreds of thousands of miles in radius. But now, such a terrifying power was forcibly concentrated inside the area with a radius of merely three-hundred meters by the secret magic spell cast on the bomb. It was not hard to imagine that inside the effective range of these flame bombs one could only be turned into ashes without a God-level power.

The group of Yu Clan people howled hoarsely out one after another. Their entire bodies had been glowing with different colored bright light as they ceaselessly activated all kinds of life-saving treasures. Jade talismans, amulets or pendants worn by them dazzled splendidly, releasing layers of protective magic screens.

The black flame spread out along with a thunder-like exploding noise. Over a thousand flame bombs exploded in a row, and within the area with a radius of three-hundred meters, the raging black flame looked like an enormous blooming flower. Wherever the black flame reached, every single thing was burned out. All live-saving treasures worn by those Yu Clan people, including all kinds of one-time jade talismans and pendants with amazingly great defensive powers, were crushed and destroyed by the black flame immediately.

Yu Clan people growled, wailed and cried in the black flame. But in a short while, they were all swallowed up by the black flame without leaving any trace.

Around the metal fort, those divine towers had been collapsing one after another. The strike launched by the fort-crushing cannon destroyed the defensive magic formation of the metal fort. After that, those overloaded divine towers suffered an immense counterforce and magic formations contained in those divine towers disintegrated one after another. Divine towers blasted out intensively, letting out surging streams of fire spreading swiftly out. All that disabled all non-humankind beings inside the metal fort from fleeing.

The arrow released by Feng Xing penetrated the fort-crushing cannon and destroyed many essential spell symbols inside it. This powerful, enormous cannon had now been shaking intensely while countless spell symbols emerged on its surface and dazzled brightly. Large numbers of broken spell symbols exploded ceaselessly, releasing bright fiery light and electric bolts in all directions, blowing up quite a few Xiu Clan master craftsmen near the cannon.

An eye-piercing light burst from the core area of the cannon while this polyhedron-shaped core of the fort-crushing cannon, which had swallowed countless magic crystals to provide energy for the entire cannon, shook intensively and let out a terrifying buzzing noise. The magic formation contained in the cannon seemed to break down soon, and the cannon was going to blow apart completely.

A Xiu Clan elderly man with white hair rushed straightaway. An exquisite pair of wings grew out from his back, dragging him up into the sky. He then transformed into a stream of light, attempting to run away from Fallen Land. Following behind this elderly man, all remained Xiu Clan elites fled desperately away one after another. Some of these Xiu Clan people only ran away at their highest speed, but a few younger ones still had some conscience as they turned around and gave a few screams.

"Run! The cannon is going to destroy itself! Run!"

Si Wen Ming and the other elite human beings, who had now been approaching the metal city, turned straight around, leaving the metal city, which had already become an ocean of flame, at their highest speed.

Outside the metal city, those Jia Clan warriors, who had formed ordered battle formations, attempted to run as well. They all mastered all kinds of fighting skills, but knew nothing about weapon-making. However, they understood that what made those Xiu Clan master craftsmen flee desperately while screaming was definitely highly lethal.

They began running at their highest speed and with all of their strength. Just running, as far as possible... Nevertheless, over ninety percent of these Jia Clan warriors had their looks changed suddenly when they prepared to run. Their bodies were softened while sweat oozed out from their pores ceaselessly. They howled hysterically, trying their best to boost up their powers and fun, but they couldn’t even raise their legs.

Behind Yu Mu, the Disease God streamer silently floated in the air while huge streams of poisonous mist puffed out from Yu Mu’s sleeves. With the help of the Disease God streamer, an extremely magical change had happened to this especially strong poisonous mist, that by now, even Divine Magi couldn’t easily survive it.

Among these elite Jia Clan warriors, except for less than a thousand of them who were Divine-Magus-level, powerful big warriors called ‘battle kings’, all the others had inhaled the poison released by Yu Mu and now had their bodies softened and fatigued, barely able to struggle.

These Jia Clan warriors had secret treasures which were designed especially for fending against the humankind’s poisons and curses. At the moment, these treasures had been glowing with a faint light while shielding these Jia Clan warriors. Yu Mu’s poison shouldn’t have been so effective on them. But with the help of the Disease God streamer, Yu Mu’s poison had become way too terrifying, that nearly a million Jia Clan warriors were defeated all at once.

"No!" Within the twinkling of an eye, a Jia Clan battle king, who had already dashed around a thousand miles away, turned around. He looked at the other Jia Clan warriors who didn’t manage to run too far and growled with a hoarse voice.

"Ao Li, if you don’t want to die, activate the dragon sea-destroying power at full capacity!" Si Wen Ming rushed back with his people while shouting at Ao Li, who had been watching all this from the side.

Buzz! Along with a loud noise, Elder Destiny and a group of ancestor souls combined their powers, forcibly activating the remaining magic formation on the broken fence walls. A dim defensive light screen showed up that covered the gap in the middle of the three fence walls up.

Ao Li’s faces twisted from time to time. He roared out with a deep yet resonant voice while taking out a blue dragon bead and wielded it. Instantly, rampant waves rose into the sky with over ten-thousand gigantic dragons faintly visible in the waves, letting out sky-shaking dragon roars.

Feng Qinxin adjusted the phoenix sky-flame magic formation as well, concentrating the flame released by the formation to form a thick fire wall in front of the fort.

Next, the fort-crushing cannon exploded thunderously.

A white stream of light rose into the air, then spread out in all directions. The dazzling white light suddenly turned purely black after reaching a hundred miles away. The deep black light continued spreading out along with a tremendous buzzing noise. The strong sound wave covered all kinds of sounds in the world, even disabling all living creatures in Fallen Land from hearing anything anymore.

Like a tsunami, the black light struck towards Si Wen Ming and other human beings. Waves of black light bumped against the dragon sea-destroying and phoenix sky-flaming magic formations. Ao Li and Feng Qinxin both had their faces turned dark while thin cracks appeared on the spirit treasures held in their hands, which were controlling their magic formations. Looking at the cracking spirit treasures holding in their hands, Ao Li and Feng Qinxin nearly cried out.

This time, they came to Pan Xi world to gain benefits. But, instead of finding any treasure, they had even cost their own treasures.

The five-mountain divine shield of Si Wen Ming stood behind the two great magic formations, transforming into a hundred-mile long tremendous shield. It had been quaking intensely, trying its best to fend against the black light coming through the two great magic formations.

Si Wen Ming’s body had been trembling intensely as well. Meanwhile, everyone heard the bone creaking noise coming from his body.

Huaxu Lie and Lie Mountain Kang and the other elite human beings took a step forward simultaneously and stood side by side with Si Wen Ming, reaching their hands out and partaking the destructive power released by the explosion of the fort-crushing cannon.

The black light waves were barely stopped by Si Wen Ming and the others on the side of the humankind, but those Jia Clan elite warriors and Chi You Army warriors poisoned by Yu Mu were all engulfed by it.

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