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Standing on the fence wall of the metal city, Yemo Sha and his people looked at the black beam of light that had been dazzling towards them with twisted faces. Only they know how much had they spent on this fort-crushing cannon, and how destructive this cannon was.

Because of an unexpected problem occurring in a small group of spell symbols of the cannon, this shot was launched before the cannon was fully charged with energy. But sixty percent of its full power was more than enough for destroying this metal fort built from metal puppets.

Even worse, Yemo Sha and his people were standing right on the metal fort because they wanted to witness the miserable death of Si Wen Ming and the other human beings. But now, they watched the fierce black light beam striking over without having a chance to dodge.

Chi You’s raging roars came from the mist in the sky, following which, a human-shaped silhouette flashed across the air. At an indescribably high speed, Chi You dashed out of the watery mist with the void shield in his hand. Next, his body suddenly turned hazy as he intended to teleport himself back into the metal fort.

With the power of the void shield, if he could reach the metal fort before the black light, he could probably hold off this strike. However, countless black water whips swished out from the watery mist and slapped on the body of Chi You, who was going to teleport himself away. The cold and sticky, tentacle-like water whips tied Chi You’s limbs up and dragged him directly back into the watery mist.

"River Earl, you old bastard! I swear I will kill you!" Chi You growled in a great rage.

"Many people have said that, but till now, I am still alive." River Earl’s voice sounded bland and calm, without any emotion. A thunderous boom was then generated from the water mist, along with dazzling lightning bolts.

"Pan Xi!" Yemo Sha screamed in a hoarse voice. At this moment, he could only count on Pan Xi to save him and his people. With Pan Xi’s tough body, even the fort-crushing cannon couldn’t possibly harm her. As long as she could show up in time and shield the metal fort behind her, those Yu Clan people could be saved.

In the great distance, Ji Hao, whose eyes had been shining with a bright golden light, had just thrown out a magic talisman.

A black and white pattern of Taiji had been rotating slowly like a gigantic millstone, trapping Pan Xi in it. In the middle of the pattern of Taiji, a slim elderly man, who was wearing a long robe decorated with the patterns of flame and water, held a long ruler in his left hand with his right hand held behind his back, standing straight in front of Pan Xi. Word by word, this elderly man slowly murmured ‘The Dao is Dao, but not an ordinary Dao’.

Ji Hao stared at this elderly man who came from the magic talisman with a great shock.

Who was he, and how could he come out from the magic talisman? Had this elderly Daoist priest been hiding a clone of his in the magic talisman all these time? Or did he sense the power of Pan Xi through the magic talisman, like a hunter sensing his prey, and unreasonably, suddenly broke in?

Apart from the great shock, Ji Hao was truly curious that if Pan Xi still had her consciousness and all of her powers, would she be stronger than this elderly Daoist priest? Nevertheless, by now, Pan Xi had forgotten all her abilities, and could only smash people with pure violence. Obviously, she could never rival the elderly Daoist Priest like this. The elderly Daoist Priest easily created a small, twisted space and trapped Pan Xi in it.

This small space was entirely twisted, completely isolated from the outside world. Therefore, Yemo Sha’s screams didn’t manage to go into Pan Xi’s ears.

Glancing at this elderly Daoist priest again in shock, Ji Hao turned around, looked at the fort with a relaxed smile and said, "Hm, right in front of you, the secret treasure that can rebound enemies’ attacks, has been crushed. Now you see it, right?"

Ao Li and Feng Qinxin wanted the Pan Xi divine mirror, that Ji Hao understood perfectly. But of course he disapproved what they had done. Therefore, when the fort-crushing cannon made the second shot, Ji Hao instantly connected with the divine mirror inside the volcano, which was transformed from the soul-shaking clock, and moved it out to shield Si Wen Ming and the others.

After all, the divine mirror in the volcano was only like a magic clone of the real Pan Xi divine mirror. By rebounding the strike made by the fort-crushing cannon, the structure of the clone mirror suffered irreversible damage. As a consequence, it crashed right in front of everybody.

Chi You failed to return to the metal fort timely while Pan Xi was trapped by the elderly Daoist Priest. Nothing else was in between the metal fort and the terrifying strike made by the cannon but the protective magic screen created by those divine towers. Yemo Sha was screaming while mountain-huge piles of magic crystals turned into smoke inside those divine towers. All divine towers were overloaded as they extracted all natural powers contained in those crystals and fully activated all defensive magic formations.

Nearly ten-thousand Yu Clan people were screaming together while activating their most precious defensive treasures. All kinds of oddly shaped treasures flew into the air and released splendid light before the metal fort.

With a great eyesight, Ji Hao saw the treasure took out by an especially handsome Yu Clan young man. That treasure was actually a bouquet of pink crystal roses! The crystal roses were extremely beautiful; over a hundred roses in the bouquet bloomed, transforming into a three-hundred-meter thick crystal wall, standing in front of the fence wall of the metal fort. This crystal wall was entirely pink, decorated with countless patterns of roses.

These Yu Clan people indeed had some sense of aesthetics.

Over ten-thousand great defensive treasures were activated, but the cannon strike had already reached to the metal fort before they could fully release their powers.

A sky-shattering boom was caused, and all Yu Clan people, including Yemo Sha, began vomiting blood. Sixty to seventy percent of the treasures activated by them shattered immediately while twenty to thirty percent were damaged, stopped glowing and fell on the ground. Only very few treasures, those with especially great qualities, were sent flying away for hundreds of miles without being harmed.

That beautiful pink crystal wall cracked instantly, and the black beam of light let out from the fort-crushing cannon bumped into the defensive magic screen created by the divine towers. Along with an ear-piercing noise, the ten miles thick defensive magic screen was crushed layer by layer while those divine towers standing on the fence wall exploded one after another.

Divine towers exploded, sending waves of heavy metal patches down from the air. They smashed on the bodies of Yemo Sha and his people, broke their heads and made them bleed.

Within a single second, the defensive magic screen shattered entirely, and the black beam of light struck straight onto the metal fence wall, which was trodden under the feet of Yemo Sha and his people. The silver-colored metal fence wall melted and collapsed quickly, showing a giant gap within the blink of an eye.

The black light beam dazzled through the gap, seeming to pierce onto the fort-crushing cannon. Suddenly, a beam of light flashed across. Chi You’s void shield moved across the space and directly showed up before the black light beam. The void shield was covered in blood while a strong sense of power spread out from it.

The black light beam, which had shrunk to half its size, struck on the void shield and made the shield quake intensively while letting out a buzzing noise. Countless extremely thin black electric bolts burst out and finally, this cannon strike was stopped.

"Ha! Haha!" Yemo Sha and his people laughed out loud.

But what came right next was a dazzling golden light. The golden beam of light smashed Yemo Sha’s head all of a sudden, caused a popping noise. Then, a golden arrow tore apart the defensive magic screen around the fort-crushing cannon and penetrated the cannon.

The loud laughter of those Yu Clan people stopped instantly.

A series of swishing noise could then be heard as over a thousand flame bombs thrown out by Man Man had flown over along with the golden arrow.

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