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Si Wen Ming stood in the middle of the gap between the three layers of the fence wall, with hazy silhouettes of the five towering mountains sparkling out from the thick shield held in his hand. Large streams of yellow-colored earth power spread out towards all directions. Meanwhile, the air seemed to compress towards his left hand and faintly, five giant mountains emerged in the air picturesquely.

"The five divine mountains, representing the fortune of my kind." growled Si Wen Ming with a deep voice. Along with his voice, a series of mountain silhouettes flew out from behind him, while sixteen purely yellow, different sized spirit stars that had been releasing dense earth power hovered inside those mountain silhouettes. They then momentarily merged with the five towering mountain images released from the shield.

Huaxu Lie gave a long roar while flashing through the air and reaching to the left of Si Wen Ming. A black light and a white light dazzled out from behind him, reaching straight into the sky for thousands of meter high, then merged into a sphere of Chaos mist. Within the Chaos mist, a spinning eight diagram emerged.

"The diagram of Emperor Fuxi, seeing through the heaven and the earth." murmured Huaxu Lie with a low voice. Following his voice, layers of silhouettes of mountains, swamps, trees and hills flew out from eight diagrams, quickly merging with the five giant mountains that came from Si Wen Ming’s shield.

Emperor Fuxi was an ancient, legendary human emperor, and was a soothsayer. As a descendant of Emperor Fuxi, Huaxu Lie surely inherited the power of the eight diagram.

Lie Mountain Kang walked over with big steps and stood on the right side of Si Wen Ming. Silently, he let a splendid light glow from behind him. Within the light, countless plants began growing, coiling around each other and soon, the entire area with a radius of a hundred miles had been turned into a vivid green, with thousands of kinds of rare plants swaying in the air.

The Lie Mountain Family descended from Emperor Shen Nong, who was also an ancient human emperor and was the greatest master of leechcraft in the world in his era. Lie Mountain Kang wasn’t good at the art of healing, yet, the power secretly inherited by him from his bloodline was green power. Green power was gentle yet strong, flexible and controllable; it was the best for defense.

Over a hundred princes from all large clans and families, who were close to Si Wen Ming, walked out one after another and stood behind Si Wen Ming orderly. None of them chose to flee. They activated their inherited Divine-Magus-level magic treasures while some even took out ancient Supreme-level divine treasures. Different-colored lights coiled in the air in bright streams, then all merged with the five great mountains of Si Wen Ming.

Gong Gong Wuyou looked at Si Wen Ming in both admiration and jealousy. He gnashed his teeth, silently and angrily wondering why he couldn’t have so many sincere supporters.

Abruptly, a sword light dazzled into the sky. Gong Sun Yuan stood behind Si Wen Ming as well, sending out a great and bright stream of sword light that then merged with the five mountains like a straight spine.

Gong Gong Wuyou glared at Gong Sun Yuan. If Gong Sun Yuan wasn’t the candidate for the place of human emperor chosen by himself, and if Gong Sun Yuan’s family, the You Xiong Family, wasn’t so powerful, Gong Gong Wuyou would have given vent to a torrent of abuse already.

"Take!" Shaosi stood in midair and gently incanted a spell. Streams of white mist swiftly flew out from the heads of Gong Gong Wuyou and those Northern Wasteland warriors, into the bodies of Si Wen Ming and his supporters. Within the blink of an eye, all fortune that belonged to Gong Gong Wuyou and his people had been looted away entirely by Shaosi, that made them quiver suddenly. But still, they didn’t know that they had already been ‘robbed’.

When Gong Gong Wuyou and his warriors’ fortune was taken away, a group of spell symbol on the surface of the fort-crushing cannon suddenly let out a strange electric buzz. The giant cannon, which hadn’t been fully charged with energy, quaked slightly and next, a black beam of light dazzled out from the cannon, fiercely towards Shi Wen Ming’s chest. This time, the black beam of light was only around sixty percent as powerful as the first shot.

"Damn it! I said that the time interval between two shots has to be over twenty-four hours! I told you that the spell symbol group in this area has some problems!" A Xiu Clan elderly man shouted angrily.

"Cut the crap, just fit as quickly as possible! Hm, didn’t we bring a whole new set of spell symbols? Just replace them with the new ones!" said another Xiu Clan elderly man.

The black beam of light pierced towards Si Wen Ming at lightning speed. Si Wen Ming and the group of princes around him roared out together while taking three large steps forward simultaneously. The sense of power released by all of them combined into one, spreading speedily in all directions and suddenly converged inwards, turning as steady as mountains.

Human warriors behind Si Wen Ming and those princes rushed out with big steps like a tsunami. As long as the power of this strike faded, they would go attack the metal fort with all of their powers, even by risking their lives. Either all non-humankind beings in that metal fort would be wiped out, or they would all die in that metal fort.

Feng Qinxin, who was standing aside, abruptly gave a faint smile. Glancing at Ao Li, who seemed to be quite angry, she smilingly said with a silvery voice, "Lord Wen Ming, I’m helping you. Hehe, Ao Li was only talking for the dragon-kind just now, our phoenix-kind are not thinking about the same thing."

Ao Li looked at Feng Qinxin in confusion. What was this? How could she change so suddenly? This plan was made by both of them upon discussion. But how come Ao Li now turned to be the only sinner? Feng Qinxin, this cunning little girl…

"Damn it!" Ao Li glared at Feng Qinxin and yelled.

Feng Qinxin had been preparing for this since long ago. She took out a red bead as a fiery light flashed across the air. The phoenix sky-flaming magic formation was activated with full capacity. A silvery phoenix scream rose into the sky while a fiery phoenix, that had the wingspan of over a thousand miles, swished up from underground, flying forward with a sky-devouring raging fire.

In this very moment, Ji Hao’s teammates moved.

Taisi showed the whites of his eyes.

Huge clouds of different-colored or transparent poisonous smoke puffed quickly out of Yu Mu’s sleeve.

Man Man threw out the pair of heavy hammers crafted by Yu Yu with full strength. After that, she gnashed her teeth and cast out over a thousand of those flame bombs all at once. Those bombs were made by Zhu Rong with the earth core ancient poisonous flame that he collected from inside the greatest volcano in the Southern Wasteland with some solid efforts.

Feng Xing stood in the distance, with the longbow held in his hands glowing with a dazzling light. He bit his tongue tip and sprayed three mouthfuls of blood on the longbow in a row. Behind Feng Sing, a giant silently emerged, holding a longbow that looked exactly like the one in Feng Xing’s hands. The giant made the exact posture as Feng Xing did, pulling his long bow open. Puff! Followed by a loud and clear noise, a golden arrow zipped out from the string of Feng Xing’s bow. After that, Feng Xing fell weakly on the ground.

The black beam of light flew out from the fort-crushing cannon was going to bump against the five mountains let out by Si Wen Ming. But all of a sudden, a dim light flashed across the air and next, a square-shaped, thick mirror appeared, glowing with a dim light and shielding Si Wen Ming behind it.

Following a series of shouts and screams, the black light beam dazzled into the mirror. The entire Fallen Land seemed to be frozen for a moment, but right in the next moment, the black light beam flew back out from the surface of the mirror, dazzling towards the metal fort, where Yemo Sha and his people stayed in along with a shrill swishing noise.

A cracking noise could be heard endlessly. Countless cracks appeared in the mirror, with thin fragments flying up one after another, gradually transforming into light spots, merging with the air.

"Secret treasure! Secret treasure! This is the secret treasure! Oh my, how can it be destroyed?" yelled Ao Li while looking at this mirror that looked definitely like a great treasure. Seeing the mirror cracked, Ao Li almost cried out.

Yemo Sha and the other Yu Clan people who stood in the metal fort watching the fight also nearly cried out.

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