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The fence walls were broken by a single shot. Reasonably, those metal puppets and the nearly a million Jia Clan warriors should be preparing to march into the city and start a massive killing.

Si Wen Ming had given a series of orders, ordering the human and local warriors inside the fort to prepare for the bloody fight. However, the non-humankind army outside the fort didn’t rush in. Instead, those metal puppets had even moved aside, emptying a vast area between the fort and the fort-crushing cannon.

The Chi You Army warriors who had been crazily killing human warriors on the fence wall didn’t grasp the opportunity to break into the fort. Instead, they began retreating from the fence wall at their highest speed. Besides, they intentionally avoided the area pointed at by the cannon.

"What the hell is this?!" The great strike launched by the fort-crushing cannon had shocked everyone in the fort. Elder Destiny had never, ever seen a destructive weapon like this, and couldn’t help but scream out.

"Xiu Clan indeed possesses advanced techniques. For real, none of the numerous master craftsmen in our Magi Palace can surpass them," said Si Wen Ming with a hoarse voice. "We can’t let them take the second shot. Rush out and destroy that cannon, otherwise, we can’t possibly win."

As a man who had been through countless wars, Si Wen Ming realized how terrifying the for-crushing cannon was at first sight. Although Fallen Land had disabled those non-humankind beings from using the great Dao of nature of Pan Xi world as a weapon, as long as they had enough magic crystals to supply energy for the fort-crushing cannon, the cannon could fire without a break.

The three layers of fence wall which were designed by Ji Hao with a great effort, even hundreds of Divine Magi couldn’t break it, not even by joining hands. Nevertheless, with a single shot, the cannon punctured all three layers of fence wall. The cannon was unstoppably powerful, and if the non-humankind made another few shots with it, the human army, which had lost the protection of fence walls, would certainly be destroyed.

"Ninth prince, Young Master Feng, please!" From a long distance away, Si Wen Ming shouted towards Feng Qinxin and Ao Li who had been watching the fight. He knew that Feng Qinxin and Ao Li had set a phoenix sky-flaming formation and a dragon sea-destroying formation. At the moment, the humankind could use some of their help.

Ao Li and Feng Qinxin glanced at each other, after which, Ao Li abruptly laughed out and said, "Sure, sure, the dragon-kind, phoenix-kind and humankind, we are families. Hehe, I’m just wondering one thing, what is that secret magic treasure of Earl Yao that even the scary woman can’t do nothing to it?"

Ao Li wasn’t concealing his greediness at all. He was not blind, and had discovered the extraordinariness of the Pan Xi divine mirror long ago. But as far as he knew about Ji Hao, Ji Hao didn’t have that treasure before entering into Pan Xi world.

A treasure that even Pan Xi couldn’t break, for such a treasure, Ao Li wanted it too.

Feng Qinxin smiled faintly. She curved her cherry-like lips upwards without saying anything, and neither did she trigger the phoenix sky-flaming magic formation. For what Ao Li asked, Feng Qinxin wanted to know too. However, she wasn’t as dumb as Ao Li, and didn’t want to offend anyone. Therefore, for things like this, she let Ao Li do it. As for Feng Qinxin herself, she only needed to quietly wait aside for an opportunity to make a move.

The human army seemed ready to be destroyed very soon by now. In exchange for the help of the dragon-kind and phoenix-kind, shouldn’t Ji Hao hand something out? After all, Fallen Land contained zero natural power. Consequently, both of the dragon sea-destroying magic formation and the phoenix sky-flaming magic formation had to consume the resources that belonged to Ao Li and Feng Qinxin themselves to burst with a strong power. Weren’t those precious resources consumed by the two large magic formations worth anything? The humankind couldn’t let the phoenix-kind and dragon-kind fight for them with nothing in return, could they?

Si Wen Ming’s smile froze. Staring at Ao Li for a while, he said blandly, "Ninth prince, what are you trying to say?"

Ao Li raised his head, vividly showing the arrogance that belonged to the dragon-kind and said, "Alright, you asked me to say this, I’ll just say it out. That secret defensive magic treasure of Ji Hao, I fancy it quite a lot. If you want me to activate the dragon sea-destroying magic formation and destroy that giant cannon for you, you should just trade for my help with that treasure!

Feng Qinxin smiled. What a dumb dragon, only he could say this so straightforwardly. However, this was exactly what Feng Qinxin wanted to say. Therefore, she just happily listened to Ao Li.

Si Wen Ming remained silent. He only carefully looked at Ao Li and Feng Qinxin from up to down, after that, he turned around, looked at Huaxu Lie and Lie Mountain Kang who stood behind him, abruptly grinned and said, "Are our humankind already shameless enough to sell our own people to live? My brothers, are you willing to fight with me?"

Huaxu Lie, Lie Mountain Kang and the other elite human beings pulled out their weapons, laughed out together and growled out.


Ao Li and Feng Qinxin had their looks changed instantly, looking at Si Wen Ming angrily. Since long ago, they had heard that Si Wen Ming was hard to deal with. Today, they realized that Si Wen Ming indeed deserved this reputation. Under the current situation, without the help of the dragon-kind and phoenix-kind, what could the humankind possibly do?

Could they withstand the attacks launched by the Chi You Army?

Could they hold out under the fire of the fort-crushing cannon?

And the one million elite Jia Clan warriors, with those injured human warriors who had been frustrated badly by Pan Xi, how could they possibly survive the full attack launched by the non-humankind?

Si Wen Ming, how dare he do that? He should order Ji Hao to hand out that secret magic treasure and trade for the help of the dragon-kind and the phoenix-kind!

Zhu Rong Tianming looked around with a fiery light sparkling around him while winking towards Priest Corpse and Bo Qiujia. The terrifying strike launched by the fort-crushing cannon had already frightened him badly, and by now, he dared not to even imagine what the next strike would be like.

Priest Corpse’s face was twisted as well. The attack launched by the fort-crushing cannon, which was a large-scale killing weapon made by the non-humankind, contained a faint trace of historical power. A full attack launched by it was even more powerful than the power released by some powerful killing spirit treasure at full capacity.

How on earth did these non-humankind beings make such a terrifying killing weapon?

However, Priest Corpse’s face was also filled with greediness when he looked at the cannon. If his sect could have this kind of weapon that could be simply motivated by magic crystals condensed from all kinds of natural powers, it would be greatly helpful to the great plan of his sect.

Unlike the others, Gong Gong Wuyou quickly stepped back while Northern Wasteland warriors around him had also been retreating at their highest speed. While moving backward, he shouted harshly, "Si Wen Ming, are you joking? If you want to fight against such a metal monster, you go for it…I’m not that dumb."

Ao Li yelled out again, "Si Wen Ming, just hurry… As long as you promise to give me that secret treasure, we can negotiate anything. Otherwise, hehe, a small problem occurred in the dragon sea-destroying magic formation days ago, so it’s not that easy to trigger it right now." Ao Li seemed to think that this excuse made up by him just now was quite funny, and he even laughed out loud.

Si Wen Ming remained silent. He gripped the long sword, stood right in the middle of the gap left by the disappeared fence wall, which was also the core area aimed by the cannon.

"Brothers, fight with me!"

Si Wen Ming growled while a yellow stream of mist rose from his head. From the mist, a khaki-colored, large shield, that had the hazy silhouettes of five towering mountains sparkling on its surface, flew out and was grasped in Si Wen Ming’s hand.

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