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The gigantic metal cannon was crystal clear, glowing with a splendid light. Although it was made from metal, with advanced techniques of Xiu Clan, it had been given a crystal-like, transparent texture. This cannon, called the ‘fort-crushing cannon’ by Xiu Clan people, was a polyhedron, shaped like an onion, and the thickest part of it was around a mile thick. The thinner part of the onion was pointing at the fence wall of the fort. In the air, thousands of long and slim, diamond-shaped flakes floated in the air, connected to each other through thin bolts of electricity.

The longest ones of these diamond-shaped flakes were around ten miles long while the shortest ones were three to five miles long. These flakes were not in exactly the same shape, but all had smooth lines, looking like delicate petals and glowing with a faint light. These flakes formed the main body of the fort-crushing cannon with the giant onion-like polyhedron behind.

Tens of Xiu Clan people had been quite busy, directing large groups of giant metal puppets that carried all kinds of magic crystals over, throwing them into the onion-like polyhedron. Through the transparent polyhedron, a round-shaped tridimensional magic formation was visible. Thousands of streams of light layered on the magic formation. After a five-thousand meter tall mountain of magic crystals was thrown into the magic formation, countless extremely thin bolts of lightning struck on those magic crystals and extracted the natural powers contained in these crystals, then began compressing limitlessly.

Within the span of a few breaths, the huge piles of magic crystals were compressed into a sesame-sized spot, dazzling with an eye-piercing light. All natural powers contained in such a great number of magic crystals had eventually been compressed into such a dazzling light spot. Next, as more magic crystals were ceaselessly thrown in, more light spots like this gathered together, until those countless sesame-sized light spots finally combined into a light sphere that had the diameter of three-hundred-meters.

Ji Hao thought the crystal mountain range carried into Fallen Land by the non-humankind before the fight stared was an energy supply for those divine towers. But in fact, those magic crystals were for this scary-looking fort-crushing cannon.

Xiu Clan people pressed both of their hands on the fort-crushing cannon while quickly incanting a spell, constantly adjusting the magic formation inside the cannon. The magic formation spun swiftly while the color of the sphere of light turned darker, eventually becoming like a black hole that seemed to devour the whole world.

This dark sphere released a terrifyingly great sense of destruction. Meanwhile, under the control of the magic formation, this dark sphere was elongated gradually and eventually turned into a hundred meter long black needle. The thickest part of the black needle was merely around a foot thick.

Lightning bolts dazzled inside the magic formation. This long needle that had been releasing a sense of destruction slowly started rotating; its rotational speed gradually grew faster and faster. At first, the long needle could only rotate once within the span of a breath, but after the span of around ten breaths, the rotational rate of the needle had raised to over a hundred million times a second.

"Ignorant barbarians, just taste the devilishness of the wisdom of our Xiu Clan." said a Xiu Clan elderly man while kissing the giant cannon. "For this large baby, we have used up all offerings for the last three-hundred years. After destroying this small fort of yours, we will destroy your Chi Ban Mountain defensive line with it, then destroy Pu Ban City and ultimately destroy all the hopes of your humankind."

Yemo Sha wielded his black staff while growling out in pride, "Cut the crap! Break that fence wall!"

Pausing for a second, Yemo Sha’s voice suddenly lowered down as he looked around and continued nervously, "Attack now! Take this opportunity when that weird guy is drawn away by Pan Xi! Just attack now!"

A buzzing sound could be heard endlessly while the thousands of different sized flakes floating in the air began rotating slowly. The number of electric bolts sizzling between these flakes was suddenly raised by over a thousand times. Countless electric bolts bumped against each other, as countless strange spell symbols could be seen within these electric bolts.

After the span of around three breaths, the fort-crushing cannon was wrapped up by a dazzling layer of blue light. The buzzing noise made Yemo Sha and the others cover their ears with their hands and step aside, as far away from this cannon as possible. For Yemo She and his people, this was also the very first time to see a destructive weapon like this, which was the greatest result of the wisdom of the Xiu Clan. Instinctively, Yemo Sha and his people sensed awe and veneration towards this giant cannon.

That purely dark black needle, which had been rotating so quickly, was sent out by the burning magic formation. The ten-mile long cannon barrel kept raising the speed of the black needle; with the immensely great power provided by the cannon, this black needle now began moving at a terrifyingly high speed.

When the black needle was just sent out by the magic formation, it could fly less than ten-thousand miles within a second, but when it zipped out from the ten miles long cannon barrel, its flying speed had raised to over ten million miles a second.

The non-humankind’s metal fort was now around a hundred miles away from the fort, and at almost the same moment when the black needle was let out from the cannon, it struck on the outer fence wall which was built by Elder Destiny and countless ancestor souls and holy spirits with half a year of time.

Within the area with the length of a hundred miles and width of miles, all metal puppets were evaporated suddenly without leaving even a grain of dust. The long black needle sparkled, then the metal fence wall quaked. Meanwhile, the miles thick defensive magic screen began shaking and twisting intensively. In the middle of the magic screen, a hole with the diameter of thirty meters was clearly visible.

All three layers of fence wall were punctured by the unstoppable, violent strike. Countless defensive magic spells on the fence walls were broken while numerous totem columns set around the fence walls exploded one after another. Bit by bit, the three layers of city walls melted and collapsed like soft sweets in a raging fire. Within the blink of an eye, all fence walls had disappeared within the area of a hundred miles.

A five miles wide empty area appeared in the large battle formation formed by human warriors and local warriors behind the three city walls. Within this five miles wide area that had an unknown length, all elite warriors had disappeared, evaporating completely without leaving even a slight trace.

An enormous hole was opened up from the black volcano that stood in the middle of the fort. Large streams of black smoke puffed out from the hole while the volcano quaked intensively. Countless hair-thin cracks had now been spreading out from the hole.

Si Wen Ming and the others, who stood on the middle fence wall, had all flown up into the air. They popped their eyes out and stared at that splendidly glowing fort-crushing cannon. They hadn’t even sensed any power vibration before the fort was broken, the fort they had spent so much time and resources to build.

The power of this gigantic cannon had gone far beyond their imagination. Si Wen Ming racked his own brains but still failed to find a magic treasure belonging to the Magi Palace that he knew about and was powerful enough to fend against this cannon.

The power of the cannon was highly focused, that warriors who stood on the fence walls weren’t affected at all. However, no matter it be the Northern Wasteland warriors or Chi You Army warriors, everyone had stopped fighting, floating in the air in a daze while looking at the disappeared city wall.

Yemo Sha proudly looked at the punctured fence walls while raising his hands high as he said, "Was that an energy-gathered shot just now? This time, give them a decentralized shot. You see those warriors gathered behind the fence walls? Try to kill them all with one shot!"

Again, mountain-large piles of magic crystals were thrown into the cannon.

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