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On the fence wall, waves of growls could shake the ground while blood splashed all over the sky, mixed with human tissue. Elite warriors from over ten top-grade clans under the command of the Gong Gong Family, and hundreds of middle to small scale clans, had been joint handedly retreating one step after another on the fence wall, despite the fact that these warriors numbered ten times larger than Chi You Army warriors. Those Chi You Army warriors possessed God-level powers that made the faces of many Northern Wasteland warriors twisted; these Northern Wasteland warriors were nearly having a mental breakdown.

The weapons of these Chi You Army warriors were sharper, their shields and armors were thicker and sturdier; their fighting skills were greater while their experiences were richer. Northern Wasteland warriors who dared to join this life-and-death game were all battle-scarred elite warriors, but facing the Chi You Army warriors, they seemed to be as weak and vulnerable as infants in terms of both experience and skill.

Crushing, crushing step by step...

Weapons were broken, and shields were shattered while limbs were cut into pieces by the sharp blades of enemies. Waves of fierce attacks came one after another. Even those Northern Wasteland Divine Magi who were in the frontal line had been bleeding ceaselessly. The quick and stormy attacks left bone-deep wounds on their bodies, and more attacks would be launched before these wounds could recover. Accurately, expressionlessly and mercilessly, Chi You Army warriors hacked, sliced and cut the bodies of their enemies again and again, without leaving a chance for them to even breathe.

Seeing this indescribably strong Chi You Army, Si Wen Ming and the others couldn’t help but be shocked.

"Back in the era of the three legendary emperors, Chi You Army showed up for the first time, known as the ‘iron warriors with steel bones’. Today, seeing them, I finally know that the legend was true." said Si Wen Ming in a low voice. Right in front of him, a couple of human warriors cut the armor of a Chi You Army warrior with their swords and blades, but by doing that, they only managed to leave a faint blood mark on his skin.

"They have been cultivated by the non-humankind with a secret method created by the Xiu Clan. They are half-puppets and half-living-beings, and although they still have their consciousness, they are actually no longer pure ‘living beings’." said Huaxu Lie while grimacing in shock. These Chi You Army warriors were way too strong, weird and scary.

While Huaxu Lie was talking, a Northern Wasteland Divine Magus punctured the body of a Chi You Army warrior’s body with his long spear. Nevertheless, a black stream of mist spurted out from the Chi You warrior’s wound onto the Divine Magus’s face. The highly poisonous black mist disabled the Divine Magus from opening his eyes, and the wounded Chi You warrior punched directly on the Divine Magus, piercing his three-edged sword into the chest of the Divine Magus eighteen times.

"I heard that they feed on pure jade and gold, added with ointment secretly concocted by Xiu Clan people to help them strengthen their bodies in lava." Lie Mountain Kang gnashed his teeth and said blandly, "Their body strengthening methods are way more advanced than ours. Therefore, they are more powerful, stronger and faster."

Three Chi You Army warriors rushed into a group of Northern Wasteland warriors like wild tigers. As they swung the shields held in their left hands, over ten Northern Wasteland warriors were sent flying away with broken bones. The three Chi You Army warriors dashed in the group of Northern Wasteland warriors for three seconds like thunderbolts, leaving shreds of afterimages. They severely injured nearly a hundred Northern Wasteland warriors, then stepped back without being harmed at all.

Tens of Northern Wasteland warriors angrily threw out their long spears, but only one among the three Chi You Army warriors was struck by four spears. Nevertheless, this Chi You warrior carelessly moved back into his own troop with four spears stuck in his body, then slowly and calmly pulled the four spears out.

"They have no sense of pain, neither do they have any fear. They are much more difficult to deal with than those Jia Clan warriors" said Zhu Rong Tianming while sighing slowly, "Back then, when Emperor Xuan Yuan killed the first generation of Chi you, a group of Chi You warriors fled to the Southern Wasteland. Our Southern Wasteland clans had spent quite an effort to take them out."

A Chi You Army warrior, whose shield was broken, armor was torn apart, and weapon had been struck into a few pieces, spread his arms, and expressionlessly pounced on around ten Northern Wasteland warriors in front of him who were pointing their long spears at him. Over ten long spears punctured the body of this Chi You Army warrior simultaneously, but he calmly tightened his muscles and made those long spears get stuck inside his body. Consequently, those Northern Wasteland warriors were slowed down for a moment.

Within this very moment, a few Chi You Army warriors rushed up, wielded their heavy hammers and smashed the heads of these Northern Wasteland warriors.

Chi You Army warriors were especially strong, and the hammers in their hands were top-grade pieces produced by the Xiu Clan people. The heavy hammers glowed with a fiery light while releasing electric bolts as they smashed on the heads of those Northern Wasteland warriors and generated thunderous booms that every present human being could hear.

The helmets and heads of those Northern Wasteland warriors were crushed immediately; even their upper bodies were cracked into bits by the fierce hammer strikes. Around ten Northern Wasteland Magus Kings fell just like this.

"This is…" Zhu Rong Tianming’s face twitched intensely as he murmured in a low voice.

"This is what?" Without being noticed, Man Man walked to Zhu Rong TIanming. She narrowed her eyes, looked at Zhu Rong Tianming and said coldly, "Do not humiliate our Zhu Rong Family! Abba said, Zhu Rong Family men can die, but can’t be spineless!"

Raising her head, Man Man continued proudly, "Before I joined this game, Abba sent a man and brought me a letter… He said that in the letter. He also said that if you dare to humiliate our Zhu Rong Family, he will break your legs personally when you return!"

Zhu Rong Tianming’s face twitched intensively again. Gnashing his teeth, he slowly pulled out a long sword, which was coiled in raging fires.

"Gong Gong Wuyou, your people are too weak. Since your Water God warriors can’t stop the enemy, just let our Zhu Rong Family warriors give a shot!" said Zhu Rong Tianming with his head held high proudly. He coldly teased Gong Gong Wuyou, who was surrounded by a large group of subordinates.

Zhu Rong Tianming could do nothing to Man Man, but facing Gong Gong Wuyou, he had an absolute mental advantage.

Gong Gong Wuyou’s face twisted immediately. He glanced at Zhu Rong TIanming, then pulled out a white long sword that had been releasing a fierce cold sense of power. The edge of this long sword was decorated with countless patterns of snowflakes, seeming to be quite exquisite and beautiful.

"Follow me, fight!" Gong Gong Wuyou growled calmly.

Along with a series of resonant roars, tens of giant apes surrounding Gong Gong Wuyou dashed out simultaneously while smashing the huge sticks condensed from black ice fiercely down.

Muffled yet thunderous bangs could then be heard. These giant apes were all Wuzhi Qi’s descendants and were tremendously powerful. They leaped fast and high as if they were flying. Moreover, they mastered battle formations of joint handed attack. With a single strike, hundreds of Chi You Army warriors were forced back with broken bones by these giant apes. Immediately after that, the shaken frontal line on the side of Northern Wasteland warrior was steadied.

While the intensive fight was happening on the fence wall and blood flowed down in big streams, an enormous metal object rose slowly from the metal fort.

Delightfully patting on this ten-mile long, tremendous metal object, a Xiu Clan elderly man grinned and said, "Although this Fort-crushing cannon is only a third-grade one, with enough energy, we can break this fort in front of us with a single shot."

Yemo Sha loudly gave out his orders while tens of Xiu Clan elderly man began working hurriedly around this giant cannon.

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