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Before Pan Xi balanced her legs, the series of sword light released by Si Wen Ming had already struck down one after another.

The eight spirit stars of Si Wen Ming were all with earth power. Therefore, the sword light beams released by him only had a sole feature, which was heaviness, indescribable heaviness; as heavy as the great Dao of nature.

The yellow-colored sword light sliced the air open, striking towards Pan Xi. The afterwinds raised by the sword light swept across the area, raising dense clouds of dirt. On the ground, all metal puppets within an area that was three-hundred meters wide and a hundred miles long, were crushed into iron sheets immediately, by the heavy earth power. Tens of Chi You army warriors stood on the moving track of the sword lights, and as the afterwinds of Si Wen Ming’s sword lights pressed down, they couldn’t help but have their legs softened, kneeling on the ground because all of their bones had already been crushed into bits.

Dong! Dong! Following a rumbling series of noise, Si Wen Ming’s sword light struck on Pan Xi’s body like a heavy rain.

Pan Xi stood still, floating in the air without moving a little bit, letting Si Wen Ming release hundreds of sword lights in a row with all of his power. Pan Xi’s long hair were raised by the fierce wind brought up by the sword light, fluttering in the air. But the color of her skin never changed.

Back on the fence wall, Si Wen Ming stopped abruptly, staring straight at Pan Xi without saying anything. With his current power, such a fierce wave of power had actually failed to harm even a hair of hers, this made Si Wen Ming sense waves of coldness rising directly from his heart.

"What kind of a monster is this? It seems that she doesn’t have any treasure to protect herself, and only has her body?" murmured Si Wen Ming. His lips were even trembling slightly.

"Not bad, you have escaped from such a monster." Huaxu Lie glanced at Zhu Rong Tianming in surprise and said, "Indeed a fast runner."

Ji Hao gave a long roar, then rushed again towards Pan Xi.

No matter how, he couldn’t let Pan Xi start a massacre in here. No one could stop her, and only Ji Hao could keep her busy for a slightly longer while with the power of the Pan Xi divine mirror. Not a single man under Si Wen Ming’s command could ever stop Pan Xi. Even though Man Man had a clone of Zhu Rong inside her body, that clone could do nothing either to Pan Xi.

Such a freak was nothing that human beings could confront.

Ji Hao rushed up to Pan Xi, fruitlessly wielding the nine suns spear and launched a mad series of attacks at her. She was stimulated, instinctively punching and kicking Ji Hao, but her attacks all landed on her own body. Every single attack launched by her had sent her flying backward for tens of miles. Quickly, Ji Hao dragged Pan Xi away from the battlefield, far away from the line of sight of Yemo Sha and the others.

A sphere of watery mist floated in the air. River Earl was growling resonantly while fighting against Chi You. With River Earl’s power and the few great treasures of his, he was more than powerful enough to keep Chi You busy. Although a paradise water bead was crumbled by Pan Xi, he still had other powerful treasures.

Under the protection of the magic screen released by divine towers surrounding the metal city, Yemo Sha and his people approached the battle fort slowly. When the metal city reached around a hundred miles away from the fort, all divine towers released scorching hot beams of light towards the fence wall.

The fence walls built by Elder Destiny and those ancestor souls and holy spirits with all their powers now delivered their effect. Without the help of any natural power, gigantic spell symbols emerged from the thick metal fence wall while tens of thousands of totem columns rose around the three fence walls. They created a five-colored protective magic screen that wrapped the fence walls firmly up, blocking the attacks launched by those divine towers.

Wherever the dazzling light released from the divine towers reached, the air was twisted entirely. The terrifyingly great power discharged from the light in every single second, equaled a full force attack launched by a peak-level Divine Magus. However, the defensive power of the fence wall, which was designed by Ji Hao and built by the group of ancestor souls and holy spirits under Elder Destiny’s supervision, was indeed especially great. The thick five-colored protective magic screen looked like an enormous turtle shell, completely blocking the dazzling light.

The point where the light bumping against the protective magic screen, an eye-piercing light burst out while waves of ripples were stirred up on the screen.

Magic crystals stocked inside divine towers were consumed speedily; an insanely huge number of crystal pieces would be consumed every single second. The light dazzled even brighter as Yemo Sha ordered all divine towers to boost the power up as much as possible, attacking the fort with the highest might without considering the cost. The divine towers quaked intensively while spell symbols on the towers let out bright fiery lights and electric bolts. To these divine towers, such a longstanding attack was also an especially heavy burden.

Each divine tower could attack under the peak efficiencies for at most a quarter of an hour. After that, the divine tower would have to cool down for whole six hours. Elder Destiny, who was on the fence wall and controlling the core of the defensive magic formation, soon figured out the patterns of the attacks launched by the non-humankind army. He accurately controlled the time; once the divine towers attacked, the defensive magic formation based on the fence wall would begin working at full capacity, and once the power released by the divine towers was receded, the magic formation would reduce its power as well.

With the divine towers and the defensive magic formation, the two sides in this war attacked and defended as hard as they could. On the side of the humankind, the second Pan Xi divine mirror, which was transformed from the soul-shaking clock and was now located inside the volcano, had been providing energy for the defensive formation. On the non-humankind’s side, more magic crystals were being ceaselessly exploited and sent into Fallen Land from the outside world as energy supplies of those divine towers.

On the ground, countless metal puppets trod upon each other’s body, climbed onto the defensive magic screen and reached to the height equal to the top of the outer fence wall. A strong gravity field was created by the fence wall, under which, all these metal puppets could only move especially slowly. Many fragile ones were even squeezed into metal balls. Nevertheless, these metal puppets still reached to the top of the fence wall and many Chi You Army warriors stepped on these metal puppets climbed up with difficulty.

Chi You army warriors stood on these metal puppets in a line, pulled out their black log spears and fiercely pierced on the protective magic screen outside the fence wall simultaneously. Countless tiny spell symbols had been sparkling on their long spears, and with these spears, those Chi You Army warriors forcibly created thin cracks on the magic screen. They then pushed their spears forward, slowly and with difficulty, just like bugs struggling in resin. They finally squeezed themselves into the inner space through the thick magic screen.

After half an hour, these elite Chi You Army warriors all drilled in through the protective magic screen and reached to the top of the fence wall.

Elder Destiny sitting in the core area of the magic formation couldn’t help but shout in shock, "How can they possibly get in?!"

Si Wen Ming and the others had been preparing for this since long ago. Hearing Elder Destiny’s shout, Si Wen Ming smiled and responded, "Just as I thought, they are the top-grade elite warriors of the non-humankind, and only they have these kinds of seal-breaking spears that allowed them to break the magic formation and come in!"

Groups of Gong Gong Family warriors rushed towards these Chi You Army warriors. While growling resonantly, these two strong warriors bumped violently into each other.

Heavy weapons, thick shields and sturdy armors clashed intensively against each other. Large numbers of metal splinters zipped in all directions while bright light burst out when spell symbols were broken. Muffled thuds could be heard endlessly. When shields and armors were obliterated, large streams of blood sprayed out. Blood splashed everywhere on the fence wall, mixed with pieces of flesh, and the heavy bumping constantly sent up broken limbs.

Groups of Gong Gong Family warriors rushed into the battlefield, and then were slaughtered by the ten-thousand Chi You Army Warriors on the fence wall, one after another.

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