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"Pan Xi!" River Earl growled out. Obviously, he knew about Pan Xi!

The tens of ancient style pendants hanging on River Earl’s belt burst with dazzling light simultaneously. Tens of enormous hazy silhouettes of dragons, turtles, fishes, whales and other prehistorical beasts emerged above River Earl’s head together, roaring towards Pan Xi like living creatures.

Sparkling waves of light surrounded River Earl. Every single one of these pendants was an ancient supreme magic treasure, possessing an immensely great defensive power. In the normal space of Pan Xi world, these treasures would be suppressed by the great Dao of nature of Pan Xi world and would be weakened largely. However, this was Fallen Land, and the natural powers of Pan Xi world barely existed in here. Therefore, these pendants could release at least ninety percent of their powers.

Nevertheless, as Pan Xi launched a heavy punch, the tens silhouettes of prehistorical beasts wailed and howled together, then all transformed into watery mist streams, swishing back into those pendants. These ancient supreme treasures were especially powerful, but their defensive powers were still limited. Once the defenses of these treasures were broken by outside forces, the powers contained in these treasures would be consumed up immediately, and after that, these treasures had to be put in places with rich water power for a long time to regain their powers.

Pan Xi was a Chaos Saint who had created a whole world. Her body was unmeasurably strong, and with a single punch, Pan Xi exhausted the tens of pendants together. The glowing tens of pendants dimmed down instantly, and some relatively weaker ones even let out a cracking noise. If the other pendants didn’t partake the great pressure caused by Pan Xi’s punch, these few pendants would have been crushed by her long ago.

"Damn it!" River Earl glared at Pan Xi. He opened his mouth and let out a stream of water light, within which, forty-eight glowing-white beads dazzled brightly while heavily smashing towards Pan Xi.

These pearls were condensed from pre-world spirit materials, that River Earl collected back in the prehistorical era. With immeasurably great amounts of pre-world essence water and a great effort, River Earl finally condensed those pre-world spirit materials into forty-eight ‘paradise water beads’. Every single one of these beads contained a vast space with a radius of ten-thousand miles, filled with water power, and a stream of pre-world essence water. The pre-world essence water was soft, cold and heavy, highly lethal.

Back in the prehistorical era, River Earl once occupied all water areas in the world for the Water God with violence. A powerful spirit beast, who was equally famous as Wuzhi Qi, refuse to admit defeat, but ended up being smashed on the head by twelve paradise water beads of River Earl in a row. That spirit beast remained perfectly unharmed on the outside, but its internal organs and souls were all crushed by the heavy and powerful pre-world water power.

At the moment, the situation was quite serious as Pan Xi suddenly dashed to right before River Earl’s face, leaving no time for River Earl to make any other reaction. He could only directly throw out this set of great treasures, which he wouldn’t easily take out normally.

Forty-eight streams of watery silver light beautifully circled over in the air and softly landed on Pan Xi’s body, generating a muffled series of bumping noises. Pan Xi stood still, letting the forty-eight streams of silver water light bump against her body in a row, but even the color of her skin didn’t change by even a little bit.

The mountain-heavy, extremely soft yet strong water power intended to drill into Pan Xi’s body, yet, it couldn’t even seep into the tender skin before it was dispelled completely. Forty-eight paradise water beads struck down, and then were rebounded back over and over again. Abruptly, Pan Xi reached her hand out and grasped one bead.

"Let it go!" Under this extremely serious situation, River Earl growled out in rage while wielding his right hand. An eight-inch long, purely dark jade sword suddenly flashed out in his hand. That lusterless jade sword brought up a fierce, cold beam of light, dazzling towards Pan Xi’s lower abdomen.

Pan Xi gripped the paradise water bead, clenched her fingers and generated a silvery cracking sound. The silver white bead cracked, letting huge streams of water roar out from the cracked bead. Bone-piercing cold essence water flooded out along with a world-destroying, terrifying shock wave, rampantly flushing out along the fence wall. Thousands of Gong Gong Family warriors howled out while they were rolled into the white water and disappeared.

The paradise water bead was a great treasure cultivated by River Earl himself over countless years of time. Every single drop of the essence water flooded out from it was as heavy as a mountain. Therefore, as the flood flushed out, except for Divine-Magus-level powerful beings who could hold still with their strong bodies, all Magus Kings were rolled into the essence water and crushed.

Large streams of blood spread out in the water. Meanwhile, River Earl, who was lunging with a short sword fiercely towards Pan Xi, let out another mouthful of blood.

The forty-eight paradise water beads were not River Earl’s spirit treasure, yet they were nothing different from his spirit treasure. Although only one bead was cracked, River Earl still suffered a great injury.

The short sword pierced Pan Xi’s lower abdomen. The nine spell symbols emerging from the sword seemed to be quite simple, but if one looked carefully, one would find that those spell symbols were actually of a mysterious ancient style, fully containing an indescribable, prehistorical power.

Buzz! The sword edge quaked intensively, denting Pan Xi’s skin slightly, but this was the only result delivered by all of River Earl’s power. Under the sword edge, Pan Xi’s skin didn’t break even a little bit.

Pan Xi crumbed a paradise water bead while punching on River Earl’s chest. This time, not a single pendant hanging around River Earl’s waist could activate itself and protect its owner. Only the black long robe worn by him released roaring waves of water, as if countless bottomlessly deep whirlpools were spinning and screaming inside the long robe. But as Pan Xi punched down, the fierce waves of water were crushed instantly, and a three-foot long crack appeared in the black robe worn by River Earl, exposed River Earl’s white chest with smooth lines.

Bone cracking noise started, sounding like popping corns. Pan Xi’s heavy punch punctured River Earl’s chest, and then her tender little hand came out from River Earl’s back.

River Earl howled out hoarsely in pain. His body quivered, then exploded suddenly, transforming into countless black water drops and rose into the sky, flying to tens of miles away in a moment. Next, the countless water drops gathered back together and soon transformed back into River Earl’s body.

"Pan Xi!" The wound on River Earl’s chest had already recovered, and even the crack on his long robe had disappeared. He glared at Pan Xi in a great rage, with a pair of eyes dazzling with a black light.

Chi You growled out while leaping straight up, dashing out for tens of miles with a single step ad fiercely hacking down towards River Earl with his heavy sword.

Enormous waved rolled up from around River Earl’s body, from which a black watery mist spread out for thousands of miles, wrapping Chi You and himself entirely up. A cold light ceaselessly sparkled in the watery mist as River Earl and Chi You had fallen into an intense fight.

Pan Xi looked around expressionlessly, then fixed her eyes on Gong Gong Wuyou, swiftly rushed towards him. Si Wen Ming instantly knitted his eyebrows and shouted out harshly, "Move! Prince Wuyou can’t die in here!"

Before his voiced faded, Si Wen Ming pulled out his sword and launched a fierce hack from a distance.

Ji Hao helplessly cast a complicated glance at Gong Gong Wuyou, who was now in a great panic, then transformed into a golden beam of light and dashed to Pan Xi. He raised the nine suns spear and struck on Pan Xi’s face along with a shrill swishing noise.

A thunderous boom was generated. Pan Xi’s face remained completely unharmed. She glanced at Ji Hao, who blocked her way and simply punched at Ji Hao.

The Pan Xi divine mirror sparkled while Pan Xi punched her own face and staggered back for tens of miles before finally steadying her own body.

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