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Ji Hao watched all this coldly while Si Wen Ming and the others did not make any moves.

Everyone had different thoughts and guesses by now. Facing the sudden and fierce attack launched by the non-humankind, facing Pan Xi, such a terrifying being, even Zhu Rong Tianming had suffered a great loss and fled desperately. Those Fire Qi Lin Clan warriors under Zhu Rong Tianming’s command had almost all died. But only Gong Gong Wuyou fled into Fallen Land with his large number of warriors and without any losses.

In the great distance, surrounded by Priest Corpse and Bo Qiujia, Zhu Rong Tianming began talking in a sour voice, "I, Zhu Rong Tianming, am a chosen one, but even I have lost so many warriors and suffered such a heavy loss. This Gong Gong Wuyou…do you believe that he hadn’t colluded with the non-humankind?"

Priest Corpse and Bo Qiujia stared at Gong Gong Wiyou with cold, vicious looks. Their eyes sparkled with a magical light that made them looked like vultures standing beside a corroded corpse.

Through such a long distance, Gong Gong Wuyou heard Zhu Rong Tianming’s sour voice, but he made completely no reaction. The current situation was quite strange, and unpredictable changes might happen anytime. Therefore, even Gong Gong Wuyou dared not to say any inappropriate words.

Only River Earl stood on the fence wall, looking down at the huge number of metal puppets.

"Just a few puppets, what is there to be afraid of?" River Earl took out a small bowl and said blandly, "People, just look at this. Today, let our Gong Gong family earn the first credit of this war. I will show you the power of our Water God family."

Smiling faintly and coldly, River Earl remained silent for a while, then reached his right forefinger out and moved a few circles around the edge of the bowl. Thin streams of cold white mist spurted out from his fingertips, forming tens of small and complicated spell symbols, next to the surrounding air, vibrating as a bone-piercing coldness released from the bowl. After that, countless white beams of light dazzled out of the bowl.

Ji Hao fixed his eyes on those light beams. Those were thin threads condensed from cold air. Within a second, hundreds of millions of thin threads like this, which were hundreds of meters long and hundreds of times thinner than human hair, surged out, swiftly reaching towards those metal puppets down below, along with a shrill swishing noise.

River Earl was indeed powerful. Ji Hao clearly saw that at least a million metal puppets had gathered under the fence wall. Those different sized metal puppets formed a line over thousand miles long, and at first sight, one could see all kinds of oddly-shaped metal puppets crawling all over the ground.

Hundreds of millions of cold beams of light were released by River Earl, each metal puppet having over a hundred cold light beams reaching towards it. Besides, these cold light beams were not zipping randomly. Instead, each beam of light was targeted at a certain sparkling spell symbol on the body of a metal puppet. Those spell symbols were energy boosters of these metal puppets.

"Is he attempting to destroy a million metal puppets all at once? Indeed legendarily powerful, River Earl!" Si Wen Ming abruptly clapped his hands and praised.

Hearing Si Wen Ming’s loud praise, River Earl gave a faint smile and accepted that praise.

Around a thousand miles away from the fence wall, Chi You raised his head and his left hand suddenly. Embossed ghost portraits on the square void shield of his abruptly wildly opened their mouths and let out huge clouds of smoke. They instantly transformed into a faint layer of mist that covered up all metal puppets under the fence wall.

Hundreds of millions of cold light beams zipped into the mist. After that, Chi You’s body quaked slightly, then he took half a step back, as if he was struck by a heavy hammer. Next, a tsunami-like yet shrill series of noise nearly broke Ji Hao’s eardrums. These hundreds of millions of white dazzling light beams rebounded back from the mist while screaming shrilly. Earlier, these light beams zipped down towards different directions, aimed at those metal puppets in the area with a radius of around a thousand miles under the fence wall. But now, these light beams had been gathered together, turning into a human-waist-thick white stream of light, flying backward and fiercely striking towards River Earl’s chest.

"Damn you!" River Earl cursed with his special accent while hurriedly knocking on the bowl held in his hand. Large water waves immediately surged out from the bowl. The dark waves roared and rolled and quickly formed a thick water shield in front of River Earl.

Nevertheless, the counterforce generated by Chi You’s void shield was extremely strong, and the moving speed of the white light had been raised by over a hundred percent. Even though River Earl reacted timely, the white light stream still bumped against River Earl’s body before the water shield was formed completely.

River Earl was wearing a long black robe with a black dragon leather belt on his waist. Tens of exquisite pieces made from black jade and crystals were hanging around his waist, letting out silvery clangs.

Before, Ji Hao hadn’t noticed these pieces worn by River Earl. But right now, these tens of pieces burst with eye-piercing lights together. Looking closer, Ji Hao found that every single one of these pieces were in an ancient style, simple yet beautiful, mostly shaped as dragon, fish, turtle, whale and the other prehistorical creatures. The bright and sparkling blue light inside these pieces could frighten anyone.

The white light struck on River Earl’s body while a fist-sized black jade piece inlaid in the middle of his belt released a dazzling light. Within the black light, the silhouette of a water roc flashed across.


A terrifyingly loud and resonant roar even temporarily disabled Ji Hao from seeing, and made him stagger back for a few steps. His spiritual space was vibrated and the forty-nine Yu Yu’s Dao of Qi rippled. This resonant roar had nearly shaken the foundation of Ji Hao’s cultivation of Dao.

Fortunately, the Pan Xi Divine mirror had released a dim beam of light and rebounded all the effects of this roar, allowing Ji Hao’s primordial spirit to calm back down.

The hazy silhouette of an enormous water roc rose from behind River Earl and spread its wings, which were around a thousand miles long. As the water roc stretched its wings, the entire space was thrown into chaos. The countless white beams of light then pierced towards the hazy silhouette of water roc, and forcibly torn apart by the strong hurricane which was started by the water roc.

"Hm, a divine treasure from the ancient heaven, ‘water roc jade pendant’!" said Si Wen Ming while his eyes sparkled brightly. Easily, he explained the background of this black jade pendent, "According to the legend, it belonged to the ancient Black Emperor in the north. I didn’t think that it had fallen into River Earl’s hands!"

Si Wen Ming seemed to be a bit disgruntled as well. He didn’t know if River Earl did this on purpose that the water roc growl was an indiscriminate attack. Except for those Gong Gong Family warriors, all the other human warriors were affected by the growl and fell on the ground. Some local warriors outside the city even vomited blood under the strong effect of that roar.

However, River Earl also burst with a loud howl, then suddenly let out a mouthful of blood.

The water roc gave a strong roar, hurt the others, which was no big deal actually. But it had also affected Ji Hao. Therefore, the Pan Xi divine mirror rebounded all effects of the roar back to River Earl.

River Earl didn’t see this coming. Affected by the counterforce, his hands shook intensively while he felt a terrible dizziness, and he nearly threw the bowl out.

All of a sudden, Chi You flew up into the sky, flashed across the air and reached upon the fence wall while hacking down fiercely towards River Earl with the blade held in his right hand.

The water roc silhouette immediately cast a shrill long roar as its enormous wings folded inwards and covered River Earl up, firmly blocking this violent hack.

A blade light dazzled across the air, after which, a thin crack appeared on the water roc silhouette. At the same time, a human silhouette zipped swiftly across the sky. That was Pan Xi, dashing up to River Earl as fast as a ghost and throwing a heavy punch straight onto River Earl’s chest.

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