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Large trees stood weakly in Fallen Land, vines coiled around the twisted tree trunks, weaving into numerous small tree houses. Each house could accommodate around ten local people.

At first sight, one could find large trees like this thickly standing on both sides of the battle fort built by Ji Hao, and the ends of these two lines of trees could not be seen. A large empty area was left on the front side of the fort as the battlefield, for the non-humankind army to attack the city.

Returning to the battle fort and seeing those large trees that even had ninety percent of leaves fallen because of the lack of nutrition, Ji Hao couldn’t help but sigh. Elder Destiny and those ancestor souls had indeed been thinking about their people, that they generated these large trees to create shelters for their people even by consuming their own powers.

Nevertheless, the natural powers barely existed in Fallen Land, and the ground in this area was formed from sand and rock, without any soil. The water was infrequent as well, therefore, although these ancestor souls had spent quite an effort to generate these trees, they could only watch these large trees wither quickly.

Ji Hao didn’t have much of energy to spend on these local people. Instead, he rushed back onto the tallest fence wall of the fort and rang a large iron bell hanging on the wall. Following the muffled bell rings, human warriors and the group of leaders of local people, who were inside the battle fort, walked out one after another.

"They’re coming, prepare for the war." seriously, Ji Hao looked at those elite human beings on the scene, including Zhu Rong Tianming and Gong Gong Wuyou, who had always been incompatible with Ji Hao as fire and water. Especially glancing at Gong Gong Wuyou and Zhu Rong TIanming, both of whom were big trouble makers, Ji Hao then continued with an extra serious tone, "I hope that you can all understand that that this time, we are truly in a life-and-death game."

Zhu Rong Tianming, who was still with a fearless, proud look, had his face twitch intensively. Meanwhile, Gong Gong Wuyou, who seemed to be bland as if he cared literally about nothing, also had his eye corners twitch. Although neither of them said anything, around them, many elites warriors under their commands had gathered together, with the power vibrations released from their bodies growing stronger and stronger. Obviously, these warriors were ready to take a life-and-death fight against the non-humankind.

Dong! Following this thunderous noise, Chi You broke into Fallen Land, with a mountain carried on his shoulder. He cast a secret magic and expanded his body to thousands of meters tall, carrying a five-thousand meter tall, tens of miles in radius mountain with his arms while slowly walking into Fallen Land.

Being able to carry up a mountain wasn’t a big deal at all, as any Magus King could easily carry a mountain. Nevertheless, all people in Fallen Land couldn’t help but shout out in shock when they saw the mountain carried in Chi You’s arms. That mountain was entirely formed from different sized crystal pieces, glowing splendidly. Even the slightest crystal piece in the mountain had the size of human head, while the largest crystal piece stood right on the mountaintop, and had the radius of whole three meters.

Every single one of these magic crystal pieces contained pure and abundant natural powers. Because natural powers barely existed in Fallen Land, the dense natural powers continually spread out from these magic crystals, transforming into colorful streams of light and ceaselessly being absorbed by the air.

The ground vibrated slightly as Chi You smashed this giant mountain of magic crystals heavily on the ground while laughing wildly. Huge numbers of magic crystals rolled down to the ground and created plain of magic crystals on the ground over ten miles in radius.

Jia Clan warriors and Chi You Army warriors walked into Fallen Land one after another. Some special magic had been cast on these warriors, and each of them carried a mountain of magic crystals. Numerous crystal mountains were smashed heavily on the ground. Huge amounts of natural powers spread out from these magic crystals, replenishing the withered natural powers in Fallen Land. Around these giant crystal mountains, some magical changes even began happening.

Yellow-colored soil emerged from the ground as the dried earth of sand and rock was becoming richer and richer, its color turned more vivid as well. A faint color of green appeared in the soil, and after a quarter of an hour, tender grasses had actually grown out from the newly generated soil.

A faint layer of cloud emerged in the air above these crystal mountains. The wind blew across, and needle-tip-sized, tiny raindrops fell down from the sky. Even though the raindrops were too tiny to be noticed, yet, this was indeed a rain, the very first rain in Fallen Land in countless years.

More crystal mountains were carried in one after another, formed a winding, over ten thousand miles long mountain range, around two-thousand miles away from the battle fort. The enormously great number of magic crystals glowed brightly and splendidly, and could even pierce the eyes of people and cause great pain.

Afterward, Chi You led around ten-thousand warriors and formed a battle formation before this mountain range of magic crystals.

Loud clangs could be heard endlessly, along with which, countless silver and golden colored battle puppets rushed into Fallen Land, reaching before the battle formation of Chi You Army. Those large metal puppets let out muffled cracking noises when they moved while their bodies began changing swiftly. Soon, these metal puppets turned into different shaped constructional elements.

Countless different sized metal constructional elements pieced together, with large numbers of magic crystals sparkling on them. After a while, a square, thirty-mile metal city was formed.

The ground began shaking slightly while streams of light dazzled out from the fence wall of the metal city. Numerous divine towers flew out from the light one after another. Those thousands of meter tall divine towers slowly rose from the ground and released a defensive screen that enveloped the entire metal city.

By the time this metal city, which was now protected by thirty-six divine towers, was built up, Yemo Sha moved into Fallen Land with the great non-humankind army. Without saying anything, they rushed into the city at their highest speed, found their own positions and took control of the triggers of all kinds of magic formations in the city. After all this, Yemo Sha and a group of Yu Clan people finally appeared on the fence wall of the metal city, facing Ji Hao from a long distance away.

While shaking his head, Ji Hao looked at the enormous magic crystal mountain range behind the metal city.

"The last time, they didn’t have enough magic crystals and were nearly defeated. This time, they learned to be smart, and had actually carried so many magic crystals in." said Si We Ming after he counted with his fingers and laughed out loud. "This nearly ten-thousand mile long mountain range of magic crystals is enough for the thirty-six divine towers to work for almost a hundred years. Are they preparing to start a long-lasting war against us?"

Ji Hao shouted out provokingly at Yemo Sha, "Yemo Sha, good for you that brought so many magic crystals in. You have indeed made some efforts to collect all these within these few days. Hm, how long are you preparing to fight against us? I heard that you have to kill us all within three months, is that true?"

Yemo Sha looked over coldly, sneered and said, "Earl Yao Ji Hao, if we kill you within three months…Lord Dishi Cha has already made a bet with your Water God, Gong Gong, according to which, if you are killed by us within three months, Gong Gong will go kill all your clansmen personally. Your mother, your father, all your relatives will die!"

Ji Hao’s look slightly changed. He turned around and glanced at Gong Gong Wuyou.

Gong Gong Wuyou narrowed his eyes slightly and snorted proudly.

River Earl calmly took a step forward, shielded Gong Gong Wuyou behind him and said, "Earl Yao, it’s nothing but a bet. We are now facing powerful enemies, do not make any reckless actions."

Ji Hao took a deep breath, but before he said anything, the over ten-thousand warriors under Chi You’s command approached the battle fort with big steps, and launched attacks toward the fort in coordination with countless metal puppets.

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