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Ji Hao suddenly felt anxious; his blood began boiling, and he somehow sensed an immensely great danger coming. Subconsciously, he quickly moved back and transformed his body into a golden beam of light, dazzling backward at his highest speed.

The ground started shaking intensely while a thick, square-shaped flagstone rose from the ground. The hundred-mile long, ten-mile thick, enormous flagstone had countless ancient style spell symbols sparkling on it while it roared towards Ji Hao along with a fierce gust of wind.

Reasonably, such a tremendous flagstone could never fly too fast. Nevertheless, with the help of the great Dao of nature of Pan Xi world, this giant flagstone moved as fast as teleporting. It flashed through the air for a few times and reached before Ji Hao’s eyes. What came right next was the second flagstone and the third one, rising from the ground in a row, moving swiftly towards Ji Hao along with fierce gusts of wind.

The ground kept shaking, and another three flagstones flew out. Six gigantic flagstones swooshed towards Ji Hao from six directions. The large spell symbols glowed splendidly on the flagstones, releasing a strong pressure while approaching Ji Hao within a few seconds. The six enormous flagstones formed a square-shaped cage, seeming to seal Ji Hao in it.

Chi You had made it quite clear that as long as he didn’t launch any attack towards Ji Hao, he wouldn’t be harmed by his attack. Even though the non-humankind army couldn’t make an attack by now, they could seal Ji Hao with the power of great Dao of nature. These flagstones all contained the power of the great Dao of Pan Xi world. Therefore, unless the great Dao of Pan Xi world was destroyed, no outside force could ever break these flagstones.

Once Ji Hao was sealed in this cage formed by these flagstones, it would be truly difficult for him to break back out.

"Retreat!" Si Wen Ming growled out. He swiftly grabbed Gong Sun Yuan, dashing towards Fallen Land along with a bright stream of light. Gong Sun Yuan struggled and shouted, saying that he still had to cover those local people who hadn’t made it into Fallen Land. Si Wen Ming didn’t want to argue with him. Instead, he simply and quickly punched on Gong Sun Yuan’s head, knocking him down.

The three-thousand You Xiong family warriors looked at Si Wen Ming in shock. Their prince was violently taken away by Si Wen Ming, which made them unable to know what to do. They then glanced at Ji Hao, who was being chased closely by the six giant flagstones. Glancing at each other for a short while, these princes followed behind Si Wen Ming, raising streams of light.

"So fast!" In a great shock, Ji Hao looked at those flagstones, which swished towards him from all directions. The immemorial sun streamer waved above his head and released a beam of fiery light. The laser-like fiery light struck on a flagstone, sending out dazzling fire sparkles and even raised streams of flames. Yet, not even a mark was left on the flagstone.

Ji Hao flicked his wrist and sent out the pair of crescent-shaped blades, which then transformed into beams of golden light, dazzling all over the ground and generating an ear-piercing series of clangs. The six flagstones were struck for tens of thousands of times by the two small blades within a second, but still, not even a grain of dust fell from them.

"These turtle shells stones are so thick!" murmured Ji Hao while glaring at Chi You, who was floating in the distance. What a cunning man. Ji Hao had to admit that he had an extremely strong fighting instinct. Before, with the Pan Xi divine mirror, Ji Hao had thrown Yemo Sha and his people into quite an embarrassing situation. But the problem was solved by Chi You with a simple sentence. Indeed, as long as he didn’t launch any attack towards Ji Hao, he wouldn’t be harmed in any weird way.

Yemo Sha and the others were also smart. Since they couldn’t attack Ji Hao, they chose to create six giant flagstones with the power of great Dao of nature, attempting to seal Ji Hao for good. One had to say that, as the highest commander of these non-humankind beings, Yemo Sha was indeed capable.

"I’m done playing with you!" Ji Hao snorted, then took out a large gray-white flag, which was given by Priest Xuan Du. The large flag was decorated with countless patterns of wind and cloud. Ji Hao raised it and wielded it fiercely. Along with his move, a strong flame and large clouds emerged immediately. Following a loud series of swishing noise, the gale rolled the dense clouds, surging towards all directions, and enveloped the entire area that had the radius of tens of thousands of miles.

"Up!" Ji Hao growled while wielded the flag once again. Instantly, within the area tens of thousands of miles in radius, all Pan Xi world people who hadn’t reached to Fallen Land, rose into the air, as if they weighed nothing, then rolled into the dense clouds like drifting leaves.

Gong Sun Yuan was a prince of the You Xiong Family, but human Magi never cultivated their souls and could barely use magic. Instead, they fought purely with their strong bodies and great physical strength. In a frontal fight, every single human Magus was a good warrior, but in terms of use magic and other special skills, they were far less powerful than those cultivators.

For protecting those local people who followed his lead, Gong Sun Yuan could only guard on the mountaintop to cover their retreat, fighting till the last second against those non-humankind beings and even by risking his own life. Unlike him, to Ji Hao, getting those local people into Fallen Land was nothing difficult at all. At most, it would consume some energy of his. All local people within the vast area were taken away immediately, after which, Ji Hao packed the large flag. His body flashed through the air and flew out from the gap between two flagstones.

The two flagstones flashed again through the air. Ji Hao had just flown out for around a hundred thousand miles and these flagstones appeared around him once again. The gaps between these flagstones were now less than three-thousand meters wide, and the cage was forming speedily, seeming to truly seal Ji Hao in it.

Ji Hao chuckled towards Yemo Sha, who had been waving his black staff quickly in the distance, then said, "Do you really think that you can seal me with these stones till death? Hehe, do you believe that I truly can’t do anything to do if you don’t attack me?"

Laughing out loud, Ji Hao had his teeth gnashed, bumping into the nearest flagstone with his head.

Followed by a thunderous boom and as a layer of dim light flashed across Ji Hao’s body, this hundred-mile in square flagstone disappeared suddenly

Yemo Sha and the others reacted quite fast. When Ji Hao bumped into the flagstone, they all screamed out, turned around and fled right away. A buzzing noise could then be heard, and all of a sudden, a giant flagstone appeared above the heads of Yemo Sha and his people, smashing down along with a strong gale.

"You bloody bastard." Yemo Tuo stood far away, and hurriedly waved his black staff seeing the flagstone smashing down. A white cloud emerged underneath the flagstone and quickly transformed into an enormous whirlpool, swallowing the flagstone up.

In the next moment, this flagstone zipped out from the air in front of Ji Hao, and the six flagstones quickly encircled Ji Hao, seeming to seal Ji Hao up right away.

"You have learned to be smart, haven’t you? But if you really want to catch me, you should go into Fallen Land!" Ji Hao sneered, pulled out a magic talisman given by Xuan Du and threw it out conveniently. Yellow-colored gusts of wind spread out towards all directions, and next, a tens of thousands of meter tall giant rushed out from the yellow wind, spread his arms and held the flagstone in front of Ji Hao.

A cracking noise could then be heard endlessly. The flagstone banged thunderously against the giant, sending out dazzling fire sparkles, yet the giant remained perfectly unmoved. While the flagstone was held in the arms of the giant, Ji Hao swiftly escaped from the encirclement of the six flagstones, then took out another magic talisman and pointed his finger at it. A bright beam of light rose straight into the sky, after which, thousands of light beams descended from the sky that looked like a rain of light. Ji Hao was wrapped up by the light rain, and suddenly, he was directly teleported through such a long distance, directly into Fallen Land.

Yemo Sha screamed out furiously. He pointed his finger fiercely at Fallen Land.

"Rush in! Kill all lowly human beings! Bastards! A bunch of rubbishes!"

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