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"Void shield?" Ji Hao gripped the nine suns spear tighter, then took a deep breath.

While his broken bones recovered speedily, Ji Hao carefully looked at the shield held in Chi You’s hand with a pair of sparkling eyes. Not a single mark was found on the surface of the shield, because the shield was especially tough and had blocked the nine suns spear completely.

"Of course, that’s not its real name." Chi You raised his right hand and said. The embossments on the shield glowed with a dim light while streams of mist drifted out from the mouths of those ghost portrait embossments. "Once, I fled out from a collapsed void with this shield. Even the destruction of a world couldn’t harm it, not even a little bit. Therefore, I call it void shield."

"Good shield, I have killed countless Jia Clan elites with this nine suns spear, but none of them had the armors or shields that were capable of fending against my spear." said Ji Hao while clicking his tongue. "Good, truly good, as you can have such a powerful shield, you must possess a special status among Jia Clan, right?" Ji Hao swung his arms and said. His injures had recovered completely, and by now, he could sense no more pain.

The mask worn by Chi You, which was embossed with the portraits of different kinds of ghosts and monsters, was lifted up, exposing a cold, stiff, expressionless face.

Staring at Ji Hao with a large pair of eyes, Chi You said blandly, "I am a human being…Do not get it wrong. The biggest dream of mine is replacing my human bloodline with the purest Jia Clan bloodline. But this requires a great military credit. If I present your head to Lord Dishi Cha, maybe, my dream can finally come true"

Ji Hao looked at Chi You in shock. He was right, he only had two eyes on his face. Indeed, he wasn’t a non-humankind being. Instead, he was a pure-blood human being.

The biggest dream of a pure blood human being was replacing his own bloodline with non-humankind bloodline, to grow two more eyes on his face and become a monster. In order to make a dream like this come true, he was willing to become a sharp weapon of the non-humankind, hacking mercilessly towards the other human beings who shared the same bloodline with him, without any hesitation.

"Chi You?" Ji Hao’s voice suddenly turned especially cold, "You have a great dream. Hehe, Chi You? Interesting name."

"The thirty-third generation of Chi You." Chi You’s voice sounded so cold and bland that every single word said by him sounded like the clang made by two huge metal boards, which could even buzz people’s eardrums. "Don’t you know?" continued Chi You, "You should know about the Chi You Army, one of the main forces of the great Yu Dynasty. ‘Chi You’ is the leader of this army.

Ji Hao took a long breath. ‘Chi You Army’? He had indeed never heard about that army. While pondering upon this impressive name, Ji Hao turned around and glanced at Si Wen Ming and Gong Sun Yuan. The looks of both of them were a bit weird by now. Seeing Ji Hao turn around, Si Wen Ming coughed slightly and said in a bland tone, "Ji Hao, no one is hiding this from you on purpose, but none of us is willing to mention Chi You Army unless we encounter with them on battlefields."

Gong Sun Yuan glanced at Chi You in a complicated way and said slowly, "A bunch of betrayers who had forgotten their ancestors. They hold the weapons made by the non-humankind, wear the armors crafted by the non-humankind, risk their lives and fight for the non-humankind, expanding the territories for them. And when slaughtering the humankind, these betrayers can be even more brutal than those non-humankind beings themselves…Who would be willing to talk about them if we don’t have to?"

Si Wen Ming then continued in a deep voice, "A hundred and twenty years ago in the great Chi Ban Mountain war, Emperor Shun beheaded the thirty-second generation of Chi You himself. He sealed Chi You’s head under Prime Sun Mountain, abandoned the limbs in a wasted land, and let wild beasts eat them. Back then, a big half of Chi You You Army was taken out. I didn’t think that the thirty-three generation of Chi You could come up so fast."

Chi You’s eyes shone with a blood-red light as he waved his shield and said coldly, "You stupid ignorant barbarians, you didn’t even wash off the smell of dirt on you. You aren’t qualified to call us betrayers."

"Noble Yu Clan possessed the ancient, honorable bloodline. Their civilization is highly advanced; their wisdom is like stars in the sky, illuminating the whole world eternally. Becoming warriors under their command and fighting for them occupy new pieces of land is our honor, our pride." said Chi You while proudly raising his head as he scornfully snorted. He looked just like a rich man living in the city, who was facing his poor relatives from villages, his face filled with dislike and disdain.

Si Wen Ming sighed slowly and said, "Chi You, the first generation, was the very first Chi You beheaded and sealed by Emperor Xuan Yuan. He could be counted as a hero indeed. Even though he was our enemy, we still poised him sincerely. But after him, every Chi You was weaker and worse than the last one."

"They have forgotten their ancestors…Eh? Why do I feel that he has been stalling?" said Gong Sun Yuan.

On the cold face of Chi You, his mouth corner extended mechanically, showing a fake smile. After that, he said teasingly, "With your poor wisdom, it’s quite something for you to find out that I am stalling."

"Damn!" Ji Hao shouted out in anger while the immemorial sun streamer swung fiercely above his head. The surrounding sunlight was immediately absorbed by the streamer. Then, a fist-sized fire stream surged out from the streamer and transformed into a golden beam of light, dazzling towards Chi You.

Chi You unhurriedly raised the void shield. The ghost face embossed on the shield wildly opened its mouth and let out a dense smoke. The essence sun fire dazzled into the smoke, burning a sizzling noise out of it. Yet, it failed to break the defense of the shield.

"Do not underestimate my shield. This is a supreme treasure gifted by a noble Yu Clan lord." Said Chi You blandly, "According to your classification, my shield, my armor and my blade are all primordial-grade supreme treasures…If the last generation of Chi You had these treasures of mine, Emperor Shun could have never killed him."

Ji Hao’s face turned dark. Pre-world primordial supreme treasures? Void Shield? Those non-humankind beings were truly willing to spend a fortune on Chi You.

Primordial-grade treasures were one grade higher than immemorial sun streamer. Not to mention the fact that Ji Hao couldn’t activate all of the immemorial sun streamer’s power, he wouldn’t be able to break this shield even if he could.

"Damn it!" Ji Hao cast a long shout as the nine suns spear transformed into a golden beam of light and zipped out.

"Idiot!" Chi You sneered and waved his left hand. The void shield blocked the nine suns spear once again. The spear clashed heavily against the shield and generated a loud bang. Meanwhile, Ji Hao’s pair of arms quaked intensively, which made the bones of his hands shatter simultaneously.

"My void shield has a magical feature that it can generate the counterforce exactly as great at the power you used while launching the attack." said Chi You. "And I will only withstand ten percent of attacking power. Therefore, I can just quake you to death."

Ji Hao gripped the sear and staggeringly stepped back while looking at Chi You helplessly. He was protected by the Pan Xi divine mirror, so no attack launched by the others could ever harm him. Nevertheless, Chi You was not going to attack at all. Instead, he threw Ji Hao into an embarrassing situation by simply relying on the shield to release the counterforce of Ji Hao’s attacks.

Ji Hao stopped attacking. Meanwhile, Yemo Sha reorganized his army. A group of Yu Clan people gathered together, seeming to be discussing something.

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