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"Great job!" Seeing the non-humankind army falling into a great mess, Si Wen Ming couldn't’ help but laugh out loud. The intense laughter even caused a stomachache, making him holding his stomach with his hands.

"Just relying on magic treasures!" Gong Sun Yuan curved his lips slightly downwards, snorted scornfully yet with jealousy. He popped out his eyes, staring at Ji Hao while wondering what exactly was the treasure that had been protecting Ji Hao.

‘That can’t be a Magus-King-level magic treasure… Not even Divine-Magus-level treasure can be so powerful.’ thought Gong Sun Yuan. ‘I heard that Earl Yao’s father had attained the inheritance of a Master Supreme Magus, along with many Supreme-Magus-level divine treasures. Does that mean this defensive magic treasure of Ji Hao is a divine treasure?’

"Small clans indeed have their own advantages." clicking his tongue, Gong Sun Yuan said slowly.

Ji Hao was born in the Gold Crow clan, and his father was warrior leader of that clan. Back in his clan, Ji Xia was a powerful man. Therefore, he attained the inheritance of his ancestor, and for any great treasure he gained, he would give it to Ji Hao the first. Unlike Ji Hao, Gong Sun Yuan was from the You Xiong Family, which was a large, influential family, with countless Great Elders and Elders and over thirty prince-level elites. The ancestors of the You Xiong Family had indeed left quite many good pieces, yet, even Gong Sun Yuan didn’t have a divine treasure to protect himself.

Si Wen Ming grinningly glanced at Gong Sun Yuan, then narrowed his eyes, laughed and said, "I am the only son as well, hehe!"

Gong Sun Yuan’s face turned slightly green as he raised his head, looking at the sky silently. Si Wen Ming was the only son of Marquis Chong Si Xi, because of which, he attained all benefits brought by the star offering ceremony. He had taken in seven spirit stars into his body all at once, and that consumed a piece of pre-world secret treasure, ‘divine soil’. That was the only piece of divine soil possessed by the entire humankind! This was the good side of being the only son.

"It’s nothing to be proud of." Gong Sun Yuan wielded the long sword held in his hand, smoothly flicked the sword tip and said, "For everything I have, I earned it with my sword."

Solemnly, Si Wen Ming looked at Gong Sun Yuan, nodded seriously and said, "Prince Gong Sun protected these local people, this is something that Emperor Xuanyuan would do. I, Wen Ming, admire you for this…Ha, what a reckless boy!"

Gong Sun Yuan hurriedly raised his head and looked at Ji Hao. Ji Hao was playing a new trick.

While fending himself against the crazy attacks launched by Pan Xi with the Pan Xi divine mirror, Ji Hao was laughing loudly and rushing towards Yemo Sha.

Yemo Sha, Yemo Tuo and the other Yu Clan people had been screaming hysterically. Each of those over a thousand Yu Clan young men was now holding a black staff. They wielded the staff together, ceaselessly activating all kinds of natural powers to attack Ji Hao.

Nevertheless, things would have still been under control if they didn’t make the moves. But once they did, the air was immediately covered up by dense dark clouds. Among all natural power attacks, the most powerful, fastest thunderbolts descended from the sky one after another, like a storm of destruction, striking straight on Ji Hao’s head. However, as the dim light sparkled on Ji Hao’s head, all thunderbolts disappeared. In the very next moment, these thunderbolts dazzled down from above the heads of Yemo Sha and the other Yu Clan people.

Fortunately, Yemo Sha and the other Yu Clan people reacted timely. They hurriedly swung their black staffs and dispelled most of those thunderbolts, but still, hundreds of thunderbolts struck into the part of the army which had the most Jia Clan warriors gathered. Over a thousand Jia Clan warriors let out a series of muffled moans while they were struck down on the ground, vomiting blood. They didn’t even get to figure out what had just happened.

Even worse, Pan Xi had still been crazily attacking Ji Hao. Her fists swooshed towards Ji Hao, then weirdly smashed on the bodies of Jia Clan warriors. Pan Xi’s fists were unstoppable, no matter how thick were the armors worn by those Jia Clan warriors or what kind of life-saving treasures they had, Pan Xi’s fists would smash their bones directly. From time to time, some poor ones would be hit on the heads and die right on the spot.

"Since you want to kill me, I’ll have to take your lives first!" Ji Hao had his eyes fixed on Yemo Sha. He growled out while dashing towards Yemo Sha, bringing up a golden stream of light. The nine suns spear left an arc-shaped beam of light in the air, as it sent the three Jia Clan warriors standing before Yemo Sha flying away. The fourth Jia Clan warrior raised his shield, but right after that, his shield was shattered by Pan Xi’s fist, followed by Ji Hao’s nine suns spear slicing across his neck.

"Damn it!" Yemo Sha screamed out once again. Under the protection of Yemo Tuo and a large group of guards, he stepped backward quickly. Meanwhile, he shouted harshly, "Pan Xi, get him! Damn it! How can you be so useless?! Stop him, who can stop him?!"

Yemo Tuo suddenly leaned his head as Pan Xi’s fist swished through the air, even brushing against his head. Yemo Tuo was frightened badly, and his body was even soaked in cold sweat. He then yelled at Yemo Sha, "Tell Pan Xi to stop! Yemo Sha! Tell Pan Xi to stop! Otherwise, we will all die! She will kill us all!"

Yemo Sha hurriedly screamed, "Pan Xi! Stop! Step aside! Do not move!"

Pan Xi stopped instantly. Her body flashed across the air as she immediately moved to nearly a hundred miles away, quietly standing on a mountain.

Ji Hao laughed out loud. He was now less than three-hundred meters away from Yemo Sha. A few Xiu Clan young men released a great number of metal puppets, attempting to stop Ji Hao. Nevertheless, the essence sin fire roaring out from the immemorial sun streamer burned those metal puppets into a stream of smoke within a blink of an eye.

"Your name is Yemo Sha, right? Don’t leave, give me your life! We had ten-million people joining this game of yours, right? And you have killed so many of us, haven’t you? You are going to kill us all within three months, aren’t you?" While growling, Ji Hao gripped the nine suns spear, rushing towards Yemo Sha with big steps.

Non-humankind warriors stepped out and tried to stop Ji Hao all the way, but their weapons couldn’t even harm a hair of his. All attacks launched by Ji Hao eventually landed on the bodies of the attackers. Blood splashed everywhere while countless non-humankind warriors fell on the ground, howling in pain. When Ji Hao moved past all these people, he mercilessly gave each of them a heavy strike on their vital body parts. Within the span of a few breaths, over a thousand non-humankind warriors were killed by Ji Hao. As for those smashed to death by Pan Xi’s punches, they numbered tens of thousands.

Yemo Sha and the other Yu Clan people were now right in front of Ji Hao. Ji Hao raised the nine suns spear and hacked violently down, sending away two Jia Clan warriors standing before these Yu Clan people. After that, as Ji Hao was preparing to catch up with Yemo Sha, an especially sturdy body showed up before Ji Hao’s eyes, blocking his way.

"Stop, enough!" Chi You, who was wearing a cattle horn helmet,and holding a square-shaped shield with his left hand and a long blade in the right hand, stood in front of Ji Hao, shielding those Yu Clan people. The thick mask decorated with embossments of ghost portraits covered his face, only leaving a pair of blood-red light spots sparkling in the eye area.

Chi You looked at Ji Hao and said blandly, "A very interesting little kid, you have indeed killed a lot…No wonder Lord Dishi Cha said clearly that he wants your life, not only because you killed the two sons of Lord Dishi Cha, also because you are a great threat to us."

Two hot airstreams puffed out from Chi You’s nostrils as he continued coldly, "Genius barbarians like you have to be killed. We can never let you grow up. Therefore, today, please go to hell!"

Ji Hao snorted coldly. The nine suns spear pierced directly towards Chi You’s throat along with a dazzling golden beam of light. Chi You slightly waved his left hand and put the square-shaped shield, which was embossed with patterns of flame and portraits of ghosts, in front of his body. The shield glowed with a dim black light.

The nine sun spear struck on the shield and generated a thunderous bang. A great counterforce came to Ji Hao that broke Ji Hao’s pair of arms. Ji Hao stepped backward staggeringly.

"It’s very easy for me to deal with you." said Chi You while approaching Ji Hao step by step, "As long as I don’t launch any attack towards you. This ‘void shield’ of mine can release inexhaustible counterforce. I can kill you simply with that."

Ji Hao paused briefly, then knitted his eyebrows, looking at Chi You seriously.

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