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Ji Hao gave a few muffled moans as the great pain came. Afterward, he took a few long gasps for air.

The flying blood streams and pieces of muscles and bones all flew backward and merged back together. Then, a blood-red light flashed across Ji Hao’s body as all wounds began healing themselves. Through the wounds on his arm, the large streams of blood flew back into his body without leaving even a single drop on the outside.

Wielding his arm forward, Ji Hao then looked at Pan Xi with a darkened face.

Was this the body of a Chaos saint? She looked like a tender beautiful young girl, but she was actually a monster with an extremely tough body. Ji Hao’s body was already as tough as four-star Divine Magi. But just now, when his fist bumped against Pan Xi’s face, he clearly sensed that his fist was actually like a soft piece of tofu while Pan Xi’s face was as solid as rocks.

"Pan Xi should be good at magic-casting." Again, the mysterious man frustrated Ji Hao slightly, "Her body wasn’t too strong, at least in comparison with Pan Gu…Hm, the difference between her and Pan Gu was around a hundred times greater than the difference between you and her."

Ji Hao was almost driven crazy. Pan Xi was already as strong as a monster, but she was only a Chaos saint with the specialty of magic-casting? And Pan Gu’s body was actually that strong? So if Pan Gu was alive with his body unharmed, what would he be like?"

"Did you say that the dragon-kind inherited Pan Gu’s physical strength?" In his spiritual space, Ji Hao yelled at the mysterious man unpleasantly.

"In these days, the dragon-kind is weakening generation after generation. Back in the prehistorical era, the first generation of dragons were indeed strong." said the mysterious man with a careless tone, "But as their bloodlines passed down, the bloodline power of a few dragon ancestors gradually spread to hundreds of millions of dragons. Well, the current dragon-kind is just average."

Pausing briefly, the mysterious man grinned and continued, "The phoenix-kind’s soul power has been turning thinner and weaker gradually as well. Only the fertility of the humankind remains as strong, hehe, just like always. Otherwise, how could the humankind become the dominator of Pan Gu world?"

‘The dominator of Pan Gu world?t Though Ji Hao while showing the whites of his eyes. ‘We have been bullied by the non-humankind for so many years, that we can’t even breathe. Ten million elites of us were selected out from those large clans to join this life-and-death game, the dominator of Pan Gu world? Are you joking?’

Looking at those human heads falling like raindrops, in Ji Hao’s eyes, the humankind was nowhere near being the dominator of Pan Gu world.

The conversation between Ji Hao and the mysterious man happened within just a moment, and after the conversation ended, Ji Hao still needed some time to let his body heal itself completely. For healing his right arm, which exploded entirely, Ji Hao sensed that around one percent of his spirit blood had been consumed. After all, he was only a Magus King at this stage, and his spirit power couldn’t be as strong and abundant as Divine Magi.

Ji Hao reached his hand to his back and pulled out the medicine calabash, poured out a few spirit-blood-replenishing pills and swallowed them up. After that, he pulled out the nine-suns spear.

"Pan Xi, ashes to ashes, you have already fallen. Just go sleep forever." Ji Hao pointed the spearhead at Pan Xi while flicking his wrist. The pair of crescent-shaped blades brought up a shrill swishing noise, transforming into two golden streams of light, dazzling towards Pan Xi’s eyes.

Pan Xi popped her eyes out, staring straight at Ji Hao.

Clang! Clang! The pair of small blades struck on Pan Xi’s eyeballs and generated some fire sparkles before being rebounded while quaking intensively. Pan Xi closed her eyes as two extremely thin streams of blood flew out from her eye sockets. However, soon, she opened her eyes again and the blood streams disappeared; no wound could be found on her eyeballs.

"It’s not so easy to let her go back to sleep, just try harder. She can’t harm you anyway." The mysterious man irresponsibly left Ji Hao these words before his enormous body gradually faded in Ji Hao’s spiritual space.

Ji Hao gave a long roar while wielding the nine suns spear with both of his hands. The long spear spun swiftly like a winnower, bringing up countless golden, cold light spots, piercing towards Pan Xi. Pan Xi narrowed her eyes and stared at Ji Hao while moving backward step by step.

Along with countless dazzling streams of light, the nine suns spear zipped towards Pan Xi over and over again, but not for once could the spear touch Pan Xi’s body. Ji Hao looked at Pan Xi in shock. After each time she took a step back, the air surrounding her would twist slightly. The spear sent out by Ji Hao was always less than a millimeter away from her body, yet, it could never touch her.

Within a second, tens of thousands of attacks had been launched by Ji Hao, but no physical contact had ever happened between Pan Xi and the nine sun spear. Although Pan Xi had already fallen, her body still possessed the terrifyingly great power. Despite the fact that Ji Hao had so many supreme treasures with him, he could do nothing to Pan Xi at all.

Tens of thousands of attacks had all missed the target. Ji Hao widely opened his eyes as Pan Xi’s body suddenly flashed across the air and showed up right before Ji Hao’s eyes. She slightly swung her pair of hands, then her palms landed on Ji Hao’s body along with a strong stream of power and a loud swishing noise.

A dim stream of light flashed across the surface of Ji Hao’s body, and next, the hundreds of meter in radius force field created by Pan Xi’s move suddenly fell into the non-humankind army behind Yemo Sha. Hundreds of Jia Clan warriors couldn’t react timely and were pressed down from the air, thudding heavily against the ground like meteorites. Countless visible power streams coiled around these Jia Clan warriors, wriggling like serpents, squeezing a loud series of cracking noise out of their bodies. Soon, the heavy armors worn by these Jia Clan warriors were forcibly turned into wasted metal pieces.

Yemo Sha didn’t have enough time to stop Pan Xi before he saw Pan Xi, who seemed to be completely useless now, boost her power up once again. The force field created by her instantly became over a hundred times more powerful. The hundreds of Jia Clan warriors inside the force field howled out in a great pain while their tall and strong bodies were squeezed into meat balls. Their armors were broken as well as their bones. These elite Jia Clan warriors were just like berries inside a juicer; every single drop of liquid contained in their bodies had been drained.

"Pan Xi!" Yemo Sha growled out in a great rage, "Capture Ji Hao alive! Do not accidentally injure my people!"

Pan Xi’s eyes sparkled with the dim light. Capture Ji Hao alive? Wasn’t she doing that right now? Accidentally injure? Why would he accidentally injure anyone? Pan Xi’s original consciousness had already disappeared, and she could never understand such a complicated question. She simply spread her arms and rushed up, attempting to catch Ji Hao.

Crack! Pan Xi’s pair of arms swished out from the air, around the body of a Yu Clan elderly man. As the snow-white, smooth arms swung inwards, the Yu Clan elderly man was immediately turned into two before he could even give a moan.

Ji Hao took a few steps backward, raised the nine suns spear while looking at Pan Xi helplessly. Pan Xi frowned, confusedly looked at Ji Hao, then pounced on him once again. She tried quite hard to wield her fists and swiftly launch hundreds of thousands of punches at Ji Hao. She had to capture Ji Hao alive, therefore, she couldn’t attack him on vital body parts. Instead, rather carefully, Pan Xi punched on Ji Hao’s limbs.

The dim light sparked on Ji Hao’s body. The hundreds of thousands of punches launched by Pan Xi within a second were like a destructive tornado, sweeping across Yemo Sha’s army. Over a hundred thousand Jia Clan warriors cried out together as countless heavy punches landed on their bodies, smashed their armors and twisted their bodies, putting them on the ground, struggling and crying.

Thousands of warriors with poor luck were knocked directly on the heads by Pan Xi, such that their heads and helmets exploded together.

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