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When Pan Xi slapped on Ji Hao’s chest, the mysterious man abruptly gave a heavy sigh in Ji Hao’s spiritual space and said, "Pan Xi…She has been turned into a puppet. These non-humankind beings are indeed ambitious."

Ji Hao’s heart drummed. This tall and slim woman with a perfectly beautiful face… was Pan Xi? And she was turned into a puppet?

Pan Xi moved way too fast, that Ji Hao only faintly saw a hazy silhouette dash over before he was slapped. Fortunately, the Pan Xi divine mirror had been keeping him under protection. The mirror released a dim light, making Pan Xi slap on her own body and stagger back.

Ji Hao was startled badly while Pan Xi stood still in confusion. She lowered her head, looking at her own hand, seeming not to know what to do. She had already gotten used to the scene of destruction that would happen every time when she made a heavy slap. But just now, she failed to kill Ji Hao, and on the contrary, she struck on her own body heavily. As a battle puppet who had already lost her original consciousness, Pan Xi couldn’t understand this.

Yemo Sha and the others paused in shock as well. In a panic, Yemo Sha yelled while pointing at Ji Hao, "Pa Xi! Go! Kill him! Kill him! Keep his head! Kill him! Now!"

Pan Xi’s body flashed again across the air. Immediately, tens of silhouettes of Pan Xi showed up around Ji Hao. Every single one of these silhouettes launched a heavy slap at Ji Hao. The palms of these silhouettes were different; some were crystal, some were ice-cold, some were smooth as jade, or heavy as mountains, or glowing-red…Every single palm represented a part of the great Dao of nature of Pan Xi world. Added with the immense strength that belonged to Pan Xi herself, each slap was powerful enough to perish all living creatures in the whole world.

Ji Hao still couldn’t see Pan Xi’s movements clearly, but the Pan Xi divine mirror still automatically countered all attacks launched by Pan Xi.

Tens of slaps landed on Pan Xi’s own body. Some palms froze a few parts of her body, some caused muffled, thunderous booms. Some burned her skin red, or made poisonous green smoke puffing out from her skin, or let huge thunderbolts dazzle out from her body…

Tens of different types of natural powers struck on Pan Xi’s body simultaneously. Pan Xi was forced back again staggeringly. On her body, the injuries caused by those magical natural powers only lasted for less than a second before her body healed itself.

"Can’t she do anything to the Pan Xi divine mirror?" Nervously, Ji Hao asked the mysterious man, "She won’t take the Pan Xi mirror back, will she?"

"If she comes back alive and recovers completely, she would have thirty percent chance of taking the Pan Xi mirror back. After all, she was the original owner of the mirror." said the mysterious man doubtlessly. "But now, she is just a puppet, without consciousness. The Pan Xi divine mirror is yours, and it will always be yours. She would never have a chance to take it back."

Ji Hao settled his mind, then began looking at Pan Xi from head to toe with a relaxed mood. Although he made some physical contact with Pan Xi’s body earlier, back then, Pan Xi’s body was enormous, that the entire Holy Land was based on her body. At present, Pan Xi was of the size of an ordinary human being, which made Ji Hao quite curious about her.

The creator of a world who was called Saint Pan Xi by Pan Xi world people, generation after generation!

Pan Xi looked at Ji Hao in confusion. Her consciousness had disappeared, but her instinct told her that something was wrong. Something was truly wrong. Why did all her attacks ended up on her own body? This didn’t make any sense!

"What is this bloody woman doing?" Yemo Sha angrily waved the black staff and yelled, "Kill him, now!"

Yemo Tuo stood beside him and made a joke, "My dear cousin, she is already a dead woman, hehe!"

Yemo Sha turned around and threw a heavy punch directly on Yemo Tuo’s face. Yemo Tuo let out a muffled moan as he was punched back quickly. The few trusted warriors of his stood behind him hurriedly held him up. Afterward, these two cousins stared at each other silently. At last, Yemo Tuo politely bowed to Yemo Sha and apologized, "It was my fault, my dear cousin. Right now, we should kill Ji Hao together!"

"It would be even better if we can capture him alive!" said Yemo Sha while raising his eyebrows, "Lord Dishi Cha would certainly like to see Ji Hao as a living person…Lord Dishi Cha is now largely different from before. We should earn his favor and benefit our family."

Yemo Tuo smiled faintly. Next, Yemo Sha pointed at Ji Hao and yelled, "Pan Xi, capture him alive, alive!"

Pan Xi paused for a second, then trod upon the air, approached Ji Hao step by step. Her purely dark eyes had been sparkling with a dim light while looking at Ji Hao from up to down coldly, as if she was thinking about how to capture Ji Hao alive.

"Pan Xi, no matter how, you are the creator of this world. Even though you have fallen, your body shouldn’t suffer such blasphemy." Ji Hao looked at Pan Xi, sighed and said, "I will try my best to free you."

"You might not be able to help her." said the mysterious man blandly, "But, you can try. You will know how powerful she truly is. Anyway, with the Pan Xi mirror, your life will never be in danger."

Ji Hao nodded. Looking at Pan Xi walking over step by step, Ji Hao punched directly towards her face.

The target of this punch was a Chaos saint who had created a world! For unknown reasons, Ji Hao suddenly turned excited. Therefore, he used hundred-percent power while launching this punch. His physical strength was activated fully, and the power attained through the mysterious cultivation method with nine turns had been boosted up as well. Meanwhile, the scorching hot spirit star power contained in his body surged into his meridians and bones just like lava bursting from an erupted volcano. The great spirit star power raised his physical strength by over ten times.

The air was vibrated when Ji Hao launched his heavy punch, sounding like a booming cannonball. The thunderous boom spread out to tens of thousands of miles away.

Si Wen Ming and Gong Sun Yuan couldn’t help but clap their hands, applauding for Ji Hao. Si Wen Ming, who knew about the identity of Ji Hao’s Shifu more or less, lowered his head, sighed and said, "He is truly a disciple of that greatly powerful being. He is just a Magus King, but how come this body of his is as tough as four-star…no, five-star Divine Magi? This punch is almost as powerful as a full attack launched by an ordinary six-star Divine Magus!"

Gong Sun Yuan stared straight at Ji Hao while murmuring subconsciously, "No big deal though, a few young kids of our You Xiong Family could also make Divine-Magus-level attacks back in their Magus King periods…with nothing more than an inherited magic treasure!"

The fist of Ji Hao was wrapped in a faint layer of fiery light as it tore the air open and smashed on Pan Xi’s face.

A great pain came while the fiery light blasted and large streams of blood sprayed out.

Ji Hao punched on Pan Xi’s face, but he felt like punching right on a giant piece of moorstone with a fist made from tofu. Pan Xi’s face stayed perfectly unharmed while Ji Hao’s right arm exploded like a popcorn.

Blood and pieces of muscles and bones flew out in the explosion of his arm, that made Ji Hao gasp quickly in pain. He lost his sight temporarily while stepping backward quickly.

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