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The immemorial sun streamer could burn everything while the nine suns spear could destroy the hardest thing in the world. Added to the horror was the absolute defense provided by Pan Xi mirror. Ji Hao traveled around the world with Mr. Crow, encountering over ten non-humankind troops coming to this area as reinforcements. Single handedly, Ji Hao destroyed them all.

Within a couple of days, the name and title of Ji Hao had imprinted deeply in the hearts of Yemo Sha and Yemo Tuo. Hundreds of Yu Clan people and tens of thousands of Jia Clan elite warriors were killed by Ji Hao. To the humankind, this was undoubtedly a great credit, but to Yemo Sha, who was the highest commander of the non-humankind army in this game, this was an absolute humiliation.

The Yu Clan had a tradition that if any family member showed a little bit of weakness, this humiliation would be added to the entire family. Therefore, Yemo Sha, Yemo Tuo and all the other others from Dark Sun families had now been seeing Ji Hao as their greatest humiliation. They silently swore that they would chop Ji Hao into a thousand pieces.

This day, Gong Sun Yuan was still standing on the mountaintop, covering those local people under his lead, retreating into Fallen Land. A great non-humankind army trod on a dense mist, approaching in a formidable array.

Gong Sun Yuan’s face suddenly turned especially dark. To him, the small troop under Dishi Fang’s command was already so hard to deal with; there was no way that he could stop this main force of the non-humankind. He turned around and saw countless local people moving towards Fallen Land.

"Brothers, this time, we are truly risking our lives!" Gong Sun Yuan raised the long sword held in his hand, showed his teeth and growled. Afterward, he smiled bitterly to the three-thousand warriors of his and continued, "if I knew about this…We should have enlisted less local people."

Gong Sun Yuan inherited the kingly acting style from his ancestor, Emperor Xuan Yuan. After coming to Pan Xi world, he led his warriors and broke numerous large local clans one after another, teaching these local people about accepting the civilization brought by him, with iron and blood. After a series of education, those local people all become Gong Sun Yuan’s people. As a proud descendant of Emperor Xuan Yuan, Gong Sun Yuan would never allow himself to abandon his people and flee when the enemies attacked. Therefore, facing the unstoppable non-humankind army, Gong Sun Yuan chose to bring these local people all into Fallen Land.

But now, even Gong Sun Yuan was a bit disappointed. Even if he wanted to educate these local people, that could wait until he won this life-and-death game, couldn’t it? Now what? Those local warriors could barely give him any help in this war, and instead, they had all become burden.

A few You Xiong Family warrior leaders raised their weapons high together and shouted out. "A life-and-death fight!"

Gong Sun Yuan showed his teeth again, clanged his shield loudly with his sword, then growled harshly, "Indeed, a life-and-death fight, this is all we can do!"

Gnashing his teeth, Gong Sun Yuan told himself that even if he had to die in this place, he could not lose the spirit given by his ancestors. Emperor Xuan Yuan never abandoned a single one of his people and fled, never. He could lose his own life, but not this honor that was inherited from his ancestors.

"It doesn’t have to be life-and-death fight… Hm, Earl Yao is back!" Si Wen Ming grinningly glanced at Gong Sun Yuan, then said calmly.

Mr. Crow’s entire body was shining with a golden fiery light as he flew swiftly over, leaving a miles long, golden-red streak in the sky. Ji Hao stood on Mr. Crow’s head, with a large wisp of hair held in his hand. Hanging under the hair were over ten heads that had twisted faces and had been swaying in the wind. If one looked closer, one would find that on each of these twisted faces, an erect eye was located in between the pair of eyebrows. These heads all belonged to Yu Clan people.

From tens of miles away, Ji Hao swung his right hand up and threw those heads of Yu Clan people towards the non-humankind army, bringing up a strong gust of wind. Looking at Yemo Sha, who was in the front of the army, he gave a laugh then began taking in a strong and resonant voice.

"Here, I think these belong to you… no need to thank me! Their bodies are fifty-thousand miles away, this way. Just go and collect them now. Otherwise, wild beasts might come and eat those bodies."

The faces of Yemo Sha and the group of Yu Clan people around him all turned blue. Around ten Jia Clan warriors rushed up, each catching a head thrown out by Ji Hao. After that, their faces turned extremely sulky.

"Earl Yao Ji Hao! How dare you harm the bodies of our people…You, you, you! Even death cannot atone for the offense! I, I, you…" Yemo Sha was so angry that even his three eyes nearly popped out from his eye sockets. He gripped the black staff with his left hand, which was sparkling with a dim light.

"What is the big deal about harming the bodies of your people? Like you never do that to the others!" Mr. Crow floated in the air while Ji Hao stood on his head, coldly looking at Yemo Sha and continued, "Cut the crap. Is each one of you here?"

Yemo Sha gave a vicious grin and wielded his hand. Instantly, countless human heads were thrown out by Jia Clan warriors. Loud thudding sounds could then be heard endlessly, as the heads of incalculable elite human beings fell from the sky, knocking huge holes out of the ground. Sneering coldly and evilly, Yemo Sha said, "These past few days, we have broken three-hundred and seventy-two battle forts built by your stupid, reckless human beings, and killed over seven-million, thirty-three thousand elites of yours. As for the warriors under the commands of these elites…all dead."

Gasping deeply, Yemo Sha pointed at Fallen Land, sneered again and continued, "We came to Fallen Land… to kill all of you."

Seeing the heads of elite human beings falling from the sky like huge raindrops, Ji Hao felt that even his heart had twisted. A strong coldness rose from under his feet, surging directly into his head. Yet, within this bone-piercing coldness, he also felt that every single cell of his body had been burning ragingly.

So many heads…so many people!

Yemo Sha killed them all. Within these couple of days, from the ten-million elite human beings who had taken part in this life-and-death game, over seven-million, thirty-three thousand elite human beings were already killed. These non-humankind beings brought the great Dao of nature under control, which made them a true disaster.

The countless human heads fell ceaselessly down from the sky. Those Jia Clan warriors laughed wildly and loudly while taking out piles of human heads from space tools, throwing down towards the ground.

"I suddenly don’t feel guilty anymore for chopping off the heads of your people." Ji Hao abruptly laughed out and said. Looking at Yemo Sha, Ji Hao continued, "Perhaps, I should learn from you, and in the future, I should make all of you into puppets after I have killed you. You have to believe that the puppet-making and zombie-raising skills of our Magus Palace are actually advanced as well."

Si Wen Ming and Gong Sun Yuan all had their faces twisted. So many elite human beings! These millions of elites were carefully selected from tens of thousands of large clans and families, but within these couple of days, they were all beheaded.

"I will turn every single bone of yours into a souvenir!" Yemo Sha said with a cold, faint smile. Then, he waved his hand towards Ji Hao and ordered, "Kill him."

A thin, human-shaped silhouette dashed out from behind Yemo Sha. She dashed up to Ji Hao almost immediately and meanwhile, she swiftly slapped on Ji Hao’s chest with her palm.

A dim of light silently emerged, and next, Pan Xi, who had just surprisingly attacked Ji Hao, slapped heavily on her own chest and staggered back for tens of steps.

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