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"B-Brother!" Bo Qiujia’s eye corners twitched intensively while he stared at Priest Corpse, who was flying backward and vomiting blood, in a great shock. "You, you hold on… I, I’m covering Prince Tianming and these disciples to retreat!"

Bo Qiujia was truly frightened. He was the only one who knew the background of that gray hassock under Priest Corpse’s feet. He also knew that the seemingly simple and coarse long robe worn by Priest Corpse was actually transformed from a great treasure of defense. Pan Xi was actually so terrifying.

Panic-stricken, Bo Qiujia gave a few loud growls while heavily waving the streamer held in his hand. Instantly, seven large stars sparkled on the streamer and released streams of black yet bright light, transforming into a shuttle-shaped light screen that surrounded the group of people. Then following a shrill swishing noise which was not so pleasant to hear, the dark shuttle-sized light screen dazzled up into the air. It slightly spun, then sliced the air open and zipped away.

Faintly, Zhu Rong Tianming’s growls came from the sky. "All retreat! Leave those damned barbarians!"

Fiery clouds rose from every corner of the city. All elite Zhu Rong Family warriors and the group of princes who chose to support Zhu Rong Tianming, to help him attain the throne of the human emperor, fled in all directions at their highest speed. Among these people, Yi Shen and the other few, who were in higher positions, all had darkened faces. They cursed Zhu Rong Tianming silently with the evilest language they knew.

When had they ever seen such a ‘leader’? Before the war started, he was boasting all the time. According to him, his city was even stronger than the ancient heaven in Pan Gu world, and even hundreds of millions of non-humankind couldn’t possibly break his city. How did it come out? The enemy only sent out an unknown woman, who then easily broke the city.

The city was broken, fine. After all, victory and defeat were both common in battles, and they could always rise again. However, Zhu Rong Tianming had actually abandoned all these supporters and fled desperately, was that even true?

"I am such an idiot to support a loser like this." Yi Shen transformed into a sharp beam of arrow light, leading a batch of elite Ten Sun Country warriors, flying at low altitude. "If I knew he was such a loser, why would I support him to attain the throne of the human Emperor? That Priest Corpse wants nothing but to push one of his people up to the throne, doesn’t he? Can’t I be the human Emperor? If I became the human Emperor, and attained immortal life, wouldn’t I have infinite happiness?"

While flying and fleeing, Yi Shen murmured to himself. He was rethinking about his attitude to Zhu Rong Tianming, and if something was wrong with the deal he made with Priest Corpse. Not only Yi Shen, all those princes who were abandoned by Zhu Rong Tianming, and had now been fleeing by themselves had all kinds of thoughts emerged in their heads.

Zhu Rong Tianming fled for his own life. For such a jerk with no sense of obligation, could one expect him to fulfill his promises? Would he actually provide those benefits he promised? Rather than supporting such a jerk to attain the throne of the human Emperor, why didn’t they fight for themselves?

Countless fiery clouds and bright light streams spread out in all directions. But from the air, a dense rumbling cloud pressed down. Yemo Sha, Yemo Tuo and a large group of non-humankind beings rushed up from every direction, circling all Zhu Rong Tianming’s supporters up like a group of fierce beasts, seeming ready to kill all of them.

Priest Corpse looked around in slight panic. Zhu Rong Tianming was under Bo Qiujia’s protection, which meant he could surely run away from this. Bo Qiujia was quite good at fleeing and life-saving, in terms of which, he might be even more experienced and skillful than Priest Corpse.

Nevertheless, those princes and elite young men from large clans, who had been turned into Zhu Rong Tianming’s supporters with great efforts, they couldn’t die! How many chess pieces had Priest Corpse used, how much time had he spent and how many benefits had he promised to finally turn these people into Zhu Rong TIanming’s supporters?

If these people died in here, many years of works done by Priest Corpse’s sect would be wasted! How many efforts had they made for letting these elite young people from top-grade clans and families to obey him?! These young men were not as important as Zhu Rong Tianming, but if even one of them fell in this place, Priest Corpse would be bearing a great blame. He clearly understood that his sect was not united as an iron board. Many people in the sect didn’t like him, and had been expecting him to make a mistake and humiliate himself.

"My friend, you forced me to do this." Priest Corpse’s body quivered slightly. While coughing blood, he lowered his head and looked at his dented chest. His nearly invincible body was nearly smashed by Pan Xi’s punch. This half-foot deep dent was located right in the middle of his chest, and the bone in that area had been shattered into thousands of pieces.

He was protected by the gray hassock under his feet and the robe worn by him, both of which were supreme treasures of defense. But he was injured so severely still. The robe of his was also a pre-world spirit treasure that absorbed the world-creating power and had incomparable defensive power. Additionally, it was cultivated by Priest Corpse for countless years. The robe looked like a coarse long shirt, but its defensive power was over ten-thousand times greater than the fire screen of this fire city built by Zhu Rong Tianming. As for the gray hassock under his feet, it was a clone of one of those supreme treasures that belonged to his Shifu, Priest Hua. Although the hassock wasn’t a genuine supreme treasure, its defensive power was ten times greater than the robe worn by him.

Nevertheless, these two great treasures of defense were nearly shattered by Pan Xi with a single punch. If there were a word to describe Pan Xi’s power, that would only be ‘terrifying’. Not to mention the fact that Priest Corpse’s body was injured so seriously as well that he was almost smashed to pieces by this punch!

Coughing loudly for a few times, Priest Corpse spat out a few dark golden, glaze-like, transparent bone pieces. Angrily, he looked at these bone pieces which were from inside his body. He gnashed his teeth, then solemnly took out a fist-sized, white-colored lotus from his sleeve.

The white lotus had thousands of petals arranged layer by layer, glowing with a white light and silently floating in front of Priest Corpse. Priest Corpse politely kneeled down, kowtowed to the white lotus and began talking. "Dear Shifu, some evil beings have been acting rampantly and affected our great plan. Shifu, please lend a hand to make an end of this female evil."

The white lotus instantly shone with a dazzling light and released a sphere of white light-like burning flame. From the light sphere, an eighteen meters tall, scrawny silhouette silently appeared. In the span of three breaths, Priest Hua, who had met Ji Hao once, expressionlessly walked out of the white light with a wooden staff held in his hand.

The white light dissipated. Priest Hua glanced at Priest Corpse, knitted his eyebrows then flicked his finger and threw him a golden pill. Afterward, Priest Hua raised his head and glanced at Pan Xi in a complicated way.

After casting a quick glance, Priest Hua immediately quivered, then grabbed Priest Corpse’s shoulder and growled out.

"Go!" Following his voice, a bright white light stream dazzled into the sky. That was Priest Hua and Priest Corpse fleeing away desperately.

Even Pan Xi didn’t think that Priest Hua would flee so quickly. She stood still, not making any move for a short while. By the time Pan Xi intended to chase, Priest Hua and Priest Corpse had disappeared long ago.

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