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"I will come back!" Yemo Sha looked at the few killed ones beside him and yelled. His face was now covered in cold sweat. The few Yu Clan people were only in slightly lower positions than him, and all had life-saving treasures with them. Nevertheless, they were actually punctured by the arrow, which pierced in through the protective light screen created by multiple divine towers together. As for the few Jia Clan warriors, they were wearing heavy armors, and all had incomparably strong bodies and thriving life-force. Yet, they were killed immediately by the arrow, although each of them only had a fist-sized wound on the chest.

If the arrow landed accurately on Yemo Sha’s body, would he even have a chance to struggle before he was killed straightaway? The more he thought about this, the more frightened he became. Hoarsely growling towards Ji Hao and the other human beings, Yemo Sha then wielded his fist and let out a few shrill shouts.

If Ji Hao and his friends were the only ones who had been launching attacks, the situation would still be controllable. But now, Si Wen Ming and the others had stepped in as well. Among these human beings, over a hundred were princes of large clans and families, and the magic treasures they were using were no worse than any ordinary pre-world supreme treasures.

No matter how, Yemo Sha wouldn’t dare to risk his own life, and he was now freaked out already. Therefore, he gave the order and told his people to throw everything and just flee.

The protective light screen created by multiple divine towers suddenly changed color and turned gray. Following a few flowing light streams, a gray magic formation showed up under the feet of Yemo Sha and his people. Next, their bodies became hazy and twisted, then disappeared without leaving a trace.

The dragon ocean-destroying formation and phoenix sky-flaming formation moved inwards and created a great pressure, smashing the protective light screen. At this moment, the magic crystals contained in all divine towers were consumed up, leaving those powerless divine towers standing on the ground.

Before, Yemo Sha was preparing to take all divine towers and leave. But the fierce wave of attacks launched by Ji Hao and his friends crazily had brought him a severe mental pressure, which allowed him to realize that only his own life was the most important thing. Therefore, he simply abandoned those divine towers, which could only move slowly and couldn’t be teleported by the magic formation.

"Hahaha!" Si Wen Ming and the group of human beings laughed out loud once again.

Turning a group of Yu Clan people into such an ugly shape, making them abandon so many divine towers and flee desperately, such a great show didn’t set up every day. Si Wen Ming slapped heavily on Ji Hao’s shoulder while praising him, saying that choosing this place as the battlefield was the best thing to do.

Ji Hao laughed, treading on a stream of fiery light, and came up to Elder Destiny.

Looking at Elder Destiny’s face that had grown much older, Ji Hao began talking in a gentle voice. "Elder, we need to talk. You are named after destiny, but you forgot one thing… people‘s minds are the most complicated things in the universe. People’s thoughts are much harder to predict than destiny."

Elder Destiny sighed heavily. He looked at the gray sky, then responded blandly, "We need to talk. It’s indeed a bit too early to talk about these things, but anyhow, it’s better than letting my own people become enemies."

Somewhere in Pan Xi world, a misty, gray stream of light flashed across the air. Next, Yemo Sha and a large group of non-humankind beings dashed out from the light like drowning mice.

Before he cursed Ji Hao and the other human beings, who had embarrassed him so much, Yemo Sha immediately took out a black staff and wielded. As a dim beam of light flashed, an erect eye contained in the light beam opened suddenly. Followed by a muffled boom, the ground within the area that had the radius of ten-thousand miles was hollowed, turning into a round-shaped basin. Afterward, dense, rainy clouds quickly gathered in the sky, and a heavy rain started. The rainwater speedily filled the basin up, turning the basin into a ten-thousand-miles radius lake.

As a cold light sparked in Yemo Sha’s erect eye, a faint green color appeared in the crystal-clear lake. After which, all kinds of aquatic plants began growing. A while later, large groups of aquatic animals appeared in the lake, and thus, a complete aquatic ecosphere was created.

"Pan Xi world’s natural law is still under our control, so it’s because of that crappy place!" said Yemo Sha to the other Yu Clan people with a darkened face. "That place should be where Pan Xi fought against our people back then. Because of the fight, the natural law in that area collapsed, leaving a wound on Pan Xi world. But this wound turned out to be their best battlefield."

"But how did they find out that we can control the natural law of this world?" asked a Yu Clan young man in confusion.

"Chi Zhe and his people still didn’t contact us…which means something happened to them. They might even have been captured alive by someone." Since Yemo Sha was selected to be the highest commander for this life-and-death game, he was not silly at all, even though he was indeed rather proud and arrogant.

"Useless Chi Zhe, he must have let those human beings know our secret. Otherwise, how could those damned human beings prepare such a bloody battlefield ahead of time and expect us in there?"

All present Yu Clan people now had long and darkened faces. After quite a long while, a Yu Clan young man said carefully, "If we can’t kill all human beings within three months and made Lord Dishi Cha lose that sun and moon blood pill…"

More cold sweat flowed down from Yemo Sha’s forehead as he squeezed a grin out of his face and responded, "My life and the sun and moon blood pill, which one do you think is more valuable? Hehe, you’re not the highest commander, I am. Therefore, the one to blame would be me!"

No one said anything, but everyone looked at Yemo Sha in a pitying way. Without a question, a sun and moon blood pill was much more valuable than his life. Not to mention any other possibility, if Dishi Cha presented that blood pill to Yemo Loye, the Emperor of Dark Sun, that woman would mercilessly chop Yemo Sha into pieces herself, put his body pieces on a delicate plate and then serve it to Dishi Cha!

A sun and moon blood pill meant a sun and moon state powerful being, and among all Yu Clan people, sun and moon powerful beings were all important, high-level beings.

"I don’t want to die!" said Yemo Sha with an extremely dark face. "Therefore, we have to take all of them out within three months. All boost up your spirits. I swear with my ancestors’ souls that if I am doomed to die, I will try my best to have you die with me!"

The group of Yu Clan people had their faces turned darker as well. The pity in their eyes disappeared. Instead, they all glared at Yemo Sha like injured beasts. If they weren’t afraid of Yemo Sha’s powerful family, some of them would have cursed out loudly long ago.

Soon, this group of Yu Clan people transformed into bright beams of light and flashed across the sky, each with different thoughts.

Yemo Sha held the black staff, wielding it in the air. Following his move, numerous mountains on their way collapsed instantly, and then, all kinds of magic-crystal-like minerals that contained energies flew out from those collapsed mountains and gathered into thousands of sparkling, huge streams, surging into the space bangles that belonged to Yemo Sha and the other few Yu Clan elderly men.

While flattening mountains and splitting the ground to collect mineral resources all the way, Yemo Sha and his people reached the Holy Land at their highest speed.

The space screen of the Holy Land was already broken, and the vast Holy Land was exposed in the air, floating high up in the sky. By now, even the weakest Pan Xi world people could see the vast Holy Land with his or her eyes.

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