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"Good!" Ji Hao praised.

Elder Destiny’s move was just like a bird that flew swiftly across the surface of a river, leaving a faint trace on the water surface yet, too fast to be found. He launched the move at the exact same time when his enemy moved. Nevertheless, his attack struck on the body of his enemy, when the attack launched by the enemy missed its target.

Besides, the power used by Elder Destiny was strange as well. It didn’t seem like a pure physical strength and neither had it released any magic power vibration. The palm attack launched by Elder Destiny was like a powerful being looking down at a plate of incense ash while gently smoothing the slight mark on the surface of the ash. It was that easily that he killed the Yu Clan elderly man.

Dong! The Yu Clan elderly man’s body thudded against the ground and shattered instantly into pieces like a corroded piece of wood. A stream of dust even puffed up from his body.

"A terrifying power." Si Wen Ming popped his eyes up in shock and said, "He deserves to be the most powerful being in this world."

Ji Hao remained silent while Huaxu Lie and Lie Mountain Kang glanced at each other. All of them booted their spirits up simultaneously as Si Wen Ming’s words suddenly enlightened them. No matter how weak the original natural power of Pan Xi world was, or how many weaknesses these Pan Xi world people had, or how less powerful they were in comparison of the humankind and elite non-humankind warriors, Elder Destiny was still the most powerful being among all Pan Xi world people.

Based on the difference between the original natural powers of Pan Gu world and Pan Xi world, people from Pan Gu world were able to look down upon Pan Xi world people. But in terms of individual power, Elder Destiny, who seemed to be immeasurably powerful, deserved everyone’s respect.

No matter Ji Hao, Si Wen Ming, and those ancestor souls who now had some strange thoughts emerging in their minds, they all had to show their respects, and even fear, towards Elder Destiny.

"At least, Elder Destiny is a good man." murmured Ji Hao, "He is indeed trying his best to consider for his people. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have let me have that treasure."

The ‘treasure’ mentioned by Ji Hao was nothing else but the Pan Xi divine mirror, which was Pan Xi’s spirit holy weapon. Elder Destiny presented the mirror to Ji Hao without any hesitation. Therefore, reasonably and emotionally, Ji Hao should be on Elder Destiny’s side.

Ji Hao took a slow glance at the group of ancestor souls, who were all with darkened faces, seeming to be thinking about something. Abruptly, Ji Hao raised his voice and said, "Elder Destiny and I have become like old friends at our first meeting, Uncle Wen Ming, when this life-and-death game is over, I will invite Elder Destiny to live in my Yao Mountain territory. Can we let him be a Magi Master in the Magi Palace? I think his power of foreseeing will be beneficial to us."

Si Wen Ming laughed. He also glanced at the group of dark-faced ancestor souls, then responded, "That will be the best. Elder Destiny is calm and experienced, honest and reliable. We have many things that might need his help."

Tu Zhengyi and the other ancestor soul elders had their face turn darker and darker. Elder Destiny was experienced and calm, did that mean that the others were not? The group of elders glanced at each other, then looked at those princes who were standing around Si Wen Ming.

The group of princes looked at those ancestor soul elders as well, but in an extra careful way. Although they were all Si Wen Ming’s supporters, they came from different clans and families, and had their own purposes and interests. These Pan Xi world people were rather likely to become the main forces of their clans and families. Regarding this, the benefit-based relationships could be way too complicated and serious. Therefore, by now, every single one of these princes had countless thoughts crossing their minds.

Elder Destiny killed his enemy with a single move. After that, his face that looked like an eight to nine-year-old kid’s face was filled up by a fierce killing vibe. He looked at Yemo Sha while smashing the black crystal ball that was still floating in the air directly into pieces with his palm, then shouted, "I am Destiny, who dares to fight me? I have a good skull, who can take it?"

Before Yemo Sha said anything, Elder Destiny continued shouting in a harsh tone, "Pan Xi world is our home. We didn’t invite you to come. You are powerful, you are strong, we admit that! However, we might be a fleshy piece of meat to you, but a couple of hard bones are contained in this fleshy piece of meat more or less. You all just be careful, because the few hard pieces of bones might break your teeth!"

Ji Hao remained silent and so did Si Wen Ming. Elder Destiny was talking to Yemo Sha and the other non-humankind beings, but also to Ji Hao and the other human beings. Elder Destiny clearly expressed his point that even if Pan Xi world was doomed and no one could change that, still, no one could just decide the fates of Pan Xi world people!

Even if Pan Xi world would be eventually destroyed and Pan Xi world people would have to depend on some powerful race to survive, to become the appendages of that race, Elder Destiny still wanted his people to have some independence. Elder Destiny was willing to accept the fate; he and his people were willing to become the appendages of a powerful race, but he would never allow his people to become slaves!

This was the last little bit of pride of the few hard bones inside a fleshy piece of meat! Helpless, but stirring enough!

"Every race has their own heroes." Ji Hao stood beside Si Wen Ming and murmured blandly, "Elder Destiny was one…But fortunately, we never lack heroes, and our spines are strong and straight."

Si Wen Ming smiled warmly and gently while slightly nodding and patting hard on Ji Hao’s shoulder. Afterward, he looked at Elder Destiny with a complicated look without saying anything. Elder Destiny asked for a deathly fight, which was sad and moving, and was related to the survival of a few different races…It was never easy to be a hero, and there was no right and wrong about heroes.

"Kill him!" Yemo Sha roared in anger as the corners of his eyes twitched.

Before, he thought that this was a good chance for him to ingratiate himself to Dishi Cha, and he could also earn credit to raise his position among his people. Nevertheless, he didn’t think that this ‘easy’ task could become so troublesome!

According to the information he received, he chased after Ji Hao and came to this crappy place called Fallen Land. The flying battle palace given to him was destroyed, and he would certainly be responsible for this loss. If it was only a flying palace, it was still fine. But one elderly man in the management was killed as well. Yemo Sha only felt humiliated, and he had to earn his honor back from Elder Destiny.

A whole hundred Jia Clan warriors with sharp blades stepped out. Three-meters in diameter, round-shaped metal platforms abruptly appeared under their feet. Circles of spell symbols lit up on the metal plates while they carried those Jia Clan warriors up into the air, dashing towards Elder Destiny along with fierce gusts of wind.

The compass of destiny appeared from behind Elder Destiny while he expressionlessly looked at these Jia Clan warriors. Suddenly, Elder Destiny grew an inch taller, and by now, his face looked like a face of a ten-year-old child.

After letting out a stream of blood from his mouth, Elder Destiny easily flashed across the killing battle formation formed by a hundred elite Jia Clan warriors.

"You really think that you can do whatever you want in Pan Xi world?" Elder Destiny snorted while blood flowed out from his nose, ear, mouth, and eyes. Again, he now looked a year older than before.

Loud puffing noise could be heard endlessly. Black blood sprayed out from the hundred Jia Clan warriors’ bodies, mixed with broken pieces of internal organs. After that, they fell to the ground one after another, all dead.

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