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In the Fallen Land, near the enormous volcano vent, dark smoke with a dense sulfur-like smell coiled around.

Ji Hao and a group of people sat near the volcano vent. They had forced the dark smoke away with a few paper talismans and had been enjoying an outdoor banquet. Si Wen Ming, Huaxu Lie, Lie Mountain And seemed to be the leaders of the group, with over a hundred-thousand princes and elite young people from numerous large clans. By now, they were chatting happily, talking about their experiences in Pan Xi world during the past year.

Only ten-million elite human beings had formally taken part in this life-and-death game. However, nearly a hundred thousand of them had followed Si Wen Ming to Fallen Land. These young men were all elites of their own clans and families. They all had big chances to inherit the highest powers of their clans and families. Judging merely by this fact, one could know how influential Si Wen Ming was among the humankind, and how many supporters he had.

Beside a large stone table, Ji Hao and some others sat with their legs crossed. Si Wen Ming was fiddling with a fruit, curiously looking at Elder Destiny, who was sitting beside Ji Hao, and said, "No offense, but I am indeed wondering, Elder Destiny, why are your people so warlike?"

During the past year, Si Wen Ming had been educating local people and earned rich awards from nature. However, like many other human beings, he couldn’t understand either why Pan Xi world people were all so warlike.

People in the whole Pan Xi world had been fighting against each other all year long. Bloodshed happened every single day while dead bodies could be seen everywhere. Day after day, month after month, year after year, if local people in this world didn’t have such a strong fertility, they would have died out long ago because of their long-lasting wars.

Elder Destiny looked at Si Wen Ming, laughed embarrassedly, then knitted his eyebrows and said, "No other reasons, it’s just that, since the prehistorical era, some old ancestors had given their words. They said that young kids should be allowed to fight more…As more of them died, more geniuses would emerge."

Waving his hand, Elder Destiny continued in a deep voice, "As long as they break into the level of holy spirits, they go up to the Holy Land and stop fighting. In my opinion, our ancestors gave the words for gathering more high-end, strong forces of Pan Xi world."

Ji Hao and Si Wen Ming glanced at each other and silently nodded.

This sounded reasonable. Although the local civilization wasn’t too advanced and their cultivation system was simple and rough as well, they could indeed improve rather fast through the long-lasting fights.

The number of ancestor souls was limited by the flower of great Dao, but the number of holy spirits was truly a giant one. Therefore, if these local people gathered all their high-end forces together and started a frontal fight against their enemies, even though, they might have some weaknesses individually, they could kill countless enemies together only relying on their giant population.

More importantly, the fertility of these local people was way too strong, and their growth period was short. Therefore, they could trade for the life of one enemy with hundreds or even tens of thousands of lives of their own, but their enemies could never afford that.

Elder Destiny’s tone sounded a bit weird as he said concentratedly while fiddling with a white teacup, "I don’t know when did this start, but ever since I can remember things, our people have been living like this. We all started as the most ordinary individuals, killed countless people and finally reached higher positions…Since our ancestors had set the rules, there must be a reason for this. For example…"

Elder Destiny dared not to finish his speech, but Ji Hao and all the others understood his meaning. Holy-spirits-level powerful beings were cultivated by the long-lasting wars happening all year round in the whole world. This cultivation system was unreasonable and cruel, but indeed, it allowed holy-spirit-level powerful beings in Pan Xi world to remain as a strong group.

The only benefit brought by this cultivation system was that once ‘outer space evil monsters’ invaded Pan Xi world, the local people in this world would have the powers to fight back.

"It’s indeed reasonable, but too extreme." Si Wen Ming shook his head, and slowly, he began telling the others about his experience in the past year, regarding the fact that he drew some local people over to his side and patiently educated them.

"In this year, as no fights happened between those local people educated by me, the population naturally raised by over two hundred percent…"

While Si Wen Ming was talking, Ji Hao abruptly laughed and interrupted him and said, "The population raised by over two hundred percent within a year? Ha, we might have neglected another thing. If these local people don’t fight and kill each other, not to mention if they could still have holy-spirit-level powerful beings emerge from them, the whole Pan Xi world might have been eaten up already because of the constantly rising population, won’t it?"

Clang! The wine bowl held in Si Wen Ming’s hands fell to the ground. Meanwhile, he raised his head, looked at the cracked sky with coiling streams dark mist, slowly nodded and said, "I see, no wonder I always feel that I can’t think it through. So the true problem is this? Civilize, civilize, what can truly be count as civilizing?"

Huaxu Lie, lie Mountain Kong and Ji Hao raised their eyebrows and squeezed their eyes while glancing at each other. Only people who wanted to serve the society as human emperor would think about questions like how to civilizing people. Huaxu Lie, lie Mountain Kong and Ji Hao were all willing to support Si Wen Ming in the competition for the throne, but for this kind of a complicated question, they decided to just let Si Wen Ming worry about that by himself.

Ji Hao chuckled. Si Wen Ming educated local people for the past year. Perhaps, he was also walking through some plans he had here in Pan Xi world, and Ji Hao was quite proud because he had just picked a small hole for Si Wen Ming.

Dong! A slight noise came. From a small sandbox in front of Huaxu Lie, a small wooden stick suddenly floated up and began writing in the sandbox slowly. The group of people fixed their eyes on the sandbox, watching lines of characters quickly show up in the sandbox, then soon disappeared, quickly delivering news regarding what had been happening outside the Fallen Land.

"It has only been a couple of days, but so many people were killed already? Damn it, even the three Suiren princes have fallen?"

"How can it be like this? Those non-humankind beings are indeed brutal. Just send out messages as quickly as possible. Tell our friends to hurriedly come to Fallen Land to deal with the enemies together."

"Damn it, how can Gong Gong make a bet with the non-humankind on this? Three months? Hehe, can’t we even hold on for three months? Gong Gong, that retard, how can he bet on this?"

Reading the messages shown on the sandbox, the group of people all shouted out angrily. Suddenly, a loud popping noise was generated, and following that, the wooden stick that had been writing on the sandbox cracked. The group of people glanced at each other silently, as they all knew that this was because the advance force who had been sending messages over from outside Fallen Land was already destroyed by the non-humankind.

"This seems to be serious." Ji Hao picked up a wine bowl and took a big sip of wine, then said, "Everyone, we have to get ready. This Fallen Land will probably be dyed red by blood."

Bang! Followed by this thunderous noise, a giant hole was opened up in the cracked sky of Fallen Land. Streams of black mist rose while an entirely metallic palace moved across space and broke directly in.

From a great distance, Yemo Sha stood on the edge of the palace, pointed his hand down and yelled harshly, "Earl Yao Ji Hao, you are truly a good hider, aren’t you? Do you know how much Lord Dishi Cha offered as a reward for your head? Do not waste time, just come out and die. We are busy at killing."

"Killing you out within three months is not an easy job."

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