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Around a towering mountain, lights had been sparkling brightly among the peaks. Numerous altars were scattered around, drawing the earth median power over and transforming into a gigantic, yellow-colored bell that enveloped the entire mountain.

The mountain was hollowed, and a large space was opened up inside the mountain. Inside the mountain, a flame-red tree stood in the middle. The tree was so huge that it would take a couple of people to put their arms around its trunk. Both the tree trunk and leaves had been blazing ragingly, and from time to time, large fire sparkles would splash out. Under the tree was a palace cast from bronze, and in front of the palace were the three princes from Suiren Family, with hundreds of their elite warriors sitting by the gate of the palace, happily chatting, eating and drinking booze.

Tens of thousands of local warriors politely stood aside, looking at the three princes with admiring looks, as if they were three gods.

The bloodline of Suiren Family was also descended from an ancient human emperor, and among all human clans, Suiren Clan was a top-grade large Clan. These three princes from Suiren Family had formed a small group. They were neither willing to get close to Zhu Rong Tianming, nor Gong Gong Wuyou, and didn’t want to team up with Si Wen Ming, Gong Sun Yuan or anyone else either.

They brought over a hundred elite warriors and their inherited magic treasures to this world, for nothing else but killing as many non-humankind beings as possible, earning military credits and a bright future for themselves and their brothers.

"Ten million of us came to this world, each with warriors and guards, numbering tens to hundreds. Facing merely a million non-humankind beings, even if each of us only takes one hack, they would be chopped into pieces." said a Suiren prince with a faint smile and a bowl of wine held in his hand. "Just a million of them, too few, not even enough for us to split. If we want to make into top three, we still have to work on our own."

The other prince took a large bite of an oily piece of grilled meat, cast a sideway glance at those local warriors and responded blandly, "Brother, you are so right. Zhu Rong Tianming, Gong Gong Wuyou, Si Wen Ming, Gong Sui Yuan, those people might be influential, but as they are so famous, those non-humankind beings will definitely go for them first."

Gulping the meat, this prince grinned and continued, "We will work on our own, and will make our moves when the opportunity comes. The ultimate result is just uncertain, isn’t it?"

The third prince raised his head and confidently looked at the hundreds of meter tall, blazing giant tree. He proudly laughed and said, "With this magic tree, our powers will be raised by nearly a hundred times. Those non-humankind beings will be seeking for death if they dare to come to us."

Swoosh! Raging flame roared out from the tree. Meanwhile, all three princes had their bodies glowing with a faint fiery light, seeming to be especially powerful and mysterious. Abruptly, the ground started shaking. Followed by a loud series noise, countless different-sized cracks suddenly appeared on the mountain. Outside the mountain was a Yu Clan young man with over a hundred Jia Clan warriors under his command. The young man was holding a black staff. As he slightly swung it, the surrounding earth meridian power instantly began surging and a strong counterforce spread straight out. The altars set around the mountain by the three princes were shattered directly into pieces. Instantly, the great defensive magic formation based on the mountain collapsed.

"Stupid barbarians!" The Yu Clan young man laughed coldly. From his erect eye, a dim beam of light dazzled into the black staff. Next, the ground let out a loud buzzing noise. Along with that, the enormous mountain flew slowly up and caused a muffled, rumbling noise. The mountain flew straight up into the sky, exposing the large inner space and the three Suiren princes, who were now all dumbfounded.

"Aha! This credit belongs to me! So many people? This award is going to be rich." The Yu Clan young man grinned and looked at the three princes while saying, "You should know that a whole million of us have taken part in this game. On an average, not too many heads can be chopped off by each of us. But over a hundred of you are hiding in this place, lucky me!"

The three princes roared out together, took their warriors quickly and approached that glowing-red tree. The big brother looked at the Yu Clan young man, smiled coldly and said, "Want to kill us? We also want your heads!"

The Yu Clan young man pityingly glanced at the three Suiren princes and said blandly, "Ignorant, silly barbarians, you have no idea who are you fighting against, neither do you know the ultimate purpose of this game."

With an extremely exaggerate tone, the Yu Clan young man said slowly, with a high-pitched voice, "Stupid barbarians, elite human beings like you are nothing but offerings on the altar. The only purpose for you is to make ‘her’ complete and strong, with your blood and flesh. What you are going to fight against… is this entire world!"

While speaking, this Yu Clan young man slightly shook the black staff held in his hand. Tremendous dark, rumbling rainy clouds gathered speedily over, quickly absorbing the immeasurably great amount of natural powers from the surrounding air. Along with a thunderous boom and within the short span of a few breaths, a hundred miles in diameter, swirl-shaped dark cloud containing an enormous sphere of thunderbolt emerged from the sky.

Rumbling thunders could be heard endlessly while water-tank-sized bolts of lightning kept descending like raindrops.

That glowing-red magic tree let out a dazzling fiery light, firmly shielding the three princes and their warriors, but let those tens of thousands of elite local warriors who were brought under commands by the three princes during the past year, burn into ashes in the storm of thunderbolts. Those poor local warriors didn’t even let out a single howl before they died.

Thunderbolts struck heavily on the fiery light, making the tree trunk shaking intensively. Leaves crushed under the great pressure given by those thunderbolts one after another. The three princes shouted out in shock. They growled in rage because they couldn’t believe their own eyes.

"What happened?! The thunder in this world shouldn’t be so powerful, and our magic tree shouldn’t be so weak!"

The Yu Clan young man looked at the three princes teasingly and said slowly, "That’s because you are fighting against the entire Pan Xi world! Also, you are already suppressed by the great Dao of nature of this world, while we are not!"

The three princes raised their heads in shock, turned around and looked at a piece of tree bark which was thrown on the ground by them earlier. Written on this piece of tree bark was a message delivered by local people with a special magic. In this message, Ji Hao clearly informed them that the non-humankind were capable of manipulating the power of great Dao of nature, and also invited them to go to Fallen Land and meet with Ji Hao. Nevertheless, back then, the three princes only thought that Ji Hao was trying to find someone to fight for him. They didn’t pay much of attention to Ji Hao’s message and only focused on their own plan.

However, they now regretted it totally. Maybe, what Ji Hao said was true?

Huge bolts of thunder roared down. The flame-red magic tree cracked and shattered in the storm of thunderbolts. The fierce wave of thunderbolts was like a tsunami that submerged the three princes and their warriors thoroughly. Those jade plates carried with them cracked one after another, releasing hundreds of bright streams of light, that merged with a jade plate tied around the Yu Clan young man’s waist.

Things like this happened in every corner of Pan Xi world. The non-humankind sent out thousands of troop like this to exterminate human beings. Within a short couple of days, among all elite human beings who didn’t go to Fallen Land to meet with Ji Hao, over a hundred thousand had fallen already. Also killed along with these elite human beings were their over ten-million warriors and guards.

At the very beginning of this game, the humankind suffered a heavy loss without being able to resist at all.

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